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  • Rostrums bumper ant. Original Bill Minor, coming from rimaneza of store. We have many other exchanges Bill - Innocent - Morris - Austin. European 60 Fabrizio xxxxx David xxxxx
    ID: 194083 | 12/02/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Splendid sample of Sweater CABRIO. Version SPORTLINE with the following equipment of series: police squad and knob of the change in skin with red seams, seats sporting and adjustable RECARO, BBS looks for black with channel silver, bumper short skirts and order sporting, idroguida, electric glasses, centralized closing and driving CAPOTTE ELETTROIDRAULICO. The auto and estate under Good conditions on all accounts from the mechanics to the body shop to the insides. Certified car already ASI for his/her originality. Such…
    ID: 193315 | 28/01/2014 | Rating: 5
  • roe 75 primaseries with plate and original book dell epoch possible barter with land rover 88 lance fulvia gt gte or saidecar
    ID: 193241 | 26/01/2014 | Rating: 5
  • aermacchi 125 total professional restauration I appraise possible barter with saidecar olanci fulvia gt or gte
    ID: 193229 | 26/01/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I sell 106 1.3 a5s


    I sell 106 ves a5 with 13 you look for, dashboard in carbon, referred electric plant and simplified, aspiration in carbon, flute injectors brozzi with big injectors, collectors unloaded of the 106 k9, radiator increased in aluminum, cup I oil increased brozzi, big brakes AP, trapezes zanghellini with uniball, change omir with autobloccante kisses, semiassi synthesis big, bridge on you support rigid and with bars from 24, support motor peugeot sport and support motor zanhellini, dashboard in carbon
    ID: 193206 | 25/01/2014 | Rating: 5
  • 125 low lighthouse 1953 preserved under conditions original documents in order for passage it registers original dell, European epoch 5000 tels filippo xxxxx
    ID: 193174 | 24/01/2014 | Rating: 5
  • hi, I sell x inutilizzo suporto x fisaggio spare wheel x I use sporting, marked new exchange omp. to vs disposition giuseppe xxxxx, thanks
    ID: 193001 | 21/01/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Brand: MG Model: B Spider Year: 1969 Loom: B31735028 GIÀ \ \ \ GHN4173502 Motor: 18V847FH6570 Capacity: 1798cc, 4cil 78,30 Kw Owners: 3 Inside: Black External: Red Hood: Black Conditions Of Sale - The data related to car and documentation can contain errors or inaccuracies. Insofar how much described it doesn't have contractual value but and purely indicative. The Luzzago doesn't respond for the possible lack or difformita of parts or component in comparison to the original characteristics of production and…
    ID: 192808 | 17/01/2014 | Rating: 5
  • COD: IWW5147PR ABS, Airbag, side Airbag, Airbag Passeggero, electric Window winder, Antifurto, Autoradio, bluetooth, Boardcomputer, automatic change, Looks for in league, centralized Closing, Climatizzatore, climatizzatore automatic 3 zones, Control automatic climate, Control traction, Cruise Control, ESP, lighthouses BXenon, Lighthouses Xenon, Fendinebbia, electronic Immobilizzatore, Inside in skin, Reader CD, cartographic Navigation, Park Distance Control, Regulation electric seats, heated Seats, ventilated seats,…
