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  • Fiat 1500 Ls


    I Sell Fiat 1500 Ls of the 1965reimmatricolata in the 1991 white plates (there are now the black plates Referred) dated restauration but good body shop... selleria and panels original good person... new carburetor... new complete unloading... group friction new... pomp new friction... kit gommini revision brakes new... 4 new rubbers... radiocassette and electric spar For info alone contact felefonico 3336943738 Valerios
    ID: 264701 | 11/08/2017 | valerio Rating: 0
  • I Sell fiat 1500L of 1965 The car and' is reimmatricolata in 1991 (I have referred the black plates they are to climb on) You intern in cloth, original, good maintenance and original panels Performed various jobs.... front-axle assembly group friction new complete unloading battery new box drives revised kit revision you brake ant / post and other Motor referred with 35000 km (and' a bomb better and more' fast of the 1800 6 cil.) Radio and electric spar Contact 338 7381614 I don't answer to mail Thanks
    ID: 243992 | 06/10/2016 | valerio Rating: 0