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  • Clio Gearbox 182 year 2004 with 130000km in excellent condition complete and functional price not negotiable
    ID: 297299 | 03/02/2020 | Trento | aaron Rating: 0
  • !!! AUTO INCIDENTATA!!! I sell exchanges you launch for Renault Clio phase 2B. Possibility of sale in block of the auto, or of barter with historical Wasp, Fiat 500 or cart it brings auto. Possibility of barter with historical auto of my pleasure also to restore. I sell for proceeds to abstain perditempo e/o with ridiculous offers.
    ID: 200988 | 10/07/2014 | Corrado Rating: 0
  • Enrolled auto ASI,4 Cerchi for With Rubbers YOKOHAMA E 4 Look for With Rubbers BF GOODRICH (Snow), Pomp 2013 New Gasoline, Disks you Brake (4) new Of 2013, Police squad 2013 (Besides the original one) SPARCO Nuovo, Distribution With 30000KM, Mechanics Motor With 90000 KM, QULCHE Segno Of Body shop (Sees The age'), Regular Revision Of December 2013, RIMESSAGGIO In Covered Garage. PASSAGE TO LOAD OF THE BUYER
    ID: 193609 | 02/02/2014 | MAXBEST Rating: 0
  • as from title I sell for renault clio 16v: - you look for original to regenerate - price 50. all and 4 + covers you cover cut-off. - armortizzatori deCarbon + soft sparco - price 50.. the withdrawal is preferred to hand seen the volume of the exchanges or with messenger contacted by the buyer to own expenses or for some exchanges swift package 3 to be able him/it monitorare in the site of the mails. for great info or photo: cell: xxxxx or e-mail: evoxxxxxxxxxxxxx Gianni.
    ID: 143133 | 21/11/2011 | Rating: 5
  • Hi, it would urgently serve me a vitarella of the coperchietto of the cables candle.
    ID: 124837 | 03/01/2011 | Rating: 5
  • As from title I sell fabulous clio 1.8 16v 137cv the car and is tagliandata, gummed practically as new covering unloaded 'SARAGONI' group To you look for from 15' inside exstreme in skin aileron Renault Sport etc... I sell to the price of 2.500.00euro tractable for info contacted me
    ID: 117814 | 15/09/2010 | Rating: 5
  • N. 5 Look for Original RENAULT CLIO 16V, Used By to Paint, Measure 6,5X15 Attack 4X100. Price 15000. TEL xxxxx
    ID: 116532 | 23/08/2010 | Rating: 5
    ID: 115858 | 08/08/2010 | Rating: 5
  • clio 18.16v daslaloms or climbed motor in excellent new of healthy plant with trees outlined accammi, centralina with epron, unloaded all in steel, change co short conic couple, group friction inrame 4 rubbers new avon, in more other 4 look for in league, roll'barr' omp, extinguisher, bar cathedral anterire, steering gear to 3 races. beautiful and amusing, tel xxxxx. European 3.500
    ID: 112863 | 07/06/2010 | Rating: 5
  • Renault clio 1800cc 16v 101kw good conditions, referred motor has less than 8000 km, unloaded changed. color yellow. ex muletto rally. together I give 2 back bumpers, 2 reservoirs, 1 odometer white color, 1 block manometers white, the I unload original, 4 look for in league grey gummed dry, 4 look for in league white gummed thermal, 4 look for gummed with spiked, inside perfect, electric opening of the counter of the bauliera. 4000 European in demand. price a few tractable. application other photos
    ID: 108111 | 22/03/2010 | Rating: 5
  • I sell clio 1.8 xxxxx 1991, new plates, inside ricondizionati, blue color met.repainted auto completely, black glasses, look for williams, rubbers, disks and tablets xxxxx ferodo racing, ferrule dampers, elaborate motor, cams, pistons, increased valves, connecting rods, change with short conic couple, friction in copper, complete unloading supersprint inclusive collectors, power 180cv, the everything has crossed only xxxxx listed only the principal things, they are still there so many small things that am not to list, the car and a…
    ID: 106147 | 23/02/2010 | Rating: 5
  • I SELL AS FROM PHOTO BOX STEERING GEAR COMPLETES OF IDROGUIDA ELETTRICA OF THE CLIO 1.8 16v Excellent Also As X Auto it Modifies I Use Not Applicable Competition On Auto Endowed with IDROGUIDA Vendo To .300 PEREMPTORY I DON'T ANSWER TO MAIL!!!! Only Telephone Contact To the: xxxxx After The Hours 19.30!!
