Please note

The internet is undoubtedly the fastest way to search for items today, it takes just a few moments for purchasers to search the world to see whether what they are looking for exists, how much it costs and where it can be found.

At the same time, sellers can offer their object to an infinite number of potential buyers.

Unfortunately, just like everywhere else, scammers may disguise themselves as buyers and sellers on the web.

Whenever a suspicious advert is reported, AutoBelle sends a warning email to anyone who contacts the advertiser via the "Reply" button.

Obviously we are not able to warn anyone who contacts the advertiser over the phone or by using any other means of communication.

It is important to be careful, especially if it is not possible to check the item in person and if you don't know the counterparty you are dealing with. With the same common sense which should characterise all purchases and sales, always remember the following:

  • Obtain information on the person with whom you are doing business, try to check whether their name or telephone number appears in phone listings; if they are a shop or dealership, check company information. Remember that in general, sales with companies are safer because of their professional experience in buying and selling and because they also offer a series of services which private buyers/sellers usually don't. If possible, you should purchase items in your country or the European Union, for greater legal protection.

  • If this is not possible (or if it is too expensive), personally check the state of the item, request as many photos as possible, as well as further details on any flaws and defects.

  • When you receive photos, check them thoroughly and request any information on anything you are not sure of.

  • If the item you wish to purchase is a vehicle, request that the seller sends a photocopy of the vehicle registration document and check for any obvious signs of counterfeiting. Remember that you can also run a registration check to find out who the vehicle holder is.

  • When trading with a private party, try to arrange for COD (cash upon delivery), this way at least you can ensure that goods will arrive at their destination.

  • Always agree to total shipment costs and establish the exact amount you will be required to pay upon arrival of the item.

  • If upon arrival the package presents damaged packaging, do not collect it, otherwise you will not be able to make a claim against the seller or whoever arranged the shipment.

  • Never send money as a guarantee, or use third persons: generally these methods are typical of scams.

  • Remember that money transfers (for example, Western Union and Moneygram) cannot be blocked once they have been carried out and above all, they are expensive.

  • Do not accept cheques especially if from abroad, they may be associated with closed or non-existent accounts, always prefer bank transfer (if from/to foreign accounts, check you have all details necessary for carrying out a bank transfer abroad, otherwise you will be charged a penalty by the bank).

  • Avoid items listed at particularly low prices.

  • If you are selling, be wary of anyone who wishes to offer you more money than your asking price (see SCAMMERS).

  • Avoid sellers who have moved to other countries (e.g. SCOTLAND) who claim they need to sell their car by sending it to you so that you can view it in exchange for a refundable fee.

    The item will never be shipped to you and you will not be refunded.

  • Do not hesitate to contact the police if you are the victim of a scam. AutoBelle actively cooperates with competent authorities and provides all information required for the identification of scammers posing as sellers or buyers.

Lastly, if you come across any fake adverts on our website, please contact us so that we can check and block them.