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  • Certified Ferrari Classiche. Confirmed ASI A1. Share 1 ^ Ferrari Tribute Thousand Miles (2010). Style coos. Impeccable conditions of body shop, Mechanics and insides.
    ID: 185667 | 11/09/2013 | Rating: 5
  • ABS, Airbag, Airbag Passeggero, electric Window winder, Antifurto, Autoradio, Looks for in league, centralized Closing, Climatizzatore, Chronology coupons, Fendinebbia, Inside in skin, Reader CD, Servosterzo I CHANGE F1 - INSIDE IN TOTAL SKIN - GRATE BACK CHALLENGER - ONLY OWNER - PRESERVED MANIACALLY ALWAYS TO THE COVERED ONE - COUPONS EFFECTED IN SHOP FERRARI. For further information on this car, contact us to 0573 994291 wxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Transverse street of the Virgo 20…
    ID: 185650 | 11/09/2013 | Rating: 5
  • Lamborghini Gallardo and-gear Coupe- Car with guarantee ABS, Airbag, side Airbag, Airbag Passeggero, electric Window winder, Antifurto, Autoradio, Boardcomputer, Looks for in league, centralized Closing, Climatizzatore, Control automatic climate, Control traction, ESP, Lighthouses Xenon, Fendinebbia, electronic Immobilizzatore, Inside in skin, Reader CD, Regulation electric seats, Servosterzo, integral Traction For further information on this car, contact us to 0573 994291 Pistoia - Tuscany - Italy…
    ID: 185640 | 11/09/2013 | Rating: 5
  • DSuper I sell


    The auto, also very beautiful, it has subìto some damage because of a hailstorm. The cylinder GPL must have changed within the end of the year.
    ID: 184721 | 26/08/2013 | Rating: 5
  • Splendid Julia Ti 1600 end'64. Preserved, plates, book, insides and motor original.
    ID: 184684 | 26/08/2013 | Rating: 5


    Samurai FJ 500, cabrio - black color inside grey - km 102000 - good conditions of mechanics - discreet of body shop x street of two light bruises - version for German market with roll-cafe catalyst and additional safety systems - the low kilometraggio is due to the use in the house vacations to Venice Lido (after the importation from Germany during the second year of life) 3 total owners
    ID: 184544 | 23/08/2013 | Rating: 5
  • I sell sabbiatrice used little for all the infos 3482552691 price 750,00
    ID: 184513 | 23/08/2013 | Rating: 5
  • I sell you look for in magnesium 8x16 oz I attach perforation 4x108 Cosworths / Peugeut good person been European 1.200,00 tractable 348 2552691
    ID: 184512 | 23/08/2013 | Rating: 5
  • I sell n'4 you look for 'ORIGINALI'Cromodora in magnesium. 18'pollici.Perfectly preserved.Color as photo. To contact only telephonely if really parties. I attach Ford / Peugeut / etc... 348 2552691
    ID: 184511 | 23/08/2013 | Rating: 5
  • I INTERN IN SKIN - AUTOMATIC CHANGE - CLIMATIZZATORE - MODEL EXECUTIVE - BOOK SERVICE Accessories in endowment: ABS, Airbag, side Airbag, Airbag Passeggero, electric Window winder, Antifurto, Autoradio, Looks for in league, centralized Closing, Climatizzatore, Control traction, Chronology coupons, ESP, Fendinebbia, electronic Immobilizzatore, Inside in skin, Regulation electric seats, Servosterzo For further information on this car, contact us AUTOEXCLUSIVE & LIMO'S RENT Transverse street of the Virgo 20.…
    ID: 183900 | 08/08/2013 | Rating: 5
  • I sell fiat 128 derision 2 doors first series 1.100, dark green color under excellent conditions. Perfect of mechanics, insides and body shop. Perfect Cromature.
