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  • bumper original Italian autos for fiat 124 spiders
    ID: 255097 | 14/02/2017 | Rating: 5
  • I sell exchanges fiat 900E of the 1982 cil.900 bz initials motor 100GF000 26 kws, lights, parts body shop even if worn, etc. To call working times 0733/636302
    ID: 238813 | 08/07/2016 | Rating: 5
  • kit I tidy up soft new eibach in box Bmw E36 all the models.
    ID: 234807 | 30/04/2016 | Rating: 5
  • With a Piece of Heart in hand rich of Histories Family and Unforgettable Memoirs of youth, are alas comes during to submit you my Beloved Motorbike Guzzi G.T.S. class 07/1937. Motion purchased by my grandfather in the pre-war fascist period and then from me inherited. The G.T.S. introduces him in good state in how much you/he/she has received such a Conservative restructuring to allow to appreciate today still the characteristics of it the peculiarities the unique and Original exclusive details of that time. I judge and I…
    ID: 222089 | 02/10/2015 | Rating: 5
  • PORCHE 911 CABRIOs CARREA 2 Of the 1990-black one With Inside Black Skin, New CAPOTTA Elettrica, Mirrors it is you Look for League Original, Healthy Auto, Excellent Mechanics, Original. NO CLIMATE, NO BOOK SERVICE. TEL. xxxxx Giovanni
    ID: 217183 | 18/06/2015 | Rating: 5
  • Car completely restored by specialists in the field, "Upholsteries Ferraresi". Excellent in every detail. Entered ASI. Eligible amounts with possibility to insert inside the covering financing theft, fire, vandalism, natural events, crystals, etc. With new value, up to 36 months. Free Quote and customizable to suit your needs. You can evaluate possible permutations, after vision and proof of the same. All our vehicles are sold with certification in compliance 12 months the price to the public indicated do not è including any…
    ID: 216959 | 13/06/2015 | Rating: 5
  • I sell 4 you look for Dezent Z1 in double measure, 2 from 7x14" and 2 from 8x14" of opaque black color with double attack 4x100 + 4x108 but also 4x98 through available taxi bolts easily. You/they can be climbed on on varied cars: VOLKSWAGEN (Caddy, Conrad, Cross UP, Sweater 1, Sweater 2, Sweater 3, Jetta, Wolf, Wolf GTI, Passat, Pole, Sirocco II, Up, Wind), Fiat (500, does Great point, Sting Age, Small boat, Good, Good, Five hundred, Coupe, Coupe I upset, Doblo, Dune, Florin, Idea, Line, Tide, Multiple, Palio, does Panda, Sting,…
    ID: 215914 | 22/05/2015 | Rating: 5
  • Do I sell d he/she tames?epoch (800) called in slang Dottorino - under good conditions application 2500 European
    ID: 214358 | 20/04/2015 | Rating: 5
  • xxxxx again to new two years ago, lamierati inside rubbers varnish etc. I want to change her/it with other auto, of this I have been annoyed, whatever auto could be all right, (what cinquemila of capacity is not) important that I/you/he/she am of peer value. p.s. the bruise on the chest goes up again to before the jobs.I don't succeed in inserting other images, but the insides are also put again to new.
