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  • saviem sg2


    I sell saviem sg2 1979 from collezzione 49000 original km any infiltration panel solar 3 batteries from 110h two services a motor, new alternator, pomp brakes I double circuit new original saviem, healthy seats, camperizzato, kitchen two fires with cloak, bath, boiler warm water, ample back gavone, read matrimonial in tail, porch new Flame..perfect! Paul 3498487240 or 3477033208
    ID: 225719 | 03/12/2015 | paolo Rating: 0
  • Fiat 370 Upset


    matrimonial room with tv from 20 thumbs, complete bath with sanitary in porcelain and shower, complete kitchen with refrigerator and freezer, tv from 50 thumbs, conditioned air and heating Rebasto, reservoir of clear waters from 800 liters and dark waters from 400 liters, spar satellitare, back television camera, hook drawing, European 3, converter from 220 12volt.
    ID: 225401 | 25/11/2015 | Marco Rating: 0
  • Stupendous mc louis 590 7 places bed full optionals: I double reservoir water, unloaded clear waters automatic, retrocamera, porch flame, double cassette wc, read motorized around 2a dinette, plant radio cell, oven, suspensions air, brings bike for 4 bikes, inverter, etc etc. I Sell cause little use. if interested to send mail or cell -349-6015802 -
    ID: 222547 | 10/10/2015 | matteo Rating: 0
  • hi to all I put in sale westfalia joker 1600 diesel of the 82 bellows roof. 5 places trip 4 places bed. admitted autoveicolo to special use. the mean and under excellent conditions, the body shop and is entirely referred, not because you/he/she had suffered rather damages. repainted "Green"" gasket all change ones, beds and new mattresses, stirrups anterior hatch strengthened, hook drawing, new pomp of the water double revolving plate under the seats, brakes dampers rubbers new, the two batteries are new new filters, change…
    ID: 218974 | 01/08/2015 | emiliano Rating: 0
  • Beautiful trailer hobby 400 meters 5 permute with scoutter, motion bmw epoch or how much of my interest Tel 3355604632 no perditempo.
    ID: 218731 | 25/07/2015 | Pierluigi Rating: 5
  • Trailer hobby 400 meters 500 year 2005, as new, accessoriata, with small jobs to be performed, change with motion bmw, lambretta, wasp, auto epoch, value 6500 European also superior figure to genova tel. 3355604632
    ID: 218053 | 09/07/2015 | Pierluigi Rating: 5
  • I sell rare Ford Transit Custom diesel 1972 MK1 2,3 admitted Camper by the Ford - Completely Restored. "Antagonist" of the classical VW T2, you/he/she has made the history of the Hippy Style in the years 70. In Europe of this model little samples exist... they count him on the fingers of a hand. Half that being now 44 years old is also found both of body shop, of motor and of mechanics under perfect conditions. Always parked to the covered one. Only amatory and true experts
    ID: 215796 | 21/05/2015 | michele Rating: 0
    ID: 214517 | 23/04/2015 | Paulo Costa Rating: 0
  • I sell motor caravan IVECO c.c. 2.800 JTDs - LAIKA ECOVIP 18/11/2003 9,1 Gs - twinned - with conditioner in cell - alone km. 20.000 - European application 30.000 (inclusive 10.000 of accessories) - inside very beautiful as new - I examine barters with Playpen in Canavese - tel, 340/5623422
    ID: 213539 | 03/04/2015 | Silvio Rating: 2
  • Diesel OM Daino, 1974, restored just, perfect motor, gummed new with paid thermal rubbers 3000 European, with preparation of epoch camper 8 places, reservoir enormous drinkable water, panels / fotovoltaici. with documents and plates in order, inclusive original book. used little. European 7500 tratts. 3276594924.
    ID: 213328 | 01/04/2015 | VINCENZO Rating: 0
  • 1965 Volkswagen Bus / Microbus 21-Window. Very Rare! Engine is good, The hads it running about to year needle. Complete Needs restoration. Please email or phone me with any questions you may have
    ID: 213151 | 28/03/2015 | Aron Rating: 0
  • Preparation: television with reader DVD and terrestrial digitalis, solar panel, inverter, generating, conditioner in the cell, cassette wc, side and back stabilizers, pneumatic suspensions, step slope electric, bombolone of the gas, porch FIAMM, car playpen, brings bike.Sets bed: 5+1, set in march: 6.
    ID: 211699 | 02/03/2015 | samuel velasca Rating: 0
  • volkswagen t2