    ID: 105614 | 16/02/2010 | Rating: 5
  • Renault Clio 1.8 16V color black year 1992,km 74000 Internal Model 1993 (rare),REAR LIGHTS Model 1995, respray all with handles, rear spoiler and inlet air intake in hue, winter tires new 195/50R15 approved, spacers, sales opportunities with drain Devil.
    ID: 88592 | 23/11/2009 | Rating: 5
  • Renault Clio 1.8 16V Black, year 1992 km 80.000 excellent condition, original car, internal model 93 black and green, winter tires new, spacers, car just tagliandata, tires 195/50 R15 bulbs. 3500euro treatable.
    ID: 87245 | 06/11/2009 | Rating: 5
  • Renault Clio 1.8 16v prepared for slalom and climbs(no plates) engine gr N asetto controller clutch braking copper+mechanical xxxxx sale â'¬ 4000 for info xxxxx
    ID: 82602 | 06/09/2009 | Rating: 5
  • I sell to amateur clio 1.8 16v, are armed with a lance ago replaced 2000 km the tires the battery the pomp gasoline and the normal one cutting, stamp up to 2010, any test price tractable nn, no perditenpo
    ID: 76560 | 24/05/2009 | Rating: 5
  • vendesi Renault Clio 1.8 motor Gn N friction copper centralina new frenatura strikes complete rinf Ready competition (no plates) for slalom / you climb technical passport CSAI prezzzo interesante For info Tel xxxxx Daniel
    ID: 69847 | 21/02/2009 | Rating: 5
  • run auto without plates with documents for ideal sporting use for chellenge, competitions in slope, slalom, formula driver and similar. roll-cafe 2007 with certified seat 2007, glasses in policarbonato, dampers OMP I tidy up SPARCO you brake racing with perforated disks autoventilanti, pipes aereonautici, bars cathedrals registrabili SPARCO etc... 16 look for and slik and as exchanges maximum seriousness' From Private. 5000 tractable
    ID: 67568 | 26/01/2009 | Rating: 5
    ID: 65577 | 30/12/2008 | Rating: 5
  • I sell Clio 1.8 16V looks 1994 sporting centralinas, brakes anterior and back sportsmen.Strengthened friction.Tettino and Alarm.Auto as soon as tagliandata.
