BrandModelEngine sizeYearPrice
ALFA ROMEODAUPHINE8451960-643000.00

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  • I sell for lack of space my alpha romeo, l motorcar and a perfect base for a small restauration. the motor turns but it doesn't start in how much firm from a lot of time, I premise that they don't own the documents and a plate and lacking. I also give the carrier of the car very rare accessory. I don't accept not barters and the price and tractable.
    ID: 193615 | 02/02/2014 | ANTONIO Rating: 0
  • L motorcar and of the years 60 the motor turns and the insides are under good conditions doesn't introduce problems of body shop you mark of it of xxxxx understood in the price the door packages original of the mean. I hold to specify that they don't own the documents of the mean.
    ID: 180549 | 05/06/2013 | ANTONIO Rating: 0