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1980... L'inizio di un'avventura diventata presto realtà seria e costante al servizio dei clienti , anche i più esigenti. Autoclass è una garanzia per la scelta della vettura nuova,usata,d'epoca. Un passato che si ricorda con memorabile testimonianza nei motori rombanti della nostra esposizione ed un presente con ogni modello e marca presente sul mercato. Curiosando nelle nostre presentazioni potrete ritrovare la più vera passione per le auto,la selezione attenta da parte del personale nella ricerca di ogni singolo mezzo,ci porta ad offrirVi il meglio. Visitateci, troverete il desiderio che avete accantonato nella memoria.....


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  • You Dino is ¨ un €.automobile sporting produced by the Fiat among 1966 and 1972. The Dino was born from an accord between the Fiat and the Ferrari, initialed for l €.esigenza of the house of Maranello to quickly build a number enough of motor Dino (cosis called ¬ perchis © derived by a project of the 1956 of the disappeared child of Enzo Ferrari, Alfred, said Dino) for to get l €.omologazione in Formula 2 of the Ferrari Dino 166 F2s. Cosis ¬, close to the piiss expensive ¹ Dino 206 GTs, she was deliberated production of piis ¹…
    ID: 278379 | 02/09/2018 | Cristian Rating: 5 | Capriolo
  • Version short footstep to 3 tools. Car entirely preserved by un €.accurata and continuous maintenance , of blue color with inside in beige velvet. Matching numbers and colors. Complete of skill valutativa that it certifies the extreme one of it the originality & nbsp;. Before registration 1966. Italian plates. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Blue Pastel beige with interior. Conserved conditions. Matching numbers and colors with expertise. First reg.1966. Italian…
    ID: 278380 | 02/09/2018 | Cristian Rating: 5 | Capriolo
  • You 4CV were conceived during her/it Second world war, in absolute secretiveness, gives the extremely difficult period and since the new compact car he/she took I stylistically sprout from the Kis¤fer, or rather the newborn German May-bug. The public was captured by this small car that introduced the practice solution of the four doors, a raritis , to the epoch, for a car of this band of market. The characteristic technical piis evident ¹ was instead the motor, systematized in back position. The official production cominciis²…
    ID: 278381 | 02/09/2018 | Cristian Rating: 5 | Capriolo
  • FERRARI 488 GTBs COUPE €. INSIDE BLACK IN BLACK SKIN. Accessories: -You look for from €. 20 Forged diamantati -Seats Daytona - M - -Pliers brake yellow -Side badges -Antistone chipping -Lifter of redemption (LIFT) -AFS systematizes -HELE -Pemium HiFi System -Sensory of parking lot anterior and back -Parking room -Seams in yellow thread -Zone drives in carbon with LEDS -Equine on the headrests -Yellow Fondoscala -Plant of sporting unloading First imm.01/2016. KM 12.000 Documented.…
    ID: 277817 | 09/08/2018 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • As it was giis  happened for her/it Appia, the Flavia and Flaminia, the Lance gave l €.incarico to Zagato of to realize the version sport, endowed with body shop in aluminum and aerodynamics, of the Fulvia. Drawn by Ercole Spada, the Fulvia Sport had a line with tail extremely modern and spinning fastback.Launched in 1965, the Sport had her/it same mechanics of the Coupis © € " except the relationship to the bridge -, but thanks to the best aerodynamics it reached velocitis  of point piis raised ¹. Despite ciis² employee didn't…
    ID: 277761 | 08/08/2018 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • You new car that officially the 170 W15 would have replaced you/he/she was introduced dell €.Automobile to the Saloon of 1936 Berlin. It immediately became clear that would have had a big success of sales, even if you/he/she would be waited there never that you/he/she would have been really that the model that would have allowed the Mercedes-Benz of risollevarsi after the war disaster. The 170V was in fact l €.unica Mercedes-Benz to to also have been proposed after the end of the Second war world. Despite the name, the…
    ID: 277763 | 08/08/2018 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • Silver Metallizzato I intern in Black sky. Version 2.0 Ts - Plate - Car with motor and change completely revised. Body shop and funds under good conditions. Matching Numbers and Matching Colors. Before registration 1969. You document Italian.