    ID: 212435 | 17/03/2015 | Rating: 5
  • Book use and original maintenance, in perfect state of maintenance and in Italian language for Lance Fulvia Coupé models 818630/631 third series. Non tractable price + shipping and handling
    ID: 210727 | 14/02/2015 | Rating: 5
  • I have in garage these pieces of the Lance Flavia Berlina that I would want to get away: - a handle external side momentary - the 4 locks of the doors - the 2 lights of courtesy (complete) - two back (complete of guarnizzione and of the ripsettives protections, complete of molletta and pivot) lights - the two headlights - radiator oil - the steering wheel - the inside gear to the doors to lift the glasses - back lunotto - the glasses of the doors - the two anterior triangular glasses, complete of gear - the wrappers of the inside panels -…
    ID: 209361 | 24/01/2015 | Rating: 5
  • You look for League Model BBS RX201 I model construction 1997 completely professionally Restored by specialized firm and since then ever used simply stupendous. The borchiettes are not present. I send only if you organize the withdrawal and however I would prefer the withdrawal to hand, the cost of the purchase and the restauration they have been elevated therefore you don't ask me to treat as the price please. Don't ask me possible compatibilities ondevitare errors. Specific techniques: Channel 8.0 ray 17 Central Hole…
    ID: 209270 | 23/01/2015 | Rating: 5
  • I sell SUZUKY SAMURAI SJ 500 KAs 1300 of 1989 only two owners, mechanics inside and external perfect original varnish as new - never fact fuoristrada For info tel. xxxxx
    ID: 208728 | 13/01/2015 | Rating: 5
  • New pomp gasoline Fiat 500 years 70.FIspa marks. In original box.Consignment to load European buyer 10,00
    ID: 208706 | 13/01/2015 | Rating: 5
    ID: 208600 | 11/01/2015 | Rating: 5
  • I sell beautiful lance ardea of January 1952, perfectly preserved color blue lance everything and ready OK to the daily use it is 63 years old but and a beautiful lady. I surrender with urgency.
    ID: 208582 | 11/01/2015 | Rating: 5
  • I sell lance ardea


    beautiful 1952 ARDEA perfectly preserved, all working in perfect way, color blue lance already affiliate To.S.I daily used, ready to the use. for his/her 63 years and a splendid lady.
    ID: 208581 | 11/01/2015 | Rating: 5
  • I sell beautiful lance ardea of the genn. 1952 color blue lance, already affiliate and certified To.S.I not restored but preserved to the TOP ready to the daily use all and ok from the mechanics to the body shop, rubbers ok for his/her 63 years and a beautiful lady, I daily used her/it.
    ID: 208471 | 08/01/2015 | Rating: 5
  • You reciprocate Motion Of epoch Japanese '70 '80 HONDA KAWASAKI SUZUKI YAMAHA I sell New Exchanges And Used For Motion Of epoch Japanese Years '70-'80 - HONDA KAWASAKI SUZUKI I YAMAHA-send Photo Availability' And Preventive-consignments In Italy it is To the foreign-visit The Site xxxxx If you don't Find What Looks for it Sends An e-mail To xxxxx Or Contact us To xxxxx
    ID: 208438 | 07/01/2015 | Rating: 5
  • Erre4mania proposes Renault 4 950 TLs of the 1991 white color; last series produced with headrest and side adhesive strips. Auto in good state, around 130000 crossed km, healthy body shop, currently in shop for cutting complete and substitution you depart usurate (brakes, dampers etc). New battery. The car will be delivered ready use with cutting complete performed, valid revision for two years and inside professionally washed. Possible registration ASI with consequent exemption stamp, passage and insurance reduced.…
    ID: 208028 | 28/12/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I sell lambretta LD 125 of 1957 restored and enrolled register historical IMF, any test.
    ID: 207946 | 27/12/2014 | Rating: 5
  • kawasaki z 1300


    Kawasaki z 1300, affiliate To S I, km 40mila, as from photo.
    ID: 207886 | 22/12/2014 | Rating: 5
  • MOTOR LAUNCHES FLAMINIA PININFARINA CODE MOTOR M0T82302*6364* THE MOTOR MISSES ONLY SOME CARBURETORS FOR THE REST AND SUIT OF EVERYTHING. We also have other exchanges, what: chest in aluminum, change, crossbows. We can send all over the world. Suitable price included iva.
    ID: 207775 | 19/12/2014 | Rating: 5
  • closing handed for balilla gold cup that cannot be found!!!!! I always prepare other exchanges for auto shutters 40
    ID: 206835 | 01/12/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I sell 70 hp to 112 abarths 4 rotten year 1978, documents and original plates, certified of historicity asi, book use and manutenzione+chiavi of xxxxx car and totally repaints in 2004 the anterior mudguards I/you/they have been replaced, the insides are original, excellent motor km 129.000 revised up to 24/06/2015, look for in league cromodora abarth, order reduced with dampers more rigid excellent car for regularity autostoriche the car sells him in the seen way and liked x info I contact email
    ID: 206786 | 30/11/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Mercedes-Benz R107 SL 300. ONLY IN ITALY. Km 21.500 original tagliandati, always manutentata. Held with care in heated garage. Hard top, black with inside in grey skin. I change aut. FABULOUS. To abstain perditempo and dreamers. Thanks.