    vw 1971 t2 with motor referred to new 1000km, anterior and back brakes, restored to health body shop and repainted many performed jobs 2 years ago. certificate of historicity' asi confirmed truck turned to use I camp hook drawing, all the changes brought etc in the years as windows roof. son or regularly transcribed to book. I sell for I don't use.
    ID: 211433 | 25/02/2015 | emanuele Rating: 0
  • Handicraft Paradifferenziale Subaru Impreza WRX I strengthen differential Price 70 European You effects the consignment through Bartolini, with costs beginning from 19 European according to the pieces. For information more detailed on consignments, Melted him/it anterior right Subaru Impreza WRX Price 190 European You effects the consignment through Bartolini, with costs beginning from 19 European according to the pieces. For information more detailed on consignments, prices and availability contacted me to…
    ID: 210557 | 12/02/2015 | Erik Rating: 5
  • ford transit 100 74 And 2 admitted in 1976, affiliate to the exempt asi therefore from stamp. gasoline / gpl (plant installed in the 2012. confirmed 5 places bed and trip. he/she cooks with 2 fires with gas feeding. trivalent figo elettrolux. nautical bath. presence of two inside gavonis and one on the roof. spar tv. dimension reservoirs: clear waters 80L, grey 40L, black 40L. I change manual 4 marches. In July 2014 friction and stereo plant have been done again. From 2012 they have been manutentati and replaced the following…
    ID: 204901 | 23/10/2014 | margot Rating: 0
  • I sell 1972 Citroen HY 1900 ccs., gasoline, 3 marches + rm, perfectly working, 4 original new rubbers michelin 185x400 R17s, perfect brakes, revised up to May 2015, excellent loom, lamierati in good state with some point of rust, affiliate to ASI as I communicate historical. Optimal for the realization of a complete mobile fast-food of a miniskirt plans.. I repeat optimal to realize events, tour, publicity, appeared etc for film.etc. I Sell to 35.000 European
    ID: 204886 | 23/10/2014 | massimo Rating: 0
  • Fiat 370 Upset