    ID: 276626 | 10/07/2018 | Cristian Rating: 5 | Capriolo
  • This Juliet Spider is ¨ professionally turned into small boat, on the model of the small boat what raced to Sebring, around 30 years ago, probably from Cloak, his/her brother of the owner of the KCA and expert it Launches. To save weight is ¨ a prioritis  absolute: the doors, the chest and the chest of the luggage van I/you/they have been replaced with elements in aluminum, while the wheels are in league of magnesium. The motor is ¨ a?unitis  of 1.600cc of the Julia Ti, probably prepared by the known expert Alpha Romeo,…
    ID: 269732 | 07/06/2018 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • You 4CV were conceived during her/it Second world war, in absolute secretiveness, gives the extremely difficult period and since the new compact car he/she took I stylistically sprout from the Käfer, or rather the newborn German May-bug. The public was captured by this small car that introduced the practice solution of the four doors, a rarità, to the epoch, for a car of this band of market. The characteristic technical pià evident ¹ was instead the motor, systematized in back position. The official production cominciò…
    ID: 268238 | 25/11/2017 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • List performed changes: -Connecting rods H -Forged pistons -Heads Worked For Direct Injection -Cornets Aspiration GR.4 -Pomp BOSH Modificata -YOU PLANT WITH TREES TO CAMM. Compared -It pumps Oil Increased -Compared unloading -Friction In Copper Strengthened With Relieved Badminton -Adjustable limiter -Radiator Frontal Oil -Change 5 Marches Syncronized -Strengthened gears -Relationship 187KMH IN5as -Conic couple Strengthened With Differential RITARATO E Adjustable -AMM. And…
    ID: 270170 | 09/01/2018 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • Sporting with motor 2.2 Ts with carburetors triple body Weber. Good conditions of body shop that it is born in the color Blue Crayon with I intern in vinil skin black. Preparation Comfort. Matching numbers and colors. Km 14.000 From documented complete restauration. Certified of origin Porsche.
    ID: 274863 | 11/05/2018 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • you/they would never have imagined, in the far 1939, the carrozziere Henry Maestri and the official pilot of the Fiat Paul Butti that their project of a prepared run berlinetta on the loom of the Fiat 500A, would Be become A Piece Of History DELL €.AUTOMOBILISMO. The Italian design, in the field dell €.auto very also owes to the creativitis  of small carrozzieri and producers, that unfortunately by now I am only patrimony of the memory of a narrow group of students and impassioned. Henry Maestri, mechanic and carrozziere, on…
    ID: 274866 | 11/05/2018 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • Henry Maestri, preparatore of Piacenza, costruis ¬ six run cars on loom €.topolino €. Three are lost, a is ¨ in Japan, while the others two fortunately here, in Italia € ¦ This sample was built in 1947 and really in raced quell €.anno the Circuit in Piacenza with Teachers that suffered after the revenges. Built on loom of the topolino with valves in head that obviously is ¨ state modified by the great Henry: Circulation cooling forced anzichis heater ¨, tree motor relieved and balanced, polished connecting rods, relieved badminton,…
    ID: 274865 | 11/05/2018 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • Splendid sample with certification Ferrari Classiche, body shop of black color, rare on this coupis ©, with intent new leather totally. Matching numbers and colors. Recorded in Italy.
    ID: 274868 | 11/05/2018 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • This car is ¨ object of a restauration finished from little that has riguradato all the parts mechanics, and, that could allow her to give great joys to the future holder that wanted to take part to the < span style='mso-spacerun:yes'>  given Millemiglia the important assigned coefficient 1,80. Introduces plates and documents of the epoch besides the homologation CSAI and ASI it registers gold. Actual KM from break-in.
    ID: 274817 | 10/05/2018 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • An only owner for this meteor in catalytic version with 57.000 certified km. Cutting complete and strap of distribution performed in 2013. Equipped of book service and double keys. Of red color with inside in skin magnolia. Matching numbers and colors.
