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  • Purchase of documentation and material of the time for the Innocenti C Coupé model (use and maintenance booklet, spare parts catalog, workshop manual, sales brochures, etc.).
    ID: 286303 | 26/03/2019 | Piero Rating: 0
  • I sell rare Sunbeam Talbot Alpine Mk I Roadster 1955. The same model was the protagonist of the Hitchcock movie "Hunt the Thief", with Grace Kelly and Cary Grant. The same model won the Alpine Rally with Stirling Moss at the wheel. So an ideal car both for regular races and for elegance competitions. Complete, original, never restored, requires restoration. The engine goes into motion, the chassis and the bodywork are healthy. Right hand drive, English documents.
    ID: 284944 | 20/02/2019 | Asti | Piero Rating: 0