    ID: 183412 | 29/07/2013 | Rating: 5
  • Kit 5 orchestrate electronic Veglia over Borletti for auto of epoch! Revolution counter and odometer from 10cm Electronic Pressure oil, level gasoline and temperature motor from 52mm. You/he/she can be added to the kit temperature water and clock. Contact me for info
    ID: 183194 | 25/07/2013 | Rating: 5
  • I buy ferrari 208 gtbs or gts inhaled version or I upset under conditions from restoration (painting, coupons, etc) price to be arranged in base to the car no perditempo I don't absolutely look for the version gt4 thanks
    ID: 183145 | 24/07/2013 | Rating: 5
  • For Alpha Romeo 2300 2.a Series, versions Short, Long and Thousand Miles, catalog of the parts of original exchange and under good conditions, I sell to connoisseur. Publication n°n°3838 - 10/1938
    ID: 182795 | 18/07/2013 | Rating: 5
  • American Gippone II original world war 100% No vericello Hook drawing 150 quintals rimorchiabili Original varnish 5 wheels + wheels with you look for additional Good motor 6 cylinders Agricultural documents
    ID: 182794 | 18/07/2013 | Rating: 5
  • completely restored, photographic book, new rubbers, new battery, inside new, original autoradio, asi, ideal for ceremonies only telephone contacts 388/4951183
    ID: 182637 | 16/07/2013 | Rating: 5
  • JUST PERFORMED CUTTING COMPLETE STRAPS DISTRIBUTION MUFFS WATER PARAOLI ALBERO MOTOR - THE JOB IS' PERFORMS NEAR AUTHORIZED SHOP FERRARI CON IT BEWITCHES DOCUMENTED. For further information on this car, contact us AUTOEXCLUSIVE & LIMO'S RENT Transverse street of the Virgo 20. 51100 PISTOIAs Italy Telephone 1 +39 0573 994291 Telephone 2 +39 0573 994184 Fax: +39 0573 503808 wxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx from the foreign countries 0039 (0)573 994291 wir sprechen deutsch nous…
    ID: 182635 | 16/07/2013 | Rating: 5
  • I SELL / EXCHANGE ALSO SINGLY, SOME AUTOS DOING PART OF MY COLLECTION. CONTACT ME FOR OTHER PHOTOS IT IS INFORMATION. I have from dismettere, to free some places some pieces of my collection of auto of epoch: - Mercedes - BENZ Class S 280, Year 1972, Plate is Book Original, Enrolled ASI, Plant To Methane. - Alpha ROMEO 75 2.0 Ts.S., Redhead, Year 1988 - Fiat Coupe 2.0 upset 16V, Year 1994 (Next ASI), Put again To New. - Fiat 126 PERSONAL 4 650 CC Bianca - Fiat 126 PERSONAL 4 650 CC Blu
    ID: 182585 | 15/07/2013 | Rating: 5
    ID: 182386 | 11/07/2013 | Rating: 5
  • Projected to replace the preceding 365 GT 2+2, the 365 GT4 2+2 were introduced to the public in the 1972. Drawn by Pininfarina, the big coupe of Maranello (what, despite her 'wording' 2+2 had 4 true places: the footstep was of well 270 cms) it proposed tense and square lines, certainly to the more fashion, but less fascinating in comparison to those of the preceding model. From the technical point of view, the remarkable novelties, were the adoption of the version with distribution bialbero for bancata (from which 4 in it initials…
    ID: 182249 | 09/07/2013 | Rating: 5
  • Volkwagen May-bug Cabrio year 1972 flat glass of black color with red inside cartier under good conditions of body shop and of mechanical new capotte as also the rubbers has its original plate and the book.
    ID: 182248 | 09/07/2013 | Rating: 5
  • Year 1954 fiats small boat Patriarch 750/1000
    ID: 181644 | 26/06/2013 | Rating: 5
  • year 1954 750/1000
    ID: 181645 | 26/06/2013 | Rating: 5
  • I sell maserati ghibli gt in excellent from collection km 55000
    ID: 181585 | 25/06/2013 | Rating: 5
  • Alpha Romeo Duetto


    Spider Duet IV series, version 2.0 injection. Completely original car. Ever restored even repainted.I intern in preserved texalfa / alcantara. Mechanics in order new hood just replaced. Any job to be done. Suitable price, no barters. Enrolled car ASI, stamp and insurance reduced.
    ID: 181580 | 25/06/2013 | Rating: 5
  • Maserati Biturbo Him 1987 Black under splendid conditions, ASI, with alone 49000 km, same owner from 1988 to 2012, tagliandata in shop Ferrari / Maserati, reimburses around 4000 European among ricondizionamento plant of climatization and great cutting general with substitution strap, me for great details that I explain you everything.They don't interest me barters and ridiculous offers, I sell for passage to Maserati coupe 4200 GTs.
    ID: 196741 | 07/04/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Car in excellent condition both internally at the level also bodywork. Suitable for everyday use, traveling. ASI Membership available. Accessories: Leather interior, radio, clock and rev counter, chrome internal, glove for holding objects, metallized paint original, new tires. Including the satellite locator "Search Car" complete with mounting and 2 years subscription including equivalent to the value of ? 1.000,00. AUTORAMA SALARIO Via Salaria 741 (near airport of the Urbe - Entrance Parioli) New and Used Car Sales, Diagnostic…
    ID: 217562 | 27/06/2015 | Rating: 5
  • I also look for ferrari testarossa or 512TR or M under good conditions not tagliandata tel 347 3726276
    ID: 212091 | 10/03/2015 | Rating: 5
  • I look for X VW T 1 pickup of the. 63 lamieratis external flatcar, the two horizontal pieces, possibly used but also new and crossroad in quadrangular pipe under the portella brings utensils, new. I would be also thankful to whom p could kindly send me of you address him of Serious people where to find these articles, Thanks even In advance.
    ID: 210610 | 13/02/2015 | Rating: 5
  • ALPHA ROMEO SPIDER 2.0 of 85, Redhead, Black Insides Under Good Conditions, Look for In League From 14, Excellent Mechanics, The Pea-coat È DISCRETTA, Auto Of 30 Years Of Stamp.For Information to Contact 3409374692
    ID: 208842 | 15/01/2015 | Rating: 5
  • Motion Guzzi GTV of the 1935 documents and plate 3 numbers original. Motor and all the restored mechanical components, very fast motion. Preserved Carrizzeria. Only 2 owners, original book, complementary new. I record historical IMF. To abstain perditampo
    ID: 208683 | 12/01/2015 | Rating: 5
    ID: 208595 | 11/01/2015 | Rating: 5
  • Car restored around two years ago. Mechanics to place, pneumatic new, tapestry referred with original fabrics of the epoch. version with back hatch. Plates and book original to sheets, only 3 owners. Non tractable price and don't be accepted barters.