    ID: 192230 | 03/01/2014 | Rating: 5
  • sweater cabrio ASI, year 1988, rare version USA, sells for passage to other auto; it needs some improvements but doesn't introduce important defects; it has been being of my ownership for 5 years and since then you/he/she has crossed less than 2.000 km. I sell to good bidder. tel xxxxx
    ID: 191656 | 15/12/2013 | Rating: 5
  • mini cooper final edition accessoriata sport pack, very beautiful and pleasant to drive. I sell for inutilizzo, visible to Pescara xxxxx, European 8.000 not tractable.
    ID: 191655 | 15/12/2013 | Rating: 5
  • alpha 75 good conditions of mechanics, body shop to be seen again, covering new back rubbers on you look for in league (spent 380 European) and it has air cond to reload but working. I sell for inutilizzo to impassioned Alpha. It has the certificate ASI but I have lost the certificate, it needs to ask copy. Visible to City Sant'Angelo (Pescara) near the A14. tel 347/6231488, European 2.500 tratts.
    ID: 191654 | 15/12/2013 | Rating: 5
  • Bill Final Edition, year 1998, before registration Germany where sportpack has been prepared with original accessories. Very beautiful to see and to drive, from a little replaced pomp of the brakes, no rust or scratches, only a draft on the counter in general guide. I sell for European inutilizzo 8.000 to Spoltore (PE) 331/3722620
    ID: 190487 | 23/11/2013 | Rating: 5
  • Rare version uses with motor 1.800 ccs, 90 cv, ASI. It needs some improvements to call for info to 331/3722620. Visible to Spoltore (Pescara).
    ID: 190486 | 23/11/2013 | Rating: 5
  • handle momentary side new of the epoch .25 4 cups new wheels ottimencondizioni (I oxidize in the removable inside part) .40 windbreak used original plexiglass .60 slow back first series (one tall the other no) used .50 unloaded collector used abarth .100 excellent original police squad. 70 new inside manigli of the epoch .30 couple flying peretti alone wood to be repainted .160 other exchanges no perditempo
    ID: 190310 | 21/11/2013 | Rating: 5
  • carpets for a112 new everest of the epoch they have only a due hole to the permanence on shelf but it still rubberizes excellent .40 healthy hatbox .40 light used post .20
    ID: 190308 | 20/11/2013 | Rating: 5
  • various exchanges for fiat 500 600 and 850 portalampade 500r 30. frames lighthouses aluminum 500d 50. anterior baffetto 500d ves in plastics 50. handle brings in general pasegggero 500d 25. Used contakm 850special excellent for 500L 50. whisker anterior 850 coupes 50. writing 850 spcials 25. writing 850 coupes 30. all new ones of the epoch
    ID: 190307 | 20/11/2013 | Rating: 5
  • I sell original revolution counter for abarth 850 1000 working alone interested relmente
    ID: 190304 | 20/11/2013 | Rating: 5
  • a112


