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Website regulations and conditions of use for Visitors and Advertisers This website is not a publication and is updated exclusively on the basis of material published by advertisers and therefore not subject to any periodicity restrictions, therefore it is not a publication subject to provisions set forth in 1, paragraph III of Law no. 62, 7/3/2001.

Autobelle.it is a platform for the trade and exchange of vehicles or parts or in any case related or relevant products.
Autobelle.it is the sole and legitimate owner of the Service, associated software and all inherent exploitation rights.
Browsing, the insertion of adverts and use of AutoBelle.it services are activities subject to the General Service Conditions.
Access to the service and browsing of adverts constitutes explicit acceptance of said General Rules. Specifically, upon accessing the Service, the User declares to have read and accepts these general rules.
The user is required to read this document before accessing the service, consulting adverts and in particular, before inserting their own adverts.

General Service Conditions

Within the scope of these General Service Conditions, the term "User" is taken to mean both user visitors and advertiser users.
AutoBelle.it may unilaterally amend these General Conditions which are published on the website www.autobelle.it. Under such circumstances, AutoBelle.it will highlight any changes by means of messages on the start-up screen of the Service, so that the User is made aware before accessing and using the Service.
Any successive use of the Service by the User will constitute acceptance of General Conditions, including any amendments or updates.
The User accepts that they use the Service entirely under their own responsibility.
Relations between AutoBelle.it and Users are regulated by Italian Law and these General Conditions must be interpreted in accordance with said law.

Liability of AutoBelle.it

AutoBelle.it does not guarantee the precision and reliability of information contained in the Service, nor does it offer any guarantee for results obtained via the Service, or the successful outcome of any negotiations therein.
AutoBelle.it will not be held liable in any way for damages or loss of earnings incurred by Advertisers or third parties.
AutoBelle.it invites all Users to read points of caution, which should be complied with in order to reduce the risk of fraud.
AutoBelle.it declines all liability for the quality and services of external websites for which links, including advertisements, are provided on this website. The fact that AutoBelle.it provides these links does not under any circumstances imply its approval of the contents and graphics of such websites. AutoBelle.it provides these links as a simple, additional service for Internet users.

Rights and powers of AutoBelle.it

AutoBelle.it reserves the right to amend, suspend or stop the Service, in full or in part, even without any prior notice.
AutoBelle.it reserves the right to delete any adverts which have already been published or are non-compliant, or to withdraw a password assigned to an Advertiser, without incurring any liability, charges or requests for compensation. With the sole purpose of limiting the insertion of misleading adverts, AutoBelle.it may mark an advert that has been identified or reported by third parties as potentially fraudulent. To this effect, the User relieves AutoBelle.it from any errors in the reliability evaluation of adverts.
AutoBelle.it actively cooperates with the Police and upon their explicit request, reports and provides identification data of users, without any obligation to notify said users of any such request.
In order to cooperate with Police investigations, AutoBelle.it leaves blocked adverts available while removing the advertiser’s sensitive data and despite not indexing them in its own search engines, so that any persons who have fallen victim to fraud can access the advert which resulted in said fraud, even after a certain period of time.
AutoBelle.it reserves the right to fully or partially verify, amend and delete the content of adverts when it is deemed appropriate to do so and whenever, on the basis of good faith, said content fails to comply with provisions set forth in the General Conditions, namely compliance with regulatory obligations, so that they can be amended according to a provision of Judicial Authorities or any other competent Authorities. AutoBelle.it may use information and in general any element in an advert for the broadest purposes in order to defend itself against claims from third parties and to protect its own interests.
AutoBelle.it reserves the right to add its website address www.autobelle.it to images of items referred to in adverts
AutoBelle.it reserves the right to promote its contents, also by means of agreements with third parties (e.g. portals and/or Websites and/or similar services)

User's Liability

The User accepts full liability for any damage to their computer system as a result of using the Service.
In using the Service, the user can correspond with advertisers and other advertising promoters; based on this and based on information which the User discloses in their own advert, the User may receive messages or advertising material from third parties and AutoBelle.it is unaware of and will not be held liable for the origin and contents of any of the aforementioned.
AutoBelle.it declines all liability for negotiations and subsequent sales resulting from such advertising promotions.
AutoBelle.it does not provide any guarantee as to the identity, legal capacity, integrity and other characteristics of advertisers, the quality, probity and safety of items for sale in adverts, the truthful and accurate nature of descriptions provided therein.
Adverts remain published for six months, after which all sensitive data is removed, but they still remain in our archives for another six months to enable any police investigations in case of reported fraud.
In order to offer its users a quality service, AutoBelle.it applies a preventive control procedure on advert contents which aims to identify and prevent the publication of adverts of questionable legality. Despite such checks, it is possible that adverts which do not match our desired advertising criteria may still be published. AutoBelle.it emphasises that it shall not be held liable in any way for the content and truthfulness of adverts and hereby invites its readers to pay due attention when replying to any adverts.
Users who are not registered on the AutoBelle.it website as Professionals are forbidden from adding names or links to third party websites in their adverts. This obligation aims to protect visitor Users, as AutoBelle.it is unable to verify such links. Should any such references elude automatic checks, adverts by this type of User will be blocked to the same effect as potentially fraudulent adverts.
The User must not disclose or reproduce Service contents or use them other than as authorised by the Service, except for explicit authorisation from the Service or AutoBelle.it to do so.

