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  • Year 1965 - first series - left hand drive Owned by the current owner for 25 years. Car restored in the early 1990s and then preserved with regular maintenance. The engine has been redone recently and is new (about 500 KM). Used only for autorununi and some regularity races. The car is equipped with circulation documents (license plates and booklet) in compliance with the A.S.I. Gold plate.
    ID: 289693 | 21/06/2019 | Man Racing Rating: 5 | Maserà Di Padova
  • 2wd - 1990 - ASI Gold certified Manic maintenance, like new. Many new components: tires, exhaust system, brakes (aeronautical pipes, discs and pads), water pump, distribution, etc. Interior sanitization (leather upholstery) and overhaul of heating and air conditioning systems. On request list of all the interventions carried out and of all the components replaced.
    ID: 289238 | 07/06/2019 | Man Racing Rating: 5 | Maserà Di Padova


    Year 1972 - license plates and road documents in order. Preparation car Gr.3 - It has HTP NAZ. ACI SPORT Gr.4 in anticipation of any subsequent processing. Ford Cleveland 351 engine (8V - 5763 cc) with quad body carburetor and power of about 360 hp. New engine with Km 0. 5-speed ZF gearbox - limited-slip differential with short bevel gear. Running trim - 50 mm rollbar - automatic central fire extinguishing system and portable manual fire extinguisher - approved seat and belts - fuel tank with detostop - 6 front wheels…
    ID: 289132 | 06/06/2019 | Man Racing Rating: 5 | Maserà Di Padova
  • Splendid rebuilt car on an Alfa Romeo GT Junior 1.3 basis (registration year 1972). Documents of the time with black plates MI. Engine prepared in Gr.2 with 180 hp (Km 0). 2 Weber 45 DCOE carburetors Close changeover. Self-locking differential ZF with short bevel gear (max speed 195 km / h). Track set-up with lightened suspension arms, Koni shock absorbers and racing springs. Braking system with ATE calipers and ventilated discs; racing pedals. Rollbar and fuel tank with deto-stop in accordance with Annex J FIA.…
    ID: 289126 | 06/06/2019 | Man Racing Rating: 5 | Maserà Di Padova
  • ALFA ROMEO 33 1.5 Green Four-Leaf Clover with FIA HTP Cars for Historical Rallies, Regularity and Historical Hill Climbing Year 1984 - Period J1 - Class 1600 Gr.A Engine Gr.N. Close change Bacci Differential with short and self-locking ratio Rollbar Annex J Homologated seats and belts Tank with explosion-proof treatment FIA HTP expiring December 2026 A.S.I. Certificate Small spare parts kit Ready to run.
    ID: 287995 | 10/05/2019 | Man Racing Rating: 5 | Maserà Di Padova
  • Vera 124 Abarths CSA - anno1975
    ID: 280153 | 20/10/2018 | Man Racing Rating: 5 | Maserà Di Padova