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  • I look for, preferably on Rome or region Lazio, devioluci for Lance Appia second series. I beg to phone me the 3398491046 Aldo.
    ID: 202757 | 08/09/2014 | Rating: 5


    I perfectly sell Renault 4 year 1985 marching replacement to new price 6.000,00 for contacts 0818349559 Giovanni
    ID: 202734 | 08/09/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Auto under good general conditions. Excellent motor, complete of hood, cover, cover car windows. Reimmatricolata in 2006, Certified ASI Overdrive
    ID: 202352 | 26/08/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Fiat Panda Version Young 999 ccs Fire kw 33 year 1992 autos of epoch motor already referred affiliate European annual insurance 145 inurtatas alone 2 owners in 22 years economic 20 km green lt gummed metalizzata And 1300 INTRATTs.visible to the castles NOperditempo No Barters No email I don't answer only telephone contacts from Interested people to the purchase To 3 3 4 /3 4 8 0 2 10 -No visible PERDITEMPO here on the place
    ID: 201969 | 13/08/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I sell new carburetor Of the garden for Citroen Dyane 6 Mearis, code CAR19175. Included shipping and handling. Further information in private
    ID: 201628 | 01/08/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Salutes I sell Lance Appia C10 serious ll imm. 07/1956. Exemplary very rare and sought with guide to DX produced in alone 3.000 pzes, (in comparison to the C10S with guide to SX produced in almost 20.000 pzes). The car belonged to an only family (known political since that time to Palermo) and been closed in garage in the last 25 years around introduces him under discreet conditions.Exchanges own different purchased recently with demonstrable invoices. For further specifications and photo to contact away e-mail. Thanks
    ID: 201215 | 18/07/2014 | Rating: 5
  • alpha giulia new super 1300 good conditions, performed jobs done again friction change and complete transmission, supports motor, heads electronic coil ignition, pomp brakes, cilindretto friction, delay of the steering gear, pipes brakes and gasoline with filter, cables and original candles, back pads with jaws, cassonetto revised heating, battery, original funds not tarred, motor original part to half hit doesn't eat water of it I oil of it, gaskets new deflectors, fendinebbia of the epoch looks for country, clock new dashboard
    ID: 201195 | 17/07/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Additional accessories: TINTED GLASS, PACK chrome, chrome handles, GRID ANT. Chrome plated, Radio Further information:: billable, prompt delivery, amount eligible, occasion, 12 months warranty. ==== perfectly restored by "BODYWORK PANZANI " FLORENCE ORIGINAL IN ALL DETAILS-UPHOLSTERY INTACT ORIGINAL COMING FROM PRIVATE COLLECTION -- AUTO SELECTED FOR YOU BY OUR ORGANIZATION CHARACTERISTICS - Photos - AND DETAILED INFORMATION, DIRECTLY ON OUR WEB SITE:…
    ID: 201058 | 15/07/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Rare STUDEBAKER PRESIDENT 1958, coupe v8, very beautiful and healthy, line classical years 50 with dimensions slightly redoubts in comparison to the canons of the epoch (big advantage in relationship in our roads, parking lot, traffic) remained for a long time hidden in the studies of cinecitta, where and is to the times, used in different famous films. Probable only sample in Europe. tel 3391460869
    ID: 200913 | 10/07/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I sell 4 you look for fiat Fiat 124 sports spider and coupe before and second series, provided of lodging for cup easily chromed ripristinabili (to clean they have only superficial rust) Compatible with cars Fiat and Autobianchi years 70 I withdraw to hand or consignment to calculate apart
    ID: 200685 | 06/07/2014 | Rating: 5


    VENDUTOO Magnificent BENTLEY Turbo R 500CV KM 55000 Autos Coming from Private Collection CELL:328 9587697
    ID: 200732 | 06/07/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I sell PORSCHE 911 1971 2.2 Ts Targa, exemplary built 3476. Red color pompeiano with insides beige, very beautiful combining for inside and external colors. Painted completely with substitution of all the gaskets understood substitution of the canopy. Auto provided of book use and maintenance, book circulation and 1971 original plates, only two preceding owners. The auto needs small detail to complete, as back plastics, back emblem and frame chromed of the pot and some finishing touch by to complete.