    ID: 208549 | 09/01/2015 | Rating: 5
  • The am searching BMW mainly M3 series and special nice old BMWs over 25 yearses old.
    ID: 208331 | 06/01/2015 | Rating: 5
  • Complete and working auto but from total restauration. Mechanics and tapestry in order but body shop with passing rust. Motor gotten off for beginning restauration. The auto is singly sold or in block with other 10 autos of epoch for it needs to free an industrial shed. Tractable price only for sale in block of all the cars.
    ID: 208218 | 02/01/2015 | Rating: 5
  • N. 4 look for in league FPS original lance beta derision coupe hpe spider, measure 5,5x14, completely revised by primary firm leader of the sector, complete of new central coats of arms. Ready for the use.Other photos on application. European 500 + possible consignment.Approved payments: Paypal, postepay and countersign.Info 3472511545
    ID: 208052 | 29/12/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Good morning, sells for missed use my harley road glide 95' anniversary Preserved series numbered by 800 samples that cannot be found in italia. Tractable if I must not permute anything. I remember you that 1998 and the first year of the production roadglide and that and the only year where he climbed on the 1340 cc. Motor climbed on on elastic supports therefore no vibrations. In that year you/he/she could be chosen whether to want the injection motion or carburetor. This and to injection (with relative profit of cv and…
    ID: 207956 | 27/12/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Book Instructions for the use and the maintenance Motion Guzzi Airone Sport 250 CC.
    ID: 207562 | 15/12/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I sell four outdistance them, originally drawn by the full one to bring the 131 Racing to the roadway of the 131 Abarth. Two gift from 5 centimeters and two from 10 centimeters of thickness, the interasse and 4x98, typical Fiat. The price and slightly tractable being a rarer unique product. to contact 331 6401360 or srivere to
    ID: 207519 | 13/12/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I sell 112 abarths 70 hp under good conditions, the car and is riciverniciata in 2004, the anterior mudguards have been replaced, the insides are original, as the targhe,2s precendenti propietari, book use and maintenance and book of original guarantee of the epoch, attested of historicity asi, you look for cromodora abarth, order reduced with more rigid dampers excellent motor 129.000 km the car sells him in the seen way and liked x info I contact email
    ID: 207123 | 05/12/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I sell 4 you look for in league (I draw to "nest of bee"") for bmw E20 you complete of central covers, the everything under good conditions. The measures are the followings: 7jx15H2. Not you hesitate to contact me for further information and photos. Tractable price slightly. I transport to load of the buyer."
    ID: 206667 | 26/11/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Salutes are a boy with an immoderate passion for the automobiles. From a po of time I deal me with renovation and restauration of parts in skin (inside autos, motion, purses, couches..) to moderate prices. I premise that I am not a professional therefore I don't have a firm. I do this job part-time. I use only professional products or those used by the best tapestries. What I know how to do: reparation punctures in the skin, renovation color skin, reparation consumed skin. I also perform these jobs to Rome for people of out that…
    ID: 206420 | 23/11/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I sell Motor SEMICOMPLETO 8C 2300 Alphas ROMEO 1931 (That Climbed on On the alpha 1931 8C MONZAs!!!! )or I also exchange with Alpha to restore Excellent Staid On An Easel In A Garage Of ALFAMANIACO....The More" Beautiful Motor 8 Roll some ALFAROMEO!!!!!
    ID: 198627 | 01/11/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Odometer Fiat


    Odometer Fiat, for auto of epoch.
    ID: 204970 | 25/10/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I look for complete back benches (2 +2) of the fiat florin panorama first series
    ID: 204700 | 20/10/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Unicoproprietario always tagliandata and always estate to garage (winter / summer) perfectly working estate indeed well... Any intervention to be done... No perditempo no barters.... I sell for new model... A little tractable price
    ID: 204661 | 18/10/2014 | Rating: 5
    ID: 204406 | 12/10/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Original Spoiler for Fiat Rhythm 105 / 130 TCs Abarth. Soppra must be climbed on the back chest in line with the roof. Exchange original Fiat climbed on of series on some versions and payment optional for the models Abarth.
    ID: 203896 | 30/09/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Year 1957. Original plates of before registration. Really beautiful and perfectly working. Visible to Rome. I sell to European 12000. I accept in barter auto of epoch or sporting. Available also for rental for marriages, advertising spot, cinema set, etc. Aldo 3398491046.
    ID: 203465 | 23/09/2014 | Rating: 5
  • vendesi bmw black x3 2.0 diesel 177cv automatic change full optional except navigator, endowed with lighthouses xenon, openable canopy, sensory of parking lot, assistance to brakes her/it, dtc, sensor pressure rubbers, inside black fabric.
    ID: 203363 | 22/09/2014 | Rating: 5