    autobianchi a112 first series normal year 71 working all original apart the damage on the mudguard and rust as he/she is seen in photo it has it strikes her/it healthy to restore documents in order . 700
    ID: 190303 | 20/11/2013 | Rating: 5
  • fiat 600d


    fiat 600d without documents it has been stopping in garage for the years 80 used for exchanges I surrender it strikes as he/she is seen in photo complete of mceccanica except the change inside incomplete and in bad state jammed motor the body shop is healthy of structure but it has the external lamieratis punctured by the rust excellent for construction prototype .350 only withdrawal no perditempo
    ID: 190302 | 20/11/2013 | Rating: 5
  • Fiat 1964 500 Ds


    Beautiful Fiat 500 Ds of the '64 entirely restored with original new exchanges. Enrolled ASI. Documents and original plates. Rigid Capotte asportabile and replaceable with capotte in complete long cloth of lunotto. From amateur.
    ID: 190232 | 20/11/2013 | Rating: 5
  • 2° Grouping, Gruppo1, Tourism, Period H1 72'-75', HTP FIA International Ready Runs, or I permute with other competition autostorica or auto of series equal value.
    ID: 190122 | 18/11/2013 | Rating: 5
  • Beautiful slk first series, alone 44.000 demonstrable km, new rubbers, cutting effected 2.000 km ago, climbed on battery last year, it has insides in bicolored skin, radio, esp etc. It has solo to see the central tunnel again that, as everybody, curtains to discolor. I sell for alone inutilizzo to impassioned. Visible to Pescara 331/3722620. I appraise barters to the equal one with Italian spider of epoch.
    ID: 189977 | 16/11/2013 | Rating: 5
  • Alpha 75 xxxxx ASI I sell for inutilizzo; it climbs on new back rubbers on you look for in league (spent 380 European) and it has conditioned (to reload but working) air. Mechanics is excellent, you/he/she has crossed only 138.000 km, of which 1.000 in the last 2 years of my possession. The body shop is to see again since it is to the open one. Visible to City Sant'Angelo (PE) 331/3722620
    ID: 189976 | 16/11/2013 | Rating: 5
  • Mini Cooper final edition, year 1998, before registration in Germany where sport has been prepared pack with original accessories; I sell to good bidder or I permute with spider of epoch type duet or 124. Visible to Pescara xxxxx
    ID: 189975 | 16/11/2013 | Rating: 5
  • I sell in block n. 4 counters without rust and intact suits of glass (to one it misses the inside panel) + n. 2 perfect anterior chests without rust + n. 1 griglietta from where the windshield wipers go out without rust and not bruised. Price of the block. 1.000 Material available to Rome Nord Available also a hard top always for AR Spider to. 350.
    ID: 189959 | 16/11/2013 | Rating: 5
  • It launches Beta Coupe' 1600 first serious year 1974, rare, tools yellow fund, square black plates and original documents, mechanical ok with launchings effected interventions, body shop and insides from to see Not European vendesi 3000 again Tractable. NO BARTERS. NO E-MAIL. NO PERDITEMPO. Only contacts Tel.360/588937.
    ID: 189753 | 14/11/2013 | Rating: 5
  • I sell Or I Exchange With Auto Epoch Motorcar Mercedes K500R29 HERITAGE LEGACY, Motor GM 5000 8 Cylinders - Year 1972 With Route Of 2800 Miles. CINEMA CONDITIONS AS FROM PHOTO
    ID: 189677 | 11/11/2013 | Rating: 5


    1977 ALFETTA GTV perfectly restored, inside in velvet lobster Original, enrolled RIAR with regular documents and recently revised. PRICE STRONGLY REDUCED tel xxxxx
    ID: 189443 | 07/11/2013 | Rating: 5
  • I sell SLK Kompressor first serious Km 44.000 original, battery new rubbers, inside in bicolored skin, 4 airbags, esp, radio, climate bizona. European 6.500,00. Visible to Pescara tel xxxxx
    ID: 189129 | 02/11/2013 | Rating: 5
  • I sell Rover Bill Cooper final edition, prepared sport pack in Germany, in Italy from 2001, covering the following accessories: electric openable roof, inside in beige skin, dashboard in it takes root new, antifurto, looks for in league with pneumatic reduced. Visible to Pescara previous appointment. European 8.500 tel xxxxx
    ID: 188972 | 31/10/2013 | Rating: 5
  • Alpha 75