    ID: 200760 | 06/07/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Place Campania Naples and province Bacoli Type of announcement Concessionaires I Offer Brand / Model launchings Year 1969 Feeding Gasoline Chilometraggio 100 km Description Dmax mania free himself/herself/themselves playpen auto, private they sell their jewel, a return to the possible past, not to dream, alive... -fiat bianchina giardiniera sw and.3500 -fiat 500 rare ves and.4mila -bmw 320 epoch asi gas cabrio and.4mila -wasp gt and.3500 -corvets convertible asi epoch and.12mila -ds 20 conforts…
    ID: 200560 | 30/06/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Alpha ROMEO Julia SPIDER 1600, Total Restauration, KM 0, Good Conditions.
    ID: 200325 | 24/06/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Elegant sl d' epoch, one among the most beautiful cabrios, class style, sobriety and constructive quality, find again today still him on this car.the black coloration makes her/it particularly attractive in movement and from firm.
    ID: 199893 | 15/06/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I sell bmw 520 first serious year 1976. Documents in order, motorcar under good conditions, with which I regularly participate in the assemblies. I install to gas with cylinder not yet expired. Crossed Km 150.000. Spent passage to load of the buyer.
    ID: 199768 | 09/06/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Binding restauration auto coming from the United States and visible to Empoli (Florence). Year 1951, cabrio, Park Ward, with his/her original motor. Tel 3477443740
    ID: 199686 | 06/06/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I sell different motors, exchanges, pieces of body shop, for cars of different brands and years (not recent). All material OLD TIMER. Information on application, particular pieces.
    ID: 199662 | 05/06/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I sell couple of dampers back new and original brand SPICA code 5614 for Alpha ROMEO Giulia 1.3/1.6 derision / GT - 1750 Derision / GT - 2000 Derision / GT. Original code AR
    ID: 199567 | 05/06/2014 | Rating: 5
  • bmw e30 320 1984


    year 1984 bmws e30 in a rare dark red color with insides beige very elegant.After a period of lock in garage and totally restores with substitution strap distribution it pumps water changed oil motor / change / differential climbed on 4 rubbers and all and 6 the candles (jobs effected in February 2014). tested up to the 2016 plate and book they are original enrolled asi.mechanically and perfectly efficient also seen the low chilometraggio a pleasure to also drive in the city considering that and endowed with servosterzo. NB: Being…
    ID: 199602 | 05/06/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I sell stung motor gt I upset complete of alternator, moped starting, intercooler, collector of unloading, silencer etc...the motor is seen him/it assembled but it misses a piston and other things therefore I could also sell pieces single coaster pistons connecting rods I plant with trees motor plinth I also have the change
    ID: 198978 | 20/05/2014 | Rating: 5
  • It launches Beta Montecarlo I unload complete with collectors. We also have other exchanges for the same car. To make an example: -back fins -doorman -electric plant -servofreno -it pumps brakes -side glasses -back writing -mask -back stop -motor -change -alternator and other... Suitable price for the pot included iva. It launches Beta MonteCarlo, complete exhaust with manifolds. We also have other parts for the same car.
    ID: 198873 | 20/05/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I sell pieces x Honda 500 Silver Wing, cupolino, reservoir, mudguard ant. and side fianchetti.visible to Bologna.x info tel.392/4738222
    ID: 198444 | 11/05/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Stupendous Car LEXUS 400h tops of range, full optional, seats in skin, electric regulation, with memories and anterior heated, diversified climate, openable roof in crystal, television camera for parking lot, etc etc. less than 37000 km all the coupons LEXUS, as new. To see and to try.
