Maserati Merak AM 122, year 1979, Perfectly co

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Engine size1990
Year of first registration1979
CategoryVehicle between 1800 and 2001
Type of vehicleCar
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Proposed of sale - Maserati Merak AM 122

We propose the Maserati Merak 2.0, initialed project AM 122, a car drawn to the Italdesign of Giorgetto Giugiaro with the characteristic tail to arcs and the flat chest. Giugiaro riusc cleverly to soften her/it shilouette of the Merak connecting the roof brusquely interrupted to the tail with two similar fins to rampant arcs. Other characteristic details of the Merak I am the calandra with two bumpers chromed to the sides of the trident Maserati and a groove that it races along the whole broadside to replace respectively the chromed grigliatura and the side profile in rubber of the Bora. I communicate with documents and original plates.

MAINTENANCE: the car has punctually performed the normal maintenance what it practically makes her/it perfect, as it was in the years of his/her throwing on the market. Efficient brakes, pneumatic to 90%.

DEFECTS: strap of distribution to be recorded.

I communicate alone visionabile On Appointment

Negotiable price in phase of Negotiation.

Financing from 12 to 84 months

Guarantee spoiled attivabile on application 12-36 months

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