About us

Who is behind AutoBelle

AutoBelle was founded in the year 2000 by idea and hand of a team of internet experts but above all fans of vintage cars and motorcycles.

The site immediately imposes itself in the world of collecting, attracting many visitors.

Today we can state without pride of being the undisputed Italian and international reference point for vintage vehicle advertisements.

Our staff is made up of collectors, car and motorbike sellers and web marketing experts.

These transversal and synergistic skills allow us to maintain a site of quality and with a very high level of distribution all over the world.

Since it is our passion and not our primary occupation, the site is not aimed at profiting at all costs from our services.

This is why AutoBelle seeks and will always try to be the portal where the enthusiast of historic vehicles can recognize each other and where he can find everything he needs in a free way.

The main feature of the site that has always distinguished it is that it is FREE!
So free insertion of ads, free the management of the same, free consultation of technical data sheets and all the material found on the site.

Make money with AutoBelle

Not only is the site free, but we wanted to exaggerate.

Now you can also make money with AutoBelle!

If you collaborate by inserting material such as cards on car manufacturers, on the characteristics of vintage models, future meetings or other, AutoBelle will recognize the points that you can use to highlight your ads and other benefits!

We do everything ourselves

AutoBelle is connected to the main meta-engines of the sector for which, inserting your ad in AutoBelle, this will also be visible in other specialized websites in order to avoid the advertiser having to insert the ad several times.

If you are a company and have a car management we can hook ourselves to it and all the ad management will be automatic.
In short, we do everything for you!

Communicate with AutoBelle

Communicating with AutoBelle is simple.

The preferred and fastest channel to contact us is through our contact page where you have to select the topic for which you contact us so as to immediately direct your report to those in duty.

You will be contacted as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can contact us by email, or by phone.