    ID: 198491 | 11/05/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I sell as in photo with plates documents without problems without motor parautri pea-coat and all the coverings you introduce suspensions imp electric change and all the portholes with glasses l auto had been prepared for the painting and' to complete and to buy the lacking exchanges
    ID: 198240 | 06/05/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I sell Porsche 911 sc 3000, year 1980, Km. 50.000,. enrolled ASI, perfect mechanics, healthy body shop, double unloaded inox, inside original preserved. Guido Tel. 3387289910
    ID: 198205 | 06/05/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Bill Copper LAMM 1.3i Cabrios, 1995, unique model, built by LAMM Autohaus in Germany, the same carrozziere that has built the Bill official cabrio for the Rover. This and is in demand without the horrible extensions in plastics, maintaining all the original cromatures. Always held in garage, used only in summer, only 40000km crossed from new. All and in perfect order. Out of politeness only competent, thanks.
    ID: 198140 | 05/05/2014 | Rating: 5
    ID: 198119 | 04/05/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Vendesi Porsche 911S 2.0, Short footstep, 1968, matching numbers, original black plates, auto Completely restored of mechanics, ciclistica and high-level body shop. For climbs Porsche 911S 2.0, SWB, 1968, matching numbers, original old italian registration number plate, car has been TOTALLY restored nut and bolt mechanically, body and suspensions to concours level. For English and german speaking, please call +393356156864
    ID: 197886 | 29/04/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Motion Guzzi Galletto 192; maniacally restored totally for collection; year 1956; km 200; every organ and state or replaced with exchanges original Motorbikes Guzzi; furnished of that cannot be found anterior shield and of the central bauletto MotoGuzzi; new rubbers; new battery; every possible test; enrolled IMF - Plate Gold n°090043
    ID: 197662 | 27/04/2014 | Rating: 5
  • beautiful duet 2.0 the-4 ^ series- already' enrolled asi- I silver met.- you intern skin red color referred from not too long- 5 look for league original alphas romeo- capotta you excellent-cover capotta in skin- mechanics really to place- no rust- any test- tel. 3358264091 Giovanni -
    ID: 197779 | 27/04/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I sell for passage other motion epoch, perfect conditions, it asks only for ordinary maintenance (oil, filter, battery, puliz.carburetors) tractable price
    ID: 197575 | 22/04/2014 | Rating: 5
  • 1995 Cherokee XJ - motor VM 2.5TDiesel with heads recalled 235000km (all documented) - last cutting replaced: battery + radiator + disks brake + drums - next revision: 9/2015 - any test - darkened glasses - insides good - no rust - some sign of body shop - km.actual 258.000 (4/2013) - currently firm in garage from 15/2/2014 - possible barters are appraised with maxi scooter post 2010 - next year enjoys of reduction insurance and tax circulation -
    ID: 197459 | 18/04/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Vendesi Jaguar XJ40 Sovereign of the '90, km 49000, only owner, Plate Gold ASI, always garage, regularly manutenuta, books and endowments of factory, stamp and Rc epoch, also kit looks for 16" with new thermal rubbers, included other complete sample of everything for exchanges.
    ID: 197310 | 16/04/2014 | Rating: 5
    ID: 197311 | 16/04/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Key used alfaromeo but under good conditions
    ID: 197080 | 12/04/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Braking system of the Alpha Romeo Giulietta Type 750, versions derision, sprint and spider. From store you reciprocate of a historian dealership Alpha Romeo, drums in aluminum alettati of the anterior brakes with relative dishes to two fetterses with ferodi and cilindretti open-fetterses. The drum DX (Code: 1365 -53015) it appears as new, with band d?attrition along the inside edge integrates, while the drum SX (Code: 1365 -53016) it seems a piece of recovery with band d?attrition interns deteriorated. The dishes are new (ever…
    ID: 196792 | 07/04/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Fiat topolino C


    Fiat Mickey Mouse c Year 1954 Autos that need restauration radical, floors to refer, mechanics to be restarted but complete. The auto and complete, always to roof, firm from motions years, motor to be restarted but complete of everything.Never incidentata. WITH PLATE IT IS ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS. Contact us pure, we are available for every explanation or accord, but please you don't write for halving the price. Contact only us if impassioned or if there and a real interest. I sell only, no exchanges. We speak English and…
    ID: 196835 | 06/04/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Ferrari


    I sell rare insignia Ferrari of the years 80 in plexiglass coming from private collection. Good conditions genrali, proper to embellish motor show, garage or studies.Impossible to find, object for connoisseurs.No perditempo or barters.Dimensions 80 cms in altezza,40 cm in width and 1,5 cms in thickness.
