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  • Fiat 500 Ds (model 110D? Serious V) controvento of the 1964 km 33419. Insides conforming to the original ones, 1 only owner after the first buyer, complete of original documentation, I understood the books of maintenance and instructions, plates and documents of before registration, utensils orginali, healthy car, perfect conditions of body shop as mechanics and tapestry, auto that doesn't ask for some intervention. It maniacally plots estate, difficult to find under these conditions of it. Double original keys, motor 110D…
    ID: 214144 | 16/04/2015 | Jacopo Maria Rating: 0
  • I sell 300 If of 1967, cilindarata 2996, 6 cylinders, 251 serious cv W108, Officer Italian with everything historical documentation and coupons complete. I change manual with headlights Unique American (rare Optional) version, uniproprietario + following relative for it inherits, ASI Immacolata, healthy (always preserved in dry place) body shop, never firm for prolonged periods, always manutentata to the best but accident, any test. Working mechanics to 100%! Visible to Casalecchio of Rhine (Bo) on appointment. xxxxx
    ID: 213237 | 31/03/2015 | Jacopo Maria Rating: 0