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  • Fiat AR76 version 1107A - military original - 5-speed gearbox - the military version, unlike the civil version, has reinforced double crossbeam front axle shafts, standard ZF front and rear differential locks, reinforced body. Civil registered car, ready for the transfer of ownership, registered in the Italian FIAT Register.
    ID: 285961 | 18/03/2019 | Pavia | Lorenzo Rating: 1
  • Fiat CM52 - 639N2-


    I sell Fiat CM52 ex military, regularly registered Italian civilian, revised and ready for use, body complete with original troop transport benches, useless 4x4 vehicle, 6.6 Diesel engine, 8-speed gearbox, differential and backward lock, ASI registered vehicle, I evaluate exchanges with other vintage cars / motorcycles, I value possibly exchanges with even higher value watches. For any information, kindly contact me at 3487338226.
    ID: 285742 | 15/03/2019 | Pavia | Lorenzo Rating: 1
  • Chevrolet Corvets C3 year 1979, revised and ready to the use, valid European documents, affiliate I record historical, possible Italian registration to the cost of the solo passage of proprietà, very rare with manual change.
    ID: 257063 | 10/03/2017 | Lorenzo Rating: 1
  • Lance Aprilia year 1939, version first serious luxury, car completely and professionally restored, affiliate and certified historical register, appraise partial barters with auto historical from wheels competition discoveries.
    ID: 256880 | 06/03/2017 | Lorenzo Rating: 1
  • Mach 763#16 F3s Year 1976 - completely documented and certified sporting history - recently restored and ready to the use, motor Toyota Novamotor 2LT - complete of HTP FIA and certified of origin, further information through telephone contact. Thanks
    ID: 272006 | 23/02/2018 | Lorenzo Rating: 1