    I sell European 2000,00 alphas 75 1800 xxxxx year 1989, ASI, mechanical ok, new rubbers, look for in league, conditioned air, body shop to be seen again. Visible to City Sant'Angelo (PE). Tel xxxxx
    ID: 188971 | 31/10/2013 | Rating: 5
  • I sell Piaggio Ciao year 1975 color white working good conditions with European book 500,00 Tractable to Phone xxxxx
    ID: 188241 | 20/10/2013 | Rating: 5
  • I sell complete sporting police squad of adaptable ship boy on Opel of epoch. Possible also sale of the solo steering gear. The price he intends without shipping and handling.
    ID: 187838 | 14/10/2013 | Rating: 5
    ID: 187590 | 08/10/2013 | Rating: 5
  • beautiful mercedes 190 clear blue sls, of 1960, as new, tapestry, body shop, motor, rubbers, particular mechanics, for info to xxxxx, only competent, to abstain nullafacenti, perditempo and without cash.
    ID: 187257 | 05/10/2013 | Rating: 5
  • :-) :-) :-)
    ID: 187154 | 03/10/2013 | Rating: 5
  • System of navigation, Servosterzo, heated Seats, Regulation electric seats, Park Distance Control, Reader CD, Inside in skin, electronic Immobilizzatore, Fendinebbia, Lighthouses Xenon, ESP, Cruise Control, Chronology coupons, Control traction, Control automatic climate, Climatizzatore, centralized Closing, Looks for in league, Boardcomputer, Autoradio, Antifurto, electric Window winder, Airbag Passeggero, side Airbag, Airbag, ABS Description furnished by the seller: FLYING MULTIFUNZIONE - CARTOGRAPHIC NAVIGATION…
    ID: 186884 | 30/09/2013 | Rating: 5
  • ABS, Airbag, side Airbag, Airbag Passeggero, electric Window winder, Antifurto, Autoradio, Boardcomputer, Looks for in league, centralized Closing, Climatizzatore, Control automatic climate, Control traction, Chronology coupons, ESP, Lighthouses Xenon, Fendinebbia, electronic Immobilizzatore, Inside in skin, Reader CD, Park Distance Control, Regulation electric seats, Servosterzo You look for From 20' - Brakes CARBOCERAMICI - Sensory Of Parking lot - Side Badges In Ceramics - Back PANCHETTA Pelle - Seats With Hull In…
    ID: 185964 | 16/09/2013 | Rating: 5
    ID: 185887 | 15/09/2013 | Rating: 5
  • Vendesi Vespa 150 1959, VBA1T, excellent preserved, all original, removed with plate. Please contact only if seriously parties, don't answer to mail or sms. Price after vision, the wasp is found in Tuscany. Tel.349/2411915.
    ID: 185714 | 12/09/2013 | Rating: 5
  • Certified Ferrari Classiche. Confirmed ASI A1. Share 1 ^ Ferrari Tribute Thousand Miles (2010). Style coos. Impeccable conditions of body shop, Mechanics and insides.
    ID: 185667 | 11/09/2013 | Rating: 5
  • ABS, Airbag, Airbag Passeggero, electric Window winder, Antifurto, Autoradio, Looks for in league, centralized Closing, Climatizzatore, Chronology coupons, Fendinebbia, Inside in skin, Reader CD, Servosterzo I CHANGE F1 - INSIDE IN TOTAL SKIN - GRATE BACK CHALLENGER - ONLY OWNER - PRESERVED MANIACALLY ALWAYS TO THE COVERED ONE - COUPONS EFFECTED IN SHOP FERRARI. For further information on this car, contact us to xxxxx xxxxx wxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Transverse street of the Virgo 20 Pistoia - Tuscany -…
    ID: 185650 | 11/09/2013 | Rating: 5
  • Lamborghini Gallardo and-gear Coupe- Car with guarantee ABS, Airbag, side Airbag, Airbag Passeggero, electric Window winder, Antifurto, Autoradio, Boardcomputer, Looks for in league, centralized Closing, Climatizzatore, Control automatic climate, Control traction, ESP, Lighthouses Xenon, Fendinebbia, electronic Immobilizzatore, Inside in skin, Reader CD, Regulation electric seats, Servosterzo, integral Traction For further information on this car, contact us to xxxxx xxxxx Pistoia - Tuscany - Italy abroad 0039 (0)xxxxx…
    ID: 185640 | 11/09/2013 | Rating: 5
  • DSuper I sell


    The auto, also very beautiful, it has subìto some damage because of a hailstorm. The cylinder GPL must have changed within the end of the year.
    ID: 184721 | 26/08/2013 | Rating: 5
  • Splendid Julia Ti 1600 end'64. Preserved, plates, book, insides and motor original.
    ID: 184684 | 26/08/2013 | Rating: 5


    Samurai FJ 500, cabrio - black color inside grey - km 102000 - good conditions of mechanics - discreet of body shop x street of two light bruises - version for German market with roll-cafe catalyst and additional safety systems - the low kilometraggio is due to the use in the house vacations to Venice Lido (after the importation from Germany during the second year of life) 3 total owners
    ID: 184544 | 23/08/2013 | Rating: 5
  • I sell sabbiatrice used little for all the infos xxxxx price 750,00
    ID: 184513 | 23/08/2013 | Rating: 5
  • I sell you look for in magnesium 8x16 oz I attach perforation 4x108 Cosworths / Peugeut good person been European 1.200,00 tractable xxxxx
    ID: 184512 | 23/08/2013 | Rating: 5
  • I sell n'4 you look for 'ORIGINALI'Cromodora in magnesium. 18'pollici.Perfectly preserved.Color as photo. To contact only telephonely if really parties. I attach Ford / Peugeut / etc... xxxxx
    ID: 184511 | 23/08/2013 | Rating: 5