    ID: 206631 | 26/11/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I sell Stupendous F40 Anno 1989 KM 20.000 TAGLIANDATAs, No Accidents
    ID: 206495 | 23/11/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Brochure original Lance destined to the epoch to the concessionaires Launches of Italy: ?Does LX launch Delta 1500? (1 copy) ?HF the mark of the sporting Lance? (2 copies) ?Sample and interns it Launches Delta HF Turbo, 1600 xxxxx (3 copies) Original book industry?Does it launch Publicity and Image? Original typographies?MARIOGROS? - ?Matherson Selig? exceptionally preserved price of sale in block, but saleable also separately I send photo in detail on application Phillip xxxxx xxxxx
    ID: 206227 | 19/11/2014 | Rating: 5
  • === Auto Time == ======entered "A S I == === FREE BOLLO == == insurance ?uro 100 Year == maniacal restoration FOR THIS GIARDINETTA ORIGINAL OGN DETAIL == REDUCED BORE == == usable ALL DAYS == The best relation quality - price
    ID: 204102 | 06/10/2014 | Rating: 5
    ID: 204002 | 03/10/2014 | Rating: 5
  • For cars Alpha Romeo Giulia, Derision, Bertone Coupé, GTA, Junior Zagato, Spider. Dimensions 6x15, Attack 4x108, ET30, central Hole 70.1, weight 6.9 kg. Finish silver. Produced certified TUV. Studs central Alphas included Romeo. In sale to European 180 each.
    ID: 203971 | 02/10/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I sell lance thema I upset 2.0 16 valves enrolled ASI with plant gpl. Perfect mechanics! Ready auto to the use. I sell cause change project and immediate realization. if you want other photos, contact me. I appraise barters with: - Mazda MX-5 first series; - Mercedes SLK kompressor first series; - Alpha Romeo 75 upset; - BMW Z3 first series; and other autos of epoch or next a 20 years. The price and tractable
    ID: 203701 | 26/09/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I sell original lighthouses of the epoch CARELLO under good conditions for fiat 500D. Branded IGM 0726PI on the anterior glass and 00.183.700 on the back parable The lighthouses are only to clean. I have available 4 lighthouses. 3 on 4 lighthouses include the original frame in aluminum, while all and 4 are provvisti of the original portafaro. Available to sell both singly is the couple both all, and 4. I sell with or without frame and with or without portafaro. Contattemi for further photos, info or for any other thing.…
    ID: 203365 | 22/09/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I sell 500 handed Ds 1964 controvento under perfect conditions. Restored of body shop, mechanics, inside maintaining the original configuration White with red inside. An owner before me, original green book, original plates, book use and original maintenance, motor 110D original. It registers Gold ASI. No perditempo
    ID: 202981 | 15/09/2014 | Rating: 5
  • BMW 525 iX, integral traction, 6 cylinders, color amaranth metallizzato, inside in fabric, electric openable roof, computer of edge, autoradio, all original.
    ID: 202813 | 10/09/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I sell malaguti drop 4 rotten year 1978 with documents working place province of pavia x info to write email
    ID: 202708 | 07/09/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I sell rhythm abarth 130 white tcs, inside original recaro of the epoch, new motor 1500 prepared km cn printed pistons, cammes, great valves, head sort, carbs 45, xxxxx to be seen and to try!!!
    ID: 202630 | 05/09/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I sell rhythm abarth 130 white tcs, inside original recaro of the epoch, new motor cn 1500 prepared km cn printed pistons, cammes, valves, head sort, carbs 45, xxxxx see and to try!!!!