    matrimonial room with tv from 20 thumbs, complete bath with sanitary in porcelain and shower, complete kitchen with refrigerator and freezer, tv from 50 thumbs, conditioned air and heating Rebasto, reservoir of clear waters from 800 liters and dark waters from 400 liters, spar satellitare, back television camera, hook drawing, European 3, converter from 220 12volt.
    ID: 203978 | 03/10/2014 | Alberto Rating: 0
  • Year 1980, Patent B, equipped with generating, climate, heating and external curtain, all original and under perfect conditions, route 55.877 km, good investment.POSSIBLE BARTERS
    ID: 203640 | 10/10/2014 | GIANANTONIO Rating: 2
  • Mercedes in good condition, 1996, 2,3 cm3s, Prezo 5500 European (prezo tratabile) my telephone 3246635598 Nicola
    ID: 201962 | 12/08/2014 | Nicola Rating: 0
  • Momentarily fed up with trips, Sell Or I Exchange mansardato DUERRE Start 401 twinned, m. 6,40, July 2000, if not essay price gift other accessories, Ford Turbo 100 twinned cv, pneumatic 80% Km 119.000, strap distribution already referred, not smokers, line on couches of it, quite a lot inside functional improvements, drawers, increased table + original, arms seats, drawer portaposate on dinette etc etc.Parable manual satellitare With TV and Digital decoder, centralina increased new Aersilici. Climatizzatore on the motor Plant…
    ID: 201921 | 11/08/2014 | Gian Emilio Rating: 0
  • I sell Motor caravan Modified Bedford Vauxhall and persomalizato Year 1976 firm from a couple of years.
    ID: 199577 | 05/06/2014 | SALVATORE Rating: 0
  • I sell camper dukedom 2500 diesel 1992 km 95000. Buonissimo been general, everything functional, any maintenance to be effected - 6 places bed - 6 places march - roof calpestabile - plant of canalized heating truma - retractable electric scaletta - 2 openable roofs basculanti flame - I double reservoir clear waters - darkening and zanzariere on all the portholes' - tendalino flame 5 mt - external shower - strap of distribution done recently - tablets you brake new - hands bike (position 3 bikes) - hands packages…
    ID: 197230 | 14/04/2014 | angelo de sanctis Rating: 0
  • I sell Very beautiful Furgoncino Volkswagen T2 Westfalia 1973, called also bulli, combi or samba and an a half historian, symbol all over the world of an epoch and of a generation. Good state, preparation original Wesfalia, excellent stereo plant with cd and usb, mechanics perfect rubbers new perfect insides, new motor, new battery, brakes, rubbers, new dampers, spare wheel before, openable porthole on the roof, parlor coibentato and dressed again, naval cuscineria sfoderabile and washable. Admitted as camper, 5 places to sit,…
    ID: 194336 | 17/02/2014 | Domenica Rating: 0
  • I sell stupendous van volkswagen of the '72 rare model with tall roof. For any infos not you hesitate to contact me. Thanks
    ID: 193610 | 02/02/2014 | andrea Rating: 0
  • The camper à ¨ is admitted in 1990, it has a motor of mechanical very good ford and plant to gasoline and gpl. The strap of distribution à ¨ is changed to 62000 km. Introduces 5 places bed and à ¨ under good conditions. The actual chilometraggio à ¨ of 66716 km. Tractable price.
    ID: 192552 | 09/01/2014 | Strato Rating: 0
  • Blue Motorhome Elnagh Magnum 560tx of 1988 with around 130.000 Km. original. The camper To? prepared on mechanics Fiat Dukedom 2.5 Turbodiesels. The mean To? always state regularly tagliandato, jobs of body shop and painting with relative invoice. Strap replaced distrA¬buzione, good rubbers, revised brakes. The camper To? omoplogato 6 places, reservoir water, bombolone GPL for kitchen and heating, boiler warm water, heater, porch, zanzariere, portabici, pious? I dolly estraibile portamoto, radio, vain back, I…
    ID: 192226 | 03/01/2014 | Moreno Rating: 0
  • Are you a special couple and do you want that your event is different from the usual one? Let's propose you a simpaticissimo pulmino Volkswagen T1 and T2, A witty presence that will fill' of joy all the guests, great and tiny! For Marriages, birthdays, goodbye to the bachelorhood, photographic book, communions, etc... To Salerno, Avellino, Caserta, Benevento, Naples. May-bug wedding (facebook) wxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxm 3208344725
    ID: 191208 | 04/12/2013 | raffaele Rating: 5
  • I look for as from photo Volkswagen T2 pulmino years 70 better if Westfalia, possibly under discreet conditions of use, I handle the withdrawal, maximum 8000 European, I also appraise however proportionate taller applications to the state of the vehicle. They are of Milan
    ID: 188987 | 31/10/2013 | ROBERTO Rating: 0
  • mercedes 206 ds


    Mercedes 206D of the 1977 camperizzato Ark with raised again roof. 4 places, diesel, 4 marches. Preserved, possibility registration ASI, insurance and stamp reduced, pages book, original black plate. Half perfectly working. Complete of heater and boiler (to restore) and original additional beds Revised up to November 2014
    ID: 188523 | 25/10/2013 | Enrica Rating: 0
  • w t2 westfalia


