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  • Fiat 500 N del 59


    Fiat 500 N year 1959 original iron plates, original booklet, restored a few years ago, visible in Campogalliano (Mo) Contact via whatsapp 366 8791006
    ID: 282591 | 18/12/2018 | mauro Rating: 5 | Reggio Emilia
  • Renault 4 TL 950


    R4 year 86, repainted a few years ago but still presentable, perfect interior, fully functional, visible at San Martino in Rio Reggio Emilia tel 366 8791006 WhatsApp also evaluate any exchange or trade
    ID: 282589 | 18/12/2018 | mauro Rating: 5 | Reggio Emilia
  • Fiat 500 L very rare right hand drive, Italian documents from passage, in fair condition and working, visible at San Martino in Rio Reggio Emilia tel 366 8791006
    ID: 282587 | 18/12/2018 | mauro Rating: 5 | Reggio Emilia
  • bike riscio'


    stupendous bike brings momentary, beautiful for events fairs marriages, tractable price slightly, first he/she contacts through message whatsapp three six six eight seven nine a zero zero Six
    ID: 275683 | 04/06/2018 | mauro Rating: 5
  • fiat belvedere year 1952, from to restore I have started but for change project I sell her/it, plates in iron and book original plate BO, a little tractable price, prefers first I contact through message whatsapp to the number three six six eight seven nine one Zero zero six
    ID: 275682 | 04/06/2018 | mauro Rating: 5
  • Book use and maintenance for alpha romeo 2000 Original derision and under good conditions European application seventy, have also use and maintenance for alfetta same conditions European application fifty for information to phone the n. tretretretretrequattrocinqueseizerouno evening times
    ID: 250651 | 09/12/2016 | mauro Rating: 5
  • Beautiful Rhythm 60 Ls one of the first ones, healthy, inside perfect, always with line her of it, healthy funds, 57000 kilometers, belonged to only owner up to last year, ever climbed on the radio, just revised, tagliandata, gummed, strap of distribution already' done, model four marches, auto already' of epoch therefore it doesn't pay the stamp and the insurance and' reduced, European application 3300 a tractable po, appraises also partial barters with modern compact cars or citroen daylights, fiat 126.. etc..if you have some…
    ID: 226191 | 07/12/2015 | mauro Rating: 5
  • August lance


    Lance August year 1935 under good conditions, perfectly working, inside perfect, body shop good conditions, marching, plates in iron, 2 spare wheels, for information tel. 333 3345601 to call times meals or evening, the auto is found in the province in Modena
    ID: 209913 | 01/02/2015 | mauro Rating: 5
  • Grates loudspeakers for new auto of epoch, European application 25 to couple, possibility' of consignment, to call times meals or evening 333 3345601
    ID: 208710 | 12/01/2015 | mauro Rating: 5
  • N3 brochure as new of the epoch illustrations and data technicians various models sweater cabriolet, 30 European cad. small discount if I taken all and three, to call times meals or evening tel.333 3345601
    ID: 200787 | 05/07/2014 | mauro Rating: 5