    ID: 274816 | 10/05/2018 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • This limited series to alone 101 samples it celebrates the centennial of the birth of Karl Abarth. Derived by the Abarth 500 esseesses, this version he/she adopts the plant of unloaded & quot;Record Monza" and relationships of the change particularly brought closer, cosicchis © the 100 km / h with lock departure are covered in alone 7,3 second. The rapportatura also benefits to the resumption, with the 40 € "100 km / h in rotten fourth grade covered in alone 8,5 second - a second in less in comparison to the esseesse.…
    ID: 274814 | 10/05/2018 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • BMW 60/7


    This fantastic sample of BMW R60/7, Admitted in May of 1977, taken part to the Turn D €.Italia sponsorizzato from BMW and you/he/she was given, at the end of the minifestazione, to the winning Michel Pollentier. You introduces in perfect state of maintenance, inclusive varnish and covering all original parts. In comparison to the model basic is ¨ equipped with cupolino portastrumenti and purses Krauser. You/he/she has crossed to today 64.000 km, not is ¨ is ever incidentato and is ¨ perfectly working. Plates original MI D…
    ID: 274799 | 09/05/2018 | Cristian Rating: 5 | Capriolo
  • This version was produced exclusively for the European market, the great fruibilitis , the elevated ones performances, the sporting palmares and the meeting place number of samples products, ago sis ¬ that the Carrera 3.0 both today a car from tall collection, a lot appreciated and sought by the collectors of the whole world. This model proposed is ¨ in color green ice metallizzato with inside in imitation leather black. The auto is ¨ is recently object of a documented restauration that has concerned the mechanical part and…
    ID: 273429 | 07/05/2018 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • Version short footstep to 3 tools. Car entirely done preserve by a?accurate and continuous maintenance , of blue color with inside in beige velvet. Matching numbers and colors. Complete of skill valutativa that it certifies the extreme one of it the originality & nbsp;. Before registration 1966. Italian plates.
    ID: 268239 | 07/05/2018 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • Silver Metallizzato I intern in Black sky. Version 2.0 Ts - Plate - Car with motor and change completely revised. Body shop and funds under good conditions. Matching Numbers and Matching Colors. Before registration 1969. You document Italian.
    ID: 268237 | 07/05/2018 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • You Fiat 508 Balillas is ¨ a famous car produced by the Fiat in the thirties with which it had beginning her motorization of mass in Italy. Had the project effected from different famous figures dell?auto-racing of that years: Calm Zerbi, Anthony Fessia, Bartholomew Nebbia and Giving Giacosa that built a car from the performances of class, but from the costs relatively contained. The model is introduced to the Fair in Milan the 12 April of 1932 on the occasion of the Saloon dell?automobile and him it characterized above all for the…
    ID: 269733 | 28/12/2017 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • You Triumph TR6 was a restyling of the TR5 operated by her/it German body shop Karmann, note above all for the construction of cabriolet on behalf of the Volkswagen, therefore the inees < span style='mso-spacerun:yes'>  some body shop was similar esremamente among them. In the specific one, the façade was seen again, the tail was made it truncates (over that pià quadrated ¹ and thick in comparison to that of the model predecessor) and Besides they were rudisegnati also the bumper. The central part of the body…
    ID: 268337 | 07/06/2018 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • Stamps her Gold à ¨ the before & quot;Giulia super" been born later her You with the intent to offer a version pià sporting ¹ and better finished up. You distinguished from her/it you for the feeding & quot;singola"con two carburetors I double body, the finished up intrenis better, the change only to cloche, the separated anterior seats and redrawn, the anterior mask with him separated badge aloft, (it gets up part of the shield opening the chest) the writings in super corsivo"giulia on Chest back and the famous one stamps…
    ID: 268334 | 01/12/2017 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • You A110 was born in 1962 as substitute of the A108, that remained still however in list for one year in France, while you/he/she was being produced on license in other Countries for still a few years. In comparison to the A108, the A110 shares the general lines of the body shop, realized in vetroresina. It externally differentiates for the sketch of the tent and the tail, I made pià ¹ you win and pià extreme ¹ in the look, but also for the façade to double careened lighthouses. Mechanically, instead, the A110 à completely new…
    ID: 268241 | 25/11/2017 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • Marvelous 912 officer Italian with certified d?origin Porsche. Car been born for the Italian market in 1966. Of color beige sand with inside black sky under perfect conditions, complete of set equips. Matching numbers and colors.
    ID: 268236 | 01/12/2017 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • L?sample proposed à ¨ countersigned by the painting in two tonalitÃ&nbsps; of blue with inside in clear fabric. Admitted in 1954 it maintains black plates and original documents, à ¨ trail of solos hand 2 Owners and attuamente it is found in excellent you condition poichà ¨ submitted to a Carthusian restauto finished of recent All the parts of the motor, included the carburetors they are original while from the aesthetical point of view they detach the that cannot be found ones you look for borrani and her/it mask with third…
    ID: 268219 | 25/11/2017 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • Derision under good conditions conservative, officer Italian, with automatic change and 180.000 km real. Registration ASI.