Rules for the consultation of adverts

AutoBelle.it offers a service for the publication and consultation of adverts on the Internet. AutoBelle.it will not be held liable for the provenance, truthfulness or contents of adverts, or for the effective existence of what is published in adverts. The user who inserts the advert shall be fully liable to this effect.
Information searches on the website www.autobelle.it and the viewing of adverts are carried out by means of automatic procedures and in any case AutoBelle.it will not be held liable for the content, accuracy, truthfulness and compliance with rules specified in these General Conditions. Although these General Conditions forbid Users from publishing information with unpleasant content or suitable for an adult audience, the automatic search procedure may also result in their consultation and AutoBelle.it shall not be held liable should this ever occur.
The User can in any case report any illegal, fraudulent or suspicious adverts or any adverts which breach rules set forth in these General Conditions to the staff of AutoBelle.it, via email.

Rules for advertisers

AutoBelle.it is an advertising portal for vehicles or parts or associated products, therefore only adverts for the sale, purchase or exchange of aforementioned items are permitted, within suitable categories.
Access to the advert publication and management service (deletion or change), is enabled via a personal password chosen upon inserting the advert. This password is strictly personal and its use is permitted within the limits set forth in the General Conditions, by the advertiser who places the advert only. The Advertiser undertakes to diligently conserve it and ensure it remains secret. AutoBelle.it declines all liability for the illegitimate or improper use of passwords and any consequent damage to the advertiser and/or third parties.
The Advertiser is aware that AutoBelle.it manages and publishes adverts in accordance with these General Conditions. Therefore the advertiser is aware that their own "identification data", namely their email and/or telephone number, are accessible to all Users.
The Advertiser undertakes not to disturb the Service in any way, directly or via third parties. The Advertiser is liable for the contents of adverts published using their own password. AutoBelle.it will not be held liable for any unlawful, illegitimate, untruthful and inaccurate content of adverts. The Advertiser undertakes to indemnify and hold AutoBelle.it harmless against any claims brought forward to this effect.
The Advertiser also undertakes not to use the Service for the publication, disclosure or exchange of unlawful, vulgar, obscene, libellous, defamatory, material or material which is offensive to public morality or in any case detrimental to the rights of others, or any messages inciting to hatred or discrimination on racial or religious grounds. The Advertiser also undertakes not to use the Service in such a way as to breach the intellectual or property rights of AutoBelle.it or of third parties.
The Advertiser agrees to and undertakes to comply with all regulations, directives and procedures of networks linked to the Service as well as Internet regulations, directives and procedures. The Advertiser undertakes not to spread material encouraging criminal acts via their adverts, or any material which may result in civil liability, or which breaches the law or local, state, national or international regulations. The Advertiser undertakes not to interfere with the use and enjoyment of other Advertisers of the Service or the exercise of third parties of similar Services.

With reference to the contents of adverts and goods/ services offered in said adverts, the Advertiser undertakes to comply with all statutory provisions in force.
Should the Advertiser fail to comply with any one of the obligations listed here above, or should the Advertiser's conduct fail to comply with provisions specified therein, AutoBelle.it reserves the right to suspend/ discontinue the Service and refuse any other future requests from the Advertiser for using said Service. AutoBelle.it also reserves the right to undertake appropriate legal action both in civil and penal proceedings, in order to protect its own rights as well as those of third parties.

The Advertiser undertakes to indemnify and hold AutoBelle.it harmless against any request or claim, including any expenses, charges or legal fees, brought forward by any third party with reference to the Advertiser's use of the Service, the Advertiser's breach of these General Conditions, the Advertiser's breach, or the breach of another user of the Service when using the Advertiser's User ID and/or Password, of any intellectual property rights or any other rights of any other person or entity.

AutoBelle.it offers an image publication service for published property advertisements.
Images must always refer to the published advert. All images which do not specifically refer to the published item are strictly forbidden.
AutoBelle.it reserves the right not to publish or delete images which it finds to be in breach of the aforementioned regulation.


The Advertiser guarantees that its advertisements do not breach any copyright or industrial property or any other rights of third parties. Should a third party submit a complaint against any advert, the user accepts full liability and undertakes to indemnify and hold AutoBelle.it harmless against any damages or expenses.

Last updated on 5th January 2010