    ID: 64788 | 16/12/2008 | Rating: 5
  • Admitted auto 11/1994, grey clear metallizzato, km. 99999, valid revision up to July 2010, tagliandata km.500 ago, straps all sorts 10000 km. ago, conditioned air, servosterzo, electric glasses, gummed, original inside and out...3850
    ID: 58698 | 23/09/2008 | Rating: 5
  • Car in good state, with working motor but to see again (noisy aiming and trafilaggio of oil in the fourth candle). Reduced order and you look for OZ Superturismo from 15.' Complete, with plates and original documents, ready for passing. Ideal also as demolition for recovery exchanges or as base of preparation for runs. Price 1000 European. ;-)
    ID: 34291 | 19/04/2007 | Rating: 5
  • RENAULT CLIO 1.8CC 16V, CATALIZZATA, Only PROPIETARIO, Done again Motor KM 60,000, New Friction, Sporting Filter, Looks for In League From 15', Perfect General Conditions, REVISONATA And TAGLIANDATA, Private he/she Sells. Price 2500,00 European. Information 347/2533402
    ID: 33760 | 07/04/2007 | Rating: 5
  • I sell clio 16v cats. transformed to Williams both inside that I express mechanical original, revised stamped and just gummed, auto in buonissime conditions, European xxxxx xxxxx
    ID: 18966 | 19/02/2006 | Rating: 5
  • For CLIO 16V First Series I Sell SELLERIA In Original Skin, Discreet Conditions. 350 Not Tractable, No Consignment, No PERDITEMPO
    ID: 124750 | 02/01/2011 | Rating: 5
  • I sell renault to malinquore clio 1.8 16v with paid stamp and revision made the friction to only a problem must be replaced because' rout and therefore not marching for the rest and all funzinante.The car mud 4 outdistance them from 1.6 an unloading forehand with final exit from 90 lights type bmwe arrows style M3 with incorporated arrows xxxxx price and 1500 included voltura and in the price I also give 4 you look for original.I separately sell cams aberi with road profile of the colombo and bariani with varying pulleys used little…
    ID: 119424 | 10/10/2010 | Rating: 5
  • Vendesi motor and change for clio 1.8 16v gotten off working, application. 500,00
    ID: 119168 | 05/10/2010 | Rating: 5
  • I sell it strikes clio 1.8 16v of color blu.targata TO with possibility of xxxxx strikes in questionexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxinterni and partially xxxxx to specify that and healthy (no rust) and Never incidentata.possibilita to perfectly have apart the motor with 145000km required xxxxx 500 xxxxx serious people and xxxxx xxxxx info johnxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or 338/8641143
    ID: 118800 | 30/09/2010 | Rating: 5
  • I sell 4 doors in discreet state, not you bruise.2 blue dark color ,2 blue dark metallizzato, proper x clio from her 1.2 to the wiliams to 35 one or in block 160 And.
    ID: 118329 | 23/09/2010 | Rating: 5
  • I sell renault to malinquore clio 1.8 16v with paid stamp and revision made the friction to only a problem must be replaced because' rout and therefore not marching for the rest and all funzinante.The car mud 4 outdistance them from 1.6 an unloading forehand with final exit from 90 lights type bmwe arrows style M3 with incorporated arrows xxxxx price and 1600 tractable however' excluded voltura enel price I also give 4 you look for original.I separately sell cams aberi with road profile of the colombo and bariani with varying…
    ID: 117790 | 15/09/2010 | Rating: 5
  • I look for it strikes renault clio 1.8 in good state or whole car also without motor, spends max 1000. + voltura in my name, max seriousness
    ID: 108570 | 29/03/2010 | Rating: 5
  • Renault Clio 1.8 16V Blue Sport with roof, brake discs pierced, sports exhaust, sports pedals, rear glass obscured, miniskirts, predisposition imp. radio (front pockets for 16.5 and rear cables).Work Carried Out: Full Coupon(MOTUL oil, liquid Raf., filters, candles), Battery, Timing belt, clutch, petrol pump.NEW TIRES
    ID: 81894 | 25/08/2009 | Rating: 5
  • I sell Clio 1.8 16V Blue Sport, 79.000km, with roof, miniskirts in hue, sports exhaust and sports xxxxx xxxxx just messe, clutch as soon as made, Timing belt that has just been made and petrol pump new. Price Euro 3600treatable.
    ID: 80921 | 05/08/2009 | Rating: 5
  • I sell complete Bumper of fendinebbia and mouldings for renault CLIO 1.8 16v.I also sell original police squad to 3 races under perfect conditions.Other available pieces.Very good prices.Massimo xxxxx
    ID: 71708 | 18/03/2009 | Rating: 5
  • for renault clio 1800 16 valves, sell complete anterior bumper of profiles and incorporated fendinebbia good conditions.Price 150 European.Immediate consignment. besides I sell right anterior mudguard, under good conditions, more other you reciprocate to application- Massimo xxxxx
    ID: 69557 | 18/02/2009 | Rating: 5
  • I sell chest motor for renault clio 1.8 16v under good conditions.Price 150 European.Immediate consignment.