    ID: 196724 | 03/04/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I sell motor for Lance Fulvia Rally 1.3S original gotten off by unna Rally anno1969 The motor and to systematize and to climb on - however and is gotten off by a mechanic to see possible damages and job to do - all good results - normally and to revise... To application you/he/she can separately be sold also - - carburetors S441-1108053 (you see photo), 200 European not tractable - door-filter, 100 European not tractable - pistons 77mm, 220 European not tractable - cup I oil Fulvia 1.3, 100 European not tractable - ... for…
    ID: 194892 | 26/02/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I sell 5 you look for (to the necessity also 4) in league of magnesium for Maserati Biturbo (I attach Fiat 4X98), under good general conditions. Channel 6 thumbs. They are endowed with rubbers Bridgestone Potenza 195/60/14 (to 50%). I sell for sgombero store. Tel.345/9649418
    ID: 194644 | 21/02/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Vendo 4 (four) new tires SportContact Continent3 MEASURES 215/40 ZR17 87Y EXTRA LOAD with protective rim, as new, just 3000 Km. Perhaps the tire of the absolute reference for category, since sealing performance and comfort. These are the last model of Continental, then né the old model SportContact2 né the lower model PremiumContact. Note that are code speed "Y" and not to the multiple common and less "W". The freshest rubbers, latest DOT. Unavailable at a lower price, unrepeatable opportunity! Withdrawal on…
    ID: 194595 | 20/02/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Juliet 1.8 Ls


    Juliet 1.8 of 1982 with conditioned air! performed jobs: you support motor and bonnets box it drives revision radiator radiator headlights back lights mirror it pumps gasoline I travel x palermo Buckles Heads It pumps brakes Kit gaskets pliers Gommini dampers 2 buckles de dion it pumps friction side change it corrects badminton and spingidisco Climbed on change alpha 75 tses, excellent, nobody scratches march. You support change Oil and filter Registration asi You support unloaded…
    ID: 194361 | 17/02/2014 | Rating: 5
  • For alpha romeo junior gt zagato 1300 sell complete and original anterior bumper more reservoir gasoline with some bruise but without holes of it rust
    ID: 194332 | 16/02/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I sell n°3 you look for bwa from 13/6 xes fiat 124 128 no crooked
    ID: 194307 | 16/02/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Auto iin conditions exceptional 82.000 km around demonstrable from a book coupons handicraft. Alone Veniciata externally, inside preserved in superb way, motor and mechanics perfect, total absence of rust, splendid cromature, still original. Pneumatic new original Michelin, plates and Italian documents. To u t or d to v and t r the ns to
    ID: 193257 | 27/01/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I sell all the glasses for fiat 500 year 67. good conditions not scratched. they are all original and marked sicurids with year of construction (67) windscreen, lunotto and the side whole conpresos the chromed deflectors. European 150. to call savior tel. 3476374182
    ID: 193075 | 23/01/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Suzuki: Model: GSX R600 Type: Sport Year of manufacture: 2000 Km: 35000 km Volume of the hit: 599 cm3s Weight: 196 kg Color: Blue / white 6 speeds
    ID: 193034 | 22/01/2014 | Rating: 5
  • Audi four of 1981 2.2 upset 200cv, National, confirmed to.s.the., original in everything, only owner, white color, climate, radio.rnOttime conditions, inside, body shop, change, brakes etc... to place, rn Injection and block back differrenziale to be seen again
    ID: 192568 | 10/01/2014 | Rating: 5
  • I sell 70 911 Ss 2.2 lts, coupe, firm from 10 years, march in some points: hands left, tub anterior side batteries, angle back lunotto, back chest. Complete and original auto, adjourned not, not modified, motor of first non jammed plant, original color: green viper, binding but easy jobs and of sure investment. Removed of office, but they are still there his/her original plates. I sell her so or with the ready documents for the transfer of ownership, with surcharge obviously.
    ID: 192012 | 26/12/2013 | Rating: 5