    ID: 202620 | 05/09/2014 | Rating: 5
  • It pumps brakes for Lance Fulvia diameter 21 mm new exchange, original, code 2224336 Phillip xxxxx xxxxx
    ID: 202556 | 03/09/2014 | Rating: 5
  • As from title I sell beautiful Peugeot 205 GTIs 1600 115 CVs, without conceitedness under conditions museali. Asi, Plate Gold 2° degree, Historical Register Peugeot. Ritargata and alone reimmatricolata because withdrawn on private area for a lot of years.Painted to new. Hundreds of available photo. Available video. I absolutely sell to 6000 European unmanageable or I exchange with true (no to auto with 10 passages, you tear to pieces or 1800 magheggiates cunningly) Clio Williams of peer level with logical balance on my behalf.…
    ID: 202479 | 02/09/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Do I sell two Countrywoman a 4 marches and a 5 marches partly deprived of some mechanical parts and of body shop - the all for exchanges - I sell besides the 4 drums brake corrected with the relative jaws - a pomp d?injection - etc
    ID: 202399 | 28/08/2014 | Rating: 5
  • For alone connoisseurs, It launches delta HF Turbo1.6 year 91 km 85.000. Total restauration, the stickers can be removed and all new motor I change friction body shop tapestry under excellent conditions. I install radio new and antifurto. From the restauration 4000km have been crossed only. The restauration and' is professionally conducted and documented with photographic book. For further information tel. xxxxx
    ID: 201794 | 07/08/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Very beautiful auto, only owner. Referred motor 100.000 km ago. You intern in skin. One of the first commercialize. Entirely original. Fabulous motor V6 I upset from 205 cv 240 km / h A piece not to lose and among few years can be enrolled to the Registers Historical Alphas Romeo. I sell on behalf of a friend therefore not send email to me, but directly call him/it to the number sottoindicato
    ID: 201796 | 07/08/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I eventually sell Three more complete Heads of Alpha ROMEO 6C 2500 of 1948/50 Exchange....IF YOU ARE IMPASSIONED ALPHAS ROMEO GUARDATE THE OTHERS MY xxxxx will find something interesting...
    ID: 200920 | 10/07/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I sell frieze original Giannini for anterior mask, ever climbed on under excellent conditions it still has the new pivots not cut
    ID: 200823 | 06/07/2014 | Rating: 5
  • n. 4 look for CMR Borrani in steel with inverted channel and widened for lance fulvia coupe, zagato, rallye hf xxxxx, under good conditions for the age, measure 5,5x14, European 90 each.Info xxxxx
    ID: 200683 | 06/07/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I sell motor Who 2.0 for Manta gte gsi Kadett gte working Ascona never elaborate original suit of electronics, alternator, radiator, cables and supports, centralina. Besides Change getrag 240 5 marches and change automatic 5 speeds with relative pedaliera and console. I have exchanges you launch for inside, body shop, complete back bridge, dashboard and original instrumentations. prices to be arranged Andrew xxxxx
    ID: 200457 | 29/06/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Splendid conditions of preserved this jaguar xxxxx only owners, rimessata from xxxxx board it seems to return back in the time and him the air of luxury and confort it breathes, typical of the true jaguars red skin cartier, wood, takes root and cromature, carpet everything orginale checonferiscono to the car the taste of the past.
    ID: 199889 | 15/06/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I sell clock it watches over for alpha 2000 derision. Used but working and under perfect conditions. Non tractable price. only contact telef. Spent spediz to your load.
    ID: 199576 | 05/06/2014 | Rating: 5
  • It launches Beta Coupe' 1982, Last Series, Good Conditions Of Mechanics, Inside Very Good, Dashboard Under Excellent Conditions With AUTORADIO Di the epoch, An Only Owner (Lady been Born In the 1928) Up to the 2013. THE CAR IS' UNFORTUNATELY HE/SHE CUTS FROM PASSING (YOU SEE PHOTO) CORROSION ON THE POINTS OF ATTACK OF THE BACK SUSPENSIONS, FOR THIS IL PREZZO AND' EXTREMELY CONVENIENT. SOME GUARANTEE IS NOT FURNISHED IT IS THE FORMULA IT IS' "SEES IS LIKED"." EUROPEAN 2000.…
    ID: 199221 | 28/05/2014 | Rating: 5