    Year October 1970, model 71, original motor 1600cc 46mila km excellent conditions, mechanically perfect, enrolled ASI, plates and book original. Body shop under good conditions but not perfect, good insides and cell perfect camper and functional, with trivalent refrigerator, dispensation, 2 fires with cylinder gpl, sink with it pumps faucet electric, reservoir water from 70litri, tavolino, encircled with double battery and caricabatteria connected to taken 220.Impianto stereo Pionner. Tendalino perfect but usable orginale not,…
    ID: 183411 | 29/07/2013 | enzo Rating: 0
  • Particular CAMPER Di the Firm FGR (Of Quality of the 1982 5 Places ) # revised: 23-09-2011 #insurance 230eu year-voltura 190 European stamp 45eu #confirmed 5 people, 4 Places Bed (two matrimonial beds) 2 living rooms to 4 places turn him into matrimonial bed Inside #mobilio inside Thick (coverings in thick wood in all the points of the camper) wood #pillows living room they serve at night as Mattress # Door Flowing dividing box - camper, can Be entered Behind From the Box #Picked up electric day-pupil # usable mansard as…
    ID: 182222 | 09/07/2013 | gianni Rating: 0
  • Do you look for the auto for your event?! Marriage Wedding Wedding ceremony Birthdays communions etc... You look for a maggiolone white cabrio or a Van Volkswagen Pulmino T1... May-bug Wedding Salerno. available service for Salerno Avellino Caserta Naples Benevento Facebook: May-bug Wedding Salerno wxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxm 3208344725
    ID: 180872 | 13/06/2013 | raffaele Rating: 5
  • you Look for in league You alarm gas refrigerator Conditioned air of the vehicle Heat of air Warm water Free reservoir of the water Fixed hygienic services The driver's Airbag Momentary Airbag Electric Retros Electric window winder Computer of edge Radio / CD Spar TV TV attic Portabici Without smoke
    ID: 270279 | 11/01/2018 | phillipegastro Rating: 0
  • Change manual Wheel anterior wheel Reg. Sets to sit: 4 Sets bed: 4 Length: 690 cms Width: 230 cms Total weight: 3850 kg I weigh empty: 2980 kg I load useful: 870 kg
    ID: 266744 | 28/10/2017 | lambertimaria Rating: 0
  • preserved Vehicle for amatory. Inside and fabrics oroginali. Trivalent refrigerator, working webasto. Battery supp. Pneumatic new. Gasket pea-coat, paraspruzzi, reservoirs you unload, rugs, all new. Autoradio of epoch, complete of puff brings chemical wc. Confirmed ASI it registers gold historical vehicle. Consumption 14 diesel km / l. Hello to the use.
    ID: 263219 | 08/07/2017 | carlo Rating: 0
  • I sell camper saviem sg2 year 1979, tested 16/06/2016, perfectly working, all original, motor and maccanica in good state, discreet body shop. tel 3455025323
    ID: 252359 | 05/01/2017 | danilo raimondo Rating: 0
  • Vw Volkswagen t4 Caravels Reimo 2.5 tdis 88 hp (centralinizzato to 120) with intercooler 8 places 166.000 km summer rubbers on you look for in league winter rubbers on you look for in iron revolving momentary seat double climatizzatore roof bellows REIMO with bed distribution done to 90.000 friction to 150.000 dampers disks and tablets replaced 120.000 5a long change to make avanzabile or arretrabile the second line seats 15km/l all the demonstrable coupons price 19.500 European 21.500…
    ID: 230726 | 24/02/2016 | PAOLO Rating: 0
  • I buy head for BALILLA Coppa Gold with valves in head.
    ID: 198710 | 15/05/2014 | alberto Rating: 0
  • I look for fin parasol, small mirror left retrovisore and dx, afloat disel, thread for you open anterior chest, hands packages superior, back lighthouses.
    ID: 195073 | 01/03/2014 | Roberto Rating: 0
  • hymer 540L


    Motorhome Hymer mobil 540 Ls Deluxe year 1982 km 235.000 Mercedes Benz 2400 diesel inhaled motor completely revised in 2006 to 190.000 km 6 places trip and 6 bed (basculante above seats and dinette 4 places) Linings pillows new estraibili and washable. Well kept original pillows. Great bath with wc nautical tub fed up trumatica + webasto Boiler ac hot truma trivalent refrigerator vain cylinders only external access 2 from 15 lts hands bike flame 3 places tendalino snow chains reservoirs clear waters 150 lts dark waters…
    ID: 190891 | 01/12/2013 | andrea Rating: 0
  • Hobby T550 AK 2006, kr 299 000 2000. INFORMATION Hobby T550 AK 2006, kr 299 000 Type of structure Ford Accampare he is in France I Mark Hobby Model T550 AK Km 52.700 km Year of manufacture 2008 Effect HP 92 Move 2.260 l Change Manual Drift of the wheel Traction before1. Once affiliate 2006.06.16 gravitate specification 2.835 kg total Weight 3.500 Loaded kg useful 665 kg Length 5.760 cms Width 2.290 cms Places of covering 6 Center central numbers of table 3
    ID: 188040 | 16/10/2013 | renat Rating: 0
  • Brand: Dethleffs Model: A5831 globetrotter Version: FIAT ADVANTAGE Year: 2004 Chilometraggio: 53 000 km Number of doors: 4 Fiscal power: 8 hp Change: manual Energy: Diesel Place grey paper: 4 Place of beds: 6 Baths: 5 Length: 566 centimeters Width: 225 cms I load useful: 655 kg Weight: 2845 kg Total weight: 3500 kg
    ID: 186339 | 22/09/2013 | Rating: 0