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ModelFLAVIA 1.8
Euro classEuro0
Number of gears0
Type of vehicleSpare part
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I have in garage these pieces of the Lance Flavia Berlina that I would want to get away: - a handle external side momentary - the 4 locks of the doors - the 2 lights of courtesy (complete) - two back (complete of guarnizzione and of the ripsettives protections, complete of molletta and pivot) lights - the two headlights - radiator oil - the steering wheel - the inside gear to the doors to lift the glasses - back lunotto - the glasses of the doors - the two anterior triangular glasses, complete of gear - the wrappers of the inside panels - the external frames of the 4 doors - fin of the anterior chest - the frame of the windscreen (complete of plachetta of junction) - the frame of the back (complete of plachetta of junction) lunotto - the two stirrups of the back chest - the plate and the lock of the back chest - the frontalino heater - small mirror retrovisore - the pivot filleted for fixing the spare wheel, complete with the rubber band - three piattellis for buffer - anterior bumper - 4 rims - 4 cups studs it launches (those of the 2° series) - regulator of tension MagnetiMarelli - column of cried covering I steer it completes of it of pedaliera and cried I steer of it - the interrupters (for the lights of service) of the ortieres of the anterior and back chest - sportellino gasoline - cork reservoir gasoline - block of lighting - filter of the air - foil of the sportellino brings objects - locks of the back chest. All the pieces above listed they are available.
Under gimmicks the list of the present pieces still in the photos but that I don't have more available.
The Pieces Not More DISPONIBI Sono: - the brush windshield wiper Carello - the 4 inside handles you open door - the moped you wipe away crystals - the supports windshield wipers - the coil ignition Magnets Marelli S102 B 12v-12° - frieze Lancia Flavia - label of the lubricants - the two catadiottris of the back bumper - a frame for the anterior lighthouses - the plate that above the back bumper (to intend us that for the lights of the plate)
For Further Information it is Photo Contacted me Maximum Seriousness it is Availability, I Appraise Possible Offers to Sell Everything In Block That That MI and Remained


BrandModelEngine sizeYearPrice
LANCIAFLAVIA 1.818001963-67n.d.

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