    ID: 268218 | 01/12/2017 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • You Ferrari Testarossa (with his evolutions 512 TRs and F512 M) is ¨ a motor produced central berlinetta from the Italian auto house Ferrari from 1984 up to 1996. Introduced the 512 TR to the Saloon in Los Angeles of the 1992 debuttis², evolution of the first Testarossa, produced beginning from the loom number 89100 in 1992, even if from May 1991 while it was being in production the Testarossa they came products 2 exemplary loom 86815 and loom 87440 that they are two samples of serious pre or however definitive…
    ID: 271971 | 01/02/2018 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • You spider Fiat for excellence him introduces in this model from the blue color with inside in black sky in excellent conditions of mechanics and aesthetics. One among the first 500 built without l?electronic lighting Dinoplex. Italian car.
    ID: 271963 | 01/02/2018 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • This sample in color silver metallizzato with inside in skin blue is ¨ purchases new from the concessionary Lotus in Milan, admitted to metis  of 2000 and is ¨ is Only in the hands of an Owner. You/he/she has crossed in total only 25.000 km (never in footstep), is ¨ is always object of a scrupulous maintenance and it is currently found under conditions original and complete of all the endowments of edge. The perfect state of maintenance and the linearitis  of his/her history of it do they make a sure object of the desire for the…
    ID: 270169 | 09/01/2018 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • You XK120 was launched in version roadster in the saloon dell?automobile in London October 27 th 1948 as I communicate of test.L?intent of the presentation was also that to propose one car, to demonstrative purpose, that climbed on the new motor XK6 of the Jaguar. The model destis² peris² a lot of interest and suscitis² many positive comments, what William Lyons convinced to produce him/it in series.The figure?120? in the name of the model reported to the 120 mphs (193 km / h) of velocitis  gotten motto with installed…
    ID: 271964 | 01/02/2018 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • Radio MC Jaguar XK8 -1998- Original radio for Jaguar XK8 First series Ever used
    ID: 178931 | 11/05/2013 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • Original radio Hummer H2 I remove original CD for Hummer H2 before and second Series
    ID: 178929 | 11/05/2013 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • Mercedes 508 Ds NAVAJO Friends Avravravra For one of the most fantastic vacations here is the super registered offer Autoclass... Motorhome Navajo on mechanics Mercedes 4000 Diesel The Ferrari of the campers years'80..... Entirely in aluminum, inside all in suede skin and furnishings in pure Ingot. Ever taken once the water Really full optionals (Generating electric, Heating with independent boiler and climatizzatore, Kitchen completa,4/6 Posts bed..). Year 1982 Only Owner KM EFFETTIVI 10.000 Costs new 150.000.000,00…
    ID: 178909 | 11/05/2013 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • Smart fortwo Mhd


    Smart ForTwo MHd - Pulse- Inside black in skin Leather Navigator, Presa USB and iPod, inside in skin, you Look for in league, Change to the steering wheel Year 2010 Km 51.000 Eur. 8.200,00
    ID: 178906 | 11/05/2013 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • Smart CDI - Passion- Inside black in grey fabric I remove with CD, you Look for in league from 15', automatic and sequential change, Computer of borbo Year 2008 Km 75.000 documented eur. 7.950,00 Fatturabiles with exposed iva
    ID: 178905 | 11/05/2013 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • Bmw 4.8 the


    BMW X5 4.8i Inside white in skin leather Really full optionals... Doorman servoassistite, KEYLESS GO, sporting Packet, black Glasses.Panoramic roof, Navi+cd+TV+Bluettoth, PDC, Flying multifunzione, Lighthouses adapt you, Dynamic control, electric Seats with memory sporting and heated. Year 2008 Ufficiles only owner km 158.000 documented with cutting just performed Really perfect Cost new more than 100.000,00 now eur.24.500,00
    ID: 178904 | 11/05/2013 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • Fiat 500 1.2 Street Black inside metallizzato in half skin black / Grey Version Street completes of you look for black, Tefono bluetooth, Voicetronic, USB, Radio cd mp3, Flying multifunzione, Skin, glazed external and inside Finishes. Car Imm. 11/2012 KM0s Ufficiale Discount 20% From List