    ID: 69552 | 18/02/2009 | Rating: 5
  • I sell exchanges for clio 16v first series, you make a will you look for in league and exchanges of body shop
    ID: 68457 | 05/02/2009 | Rating: 5
  • Renault clio 1.8 16V year 1995, blue color metallizato, with plant to GPL. Motor referred alone 10000km, centralina rimappata, new rubbers, look for in league with outdistance them from 2cm, order, unloaded; auto always tagliandata; valid revision up to 2010; you intern under good conditions.
    ID: 66413 | 10/01/2009 | Rating: 5
  • I sell renault sport clio 1800 16 valves, white color, never immediately accidents, healthy, inside excellent, beautiful bridge and without cracks, perfect seats.treated with care.Perfect mechanics.New motor totally referred with component special from competition, prepared mechanics, printed pistons, new valves, camshafts, centralina, conducted of aspiration and unloading, maximum power, sells to a price European ottimo:piu of 3500 of spends!I would like he/she took her/it an impassioned truth.Done remove with certified of…
    ID: 66177 | 08/01/2009 | Rating: 5
  • I sell clio 1800 16v removed (available documents for possible export) excellent for preparation driver or climbed, soft order small adjustable in height, brakes tar-ox, unloaded steel, centralina rimappata, motor revised from not too long, inside gotten off (you/he/she had been initiated to relieve for preparing) but all available, + 1 bumper post, various exchanges of mechanics, centraline and other + others 8 look for, the car and' working, they miss only carpet and seats and some plastics that are gotten off and I will give…
    ID: 65930 | 04/01/2009 | Rating: 5
  • I sell pieces, available all
    ID: 64416 | 11/12/2008 | Rating: 5
  • slalom car and slopes with passport E1IT nuovo;motore grN centralina unloaded short change 4in1 new frenaturas with pipes aeronautical glasses in Lexan small mirrors type price (no plates) interesting gr
    ID: 64168 | 07/12/2008 | Rating: 5
  • I sell renault clio 16v from rally with new motor, never incedentata, cause alone inutilizzo with 4 competitions. .5500.00
    ID: 57464 | 03/09/2008 | Rating: 5
  • I sell 2 motorcar complete a working and the other use pieces....
    ID: 52879 | 26/05/2008 | Rating: 5
  • year '94, color bordeaux met, servosterzo, looks for in league, km 95000, electric glasses, centralized closings, order, unloaded, good general conditions except some small segnetto of body shop, revised 2007.Vendo to European 1800.
    ID: 48911 | 15/03/2008 | Rating: 5
  • I sell Clio 16V of 1992, two owner precedents, one of the most beautiful samples in circulation, blue France, rare version 'Leather' produced in little samples, inside in skin, conditioned air and ABS, all perfectly working, usable daily or good base for preparation, 115000 km tagliandati Renault, book coupons and use and maintenance available in endowment, stupendous and that cannot be found.
    ID: 37974 | 07/08/2007 | Rating: 5
    ID: 33606 | 03/04/2007 | Rating: 5
  • I sell clio 1.8 16v traffic police but with preparaz. group just tested n and you replace the xxxxx interesting price for info contacted me to xxxxx
    ID: 30574 | 22/01/2007 | Rating: 5
  • 37000 original km, end 1995, conditioned air, electric openable roof, never elaborate, never incidentata, color grey anthracite, completely original. Color grey anthracite metallizzato. Auto for amatory, and an excellent run for becoming historical auto, gives the low chilometraggio. Distribution, terminal of unloading just replaced by shop renault causes deterioration for old age. paid stamp up to September 2007. 5000 European
    ID: 26791 | 03/10/2006 | Rating: 5
  • I sell renault clio rs2000 16v 182 cv grey March 2004 new anterior rubbers 18700 km around all original I sell cause change European car (alpha brera) 13000.l'auto and visible to dervio in the province of I lick for photo to ask.Paul: -)
    ID: 21629 | 13/04/2006 | Rating: 5