Lancia Flavia workshop manuals, use, brochures, etc.

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Hello and well-liked among Lancia Flavia fans, the CD on the Lancia Flavia is the entire website without limitations, that is, with all the documents that can be viewed.

Everything can be consulted and printed off-line.
On the CD every access is very fast and you don't have to bear the expectations (and costs) deriving from the Internet connection.

All articles are complete and the quality of the documents is excellent.

Mainly on the CD are the Use and Maintenance manuals and the technical documents that will allow for in-depth knowledge of the car and the search for specific spare parts or their reconstruction.

In the background but no less interesting, the CD includes a myriad of specific documentation on the various models of the Flavia, articles from authoritative magazines that report the presentations, the road tests, the driving impressions.

But there is more!
Detail everything below, at the bottom you will find the information to receive the CD.

Booklets and Manuals

User manual
Original booklet in digital format of the Sedan version, of the variant for Coupé, Convertible and Sport versions;

Spare parts manual
All the drawings with title on the site, divided by topics;

Repair Manual
The entire manual of the Sedan, Coupé, Convertible and Sport versions;

Four wheels
All complete articles of the time with the following titles:

The debut of the Flavia Berlina
Flavia: Driving impressions
40,000 kilometers with a leaded Flavia
The Idea of ​​the Flavia coupé
Road test Flavia coupé 1500
Road test Flavia coupé 1800 carburetors
Road test Flavia coupé 1800 injection
Road test Lancia 2000
Five-speed for the LANCIA 2000 Coupé
Road test Lancia 2000 i.e.

Serial Numbers
Serial numbers of all Flavia
The serial numbers of the various versions of Lancia Flavia

Historic Cars Archive
Italian Vintage Car Archive
A truly unique collection of all the main vintage cars in cards showing their characteristics and photos.

Italian car manufacturers
The history of the following Italian car manufacturers, from birth to today:

Alfa Romeo

Other sites on Flavia
Interesting links
Collection of Links that talk about the Flavia and the Lancia.

Photo gallery
Photo of the month
The photos of all Flavia
More than 100 photos of all Flavia models in every detail

Photos of various vintage cars
More than 100 photos of other vintage cars

Specialized magazines
All full color articles with the following titles:

Lancia Flavia: Evolution of the Models
Lancia Flavia: The Big Sedans
Birth and evolution of a species
The Flavia coupé 1800 rally prepared
The most beautiful Flavia: Flavia HF
Flavia coupé and convertible in comparison
From good to better: All Flavia
Flavia coupé: Class to sell
Gran Turismo: Lancia Flavia and Lancia Aprilia
Lancia Flavia Prototype Zagato
Lancia Flavia Sport Zagato 1.5 and 1.8
MotorKlassik: Lancia Flavia Sport
Style and Substance
Auto Motor: Test Flavia Coupé

The Styles: the Bodyworks
Models built from 1953 to 2001: Color brochure in PDF format for each model with all the technical features (more than 50 models)

All Lancia models made: Appia, Aprilia, Aurelia, Flaminia, Flavia, Fulvia.

All models built from 1919 to today

Other models...
Articles about other car models:

Road test Lancia Rally
Road test Lancia S4 Stradale
Monte Carlo Historical Challenge: Lancia Fulvia and Flavia

If you order the CD, you can have it in the full version for only 40 euros including postage.

Contact me at to buy it.