Renault 4c v - Sport - Eligible Millemiglia!

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Advert ID268238
Date of entry
Year of first registration1957
CategoryVehicle between 1800 and 1999
Euro classEuro0
Number of gears0
Type of vehicleCar
Number of previous owners0


You 4CV were conceived during her/it Second world war, in absolute secretiveness,
gives the extremely difficult period and since the new compact car he/she took I stylistically sprout from the Käfer,
or rather the newborn German May-bug. The public was captured by this small car that introduced
the practice solution of the four doors, a rarità, to the epoch, for a car of this band of market.
The characteristic technical pià evident ¹ was instead the motor, systematized in back position.
The official production cominciò August 12 th 1947 and the French House incontrò of the difficoltÃ&nbsps; in to escape the orders,
because of their exorbitant number and the times of attended they lengthened until to one year.In 1952, there were some changes to the range:
the Normal version was replaced by the 4CV Affaire, while the Luxe was replaced by the 4CV Sport.
The following year debuttò also the 4CV pià ¹ spartana, the Service. Always in the 1953, the 4CV also disembarks in Japan,
where you/he/she is produced on license. In the following years, the 4CV was object of technical updatings of detail,
thin to reach July 6 th 1961, gives in which the last 4CV go out of her lines of assemblage of the Renault.
In the years to come, the 4CV was produced on license in some Countries in street of development,
among which Mexico and Romania (beginning from 1966) and him arrivò straight to 1983,
year when the 4CV was produced on license in Vietnam, up to 1989.

This stupendous sample à ¨ been born in 1957 in pastel Azzuro with inside in grey fabric.

Recently à ¨ object of a complete restauration that has brought him to to make beautiful show of if to the museum Millemiglia of Brescia and it maintains plates and book original.

The homologation CSAI makes her/it dipsonibile from immediately to take part to the next Millemiglia.

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