    ID: 178901 | 11/05/2013 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • Mercedes A180 CDI Avantgarde I silver metallizzato inside fabric / skin anthracite Allestimanto Avantgarde, Radio cd, Looks for in league, Climate, sporting Seats, automatic Change Year 2006 Official only owner km 56.000 Royal eur.10.500,00
    ID: 178900 | 11/05/2013 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • Range Rover Vogue


    Range Rover 3.6 TDV8s - Vogue- Stornway metallizzato intereno in skin beige connoly Navigatore+cdx6+TV, Roof, electric Seats with memory heated and ventilated, Flying heated multifunzione, Pdc with television camera, Looks for from 20 thumbs with thermal rubbers, Climate 4 zones. Year 05/2008 Official only owner Km 123.000 documented Price new 107.000,00 European Now European 32.800,00
    ID: 178899 | 11/05/2013 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • Tekno K 250


    Tecno K 250 Black inside red We want to trace a history more detailed of the TECNO because on the occasion of her note on the relationship between the Dukedoms and the automobiles we have seen that this small and glorious builder has some bond with the Dukedoms to have built the small monoposto K250, equipped with a monocilindrico of the house of Suburb Panigale, to have enumerated in his/her own lines a technician ex Dukedoms, Renato Armaroli (1933) that it made part, together with Franco Fare of it, George…
    ID: 178894 | 11/05/2013 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • Pontiac Firebird 3.4 V6s Red inetrno in grey fabric Version registers (with roof removibile) I remove with commands to the steering wheel, Terminal it doubles exit Climatizzatore Italian registration Year 1994 only 2 owners eur.7.000,00
    ID: 178893 | 11/05/2013 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • Lance 037 Road Black inside red On the magazine Automobiles of epoch also found the test... Year 1984 (original Plates) Km 13.000 ASI TARGA GOLD È FIVA Negotiations in the center after vision
    ID: 178827 | 10/05/2013 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • Fiat 500 - Joker Ghia- This conversion, from the native name of 'Spiaggina', you/he/she has been commercialized all over the world as 'Joker'; being the term in Italian language difficult to translate in English has been select to use a word that in other languages it meant amusing. This car has an important historical past being headed to a Roman noblewoman. Complete of plates and book original. Admitted in 1959 Really equal to the new one after a sublime restauration of which we can furnish photographic documentation to…
    ID: 178822 | 10/05/2013 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • Fiat 500 Ns


    Fiat 500 Ns Celestial inside in blue fabric Year 1957 (Complete of plates and book original) ASI TARGA GOLD Restored to a sublime level..... Negotiations after vision
    ID: 178821 | 10/05/2013 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • Porsche 2.4 Ss - Plate- Green viper inside in brown skin Restauration of high-level just finished Year 1972 ASI TARGA GOLD È FIVA Trattive in the center after vision
    ID: 178819 | 10/05/2013 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • Alpha Romeo Giulietta - Fast Sprint- Inside red in skin grey with red cadenino Flying Nardi and Cover him/it original Year 1957 ASI TARGA GOLD, FIVA AND CSAI Car under perfect conditions Inside and Original carpet New mechanics For the rest you come to see her/it Only sample under these conditions ONLY FOR CONNOISSEURS Negotiations Only in center after vision
    ID: 178818 | 10/05/2013 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • Fiat 1100 And - ZAGATO- Blue / blue bicolored skin grey / blue 3 BUILT SAMPLES It strikes completely in aluminum and glasses in plexiglass Documented share to 1954 the 1000Miglia ASI TARGA GOLD È FIVA Complete documentation with photo of the perfect restauto performed to high-level Original plates Year 1952 Negotiations Only in center after vision
    ID: 178815 | 10/05/2013 | Cristian Rating: 5
  • Porsche 911 Upset 3.3 -4 marches- Grey inside metallizaato in skin black Complete of radio original Blaupunkt Preserved maniacalemnte Only Owner Year 1982 official Italian Plates and book original km 29.000 certificates with lbertto service Meticulous maintenance always in the dealership That cannot be found under these conditions Negotiations in the center after vision
    ID: 178810 | 10/05/2013 | Cristian Rating: 5