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  • Flatcar in printed plastics, dark Brown color, new equipped of Kit for the assemblage and attached instructions, it deals with a fund of store years of the Autobianchi A112 all models excluded last series "LX"""
    ID: 207159 | 06/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • Reservoir fuel provvisto of craft, used but under good conditions for Renault R8, R10, Renault Caravelle of the years' 60-70
    ID: 207160 | 06/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • You reciprocate you launch new mechanics and not for Models Fiat as from title, vast assortment fanaleria also for Fiat Panda, 850 etc.
    ID: 207161 | 06/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • Parables anterior lighthouses with glass and ferrules For Lance Ardea?.besides 70 have Mask anterire, chest trunk glass for back central light, (rubbers bumper for model 5 marches) All the exchanges are used but excellent for a restauration or of escort for your Lance Ardea
    ID: 207163 | 06/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • 2 rostrums for bumper Alpha ROMEO Giulietta derision, first serious anni'50 to?.60, have besides disk friction pipe flexible carriage air small trinkets for Juliet and plastics lighthouses back Juliet Ti and Sprint, all articles new leading store
    ID: 207165 | 06/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • I still sell new dampers in the box of the epoch, for Lance FULVIA and FLAVIA
    ID: 207164 | 06/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • Chest motor for Fiat 850 spiders, used but deprived of bruises or scratches, color yellow ochre
    ID: 207167 | 06/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • Plastics back lighthouses for Citroen ID / DS models not "PALLAS"" to alone?.40/00"
    ID: 207168 | 06/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • Motor for TOYOTA bj 40 diesel, working, good conditions, few kilometers
    ID: 207171 | 06/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • Motor Toyota bj 40 diesel good conditions
    ID: 207172 | 06/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • Enrolled To.S.The. very beautiful Innocent 950 spiders, of 1962, redhead had been restoring for a few years, instrumentation and police squad "correct" " perfectly working with excellent hood, new braking plant cromature excellent motor" "MORRIS"" body shop" "FRUA"" drawn by the famous one" "MICHELOTTI"""
    ID: 207109 | 05/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • I excellently sell n° 3 wheels for auto anni'20 preserved ANSALDO (it Manufactures Italian of construction automobiles and guns) and you guard to the covered to wood rays and you look for in metal with pneumatic of the epoch
    ID: 207102 | 05/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • I sell as from title cup of the oil motor new fund of store for Fiat 130 all the models of availability difficult Possibility of other exchanges for same model
    ID: 207105 | 05/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • Still in his I pack original "SICURSIV"" new coming from fund of store I begin anni'80 openable canopy to compass to install previous perforation roof of the vehicle and roofs in Vetroresina or Fiberglass of the fuoristradas, with function also of areazione cabins that accumulate tall temperatures and of brightness thanks to the confirmed transparent ristallo
    ID: 207106 | 05/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • I look for motor Ewnault R8 Gordini (Type 1134 or 1135) also alone monoblocco and head emisferica also without collectors of unloading to Make proposals Thanks Guido
    ID: 206994 | 03/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • Chest back motor for Fiat 850 spiders, used but without bruises or scratches, color yellow ochre
    ID: 205264 | 31/10/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • I sell for Renault 10: Windscreen with gasket, lunotto posterore with gasket, anterior face, frontal back, anterior and back bumper with attacks, mudguards back complete anterior and back doors of handles, glasses and panelling inside color bordeaux, complete dashboard profilini in steel and loghi etc... Symbolic price, can singly sell or in block
    ID: 205265 | 31/10/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • Parafanghini and anterior spoiler in ready vetroresina to be applied on the models of BMW xxxxxtii
    ID: 216354 | 30/05/2015 | Guido Rating: 5
  • Varied exchanges for Renault R8/R10 Lamierati Inside Mechanics Fanaleria Windscreen / lunotto Dashboard / instrumentation Finishing touch, trinkets To call or to answer with e-mail for any infos
    ID: 213652 | 05/04/2015 | Guido Rating: 5
  • Piaggio Hi PX working, you look for in league, with report dismay near C.C. of the Prov. of Cremona therefore permissible origin. I sell or I also Exchange with exchange accessories auto of epoch or bicycle man you brake to wand or raced. To make proposals. Rispondoa all, but only if really interssati
    ID: 208821 | 15/01/2015 | Guido Rating: 5
  • Windscreen for various models in plexiglas and chromed accessories protects motor and protects cylinders all material new destination anni'90 for motorcycles BMW, possible mapochi accessories also for Scooter BMW "C1"""
    ID: 208820 | 15/01/2015 | Guido Rating: 5
  • Rare and new Faucet Heating for Alpha Romeo Giulietta first series
    ID: 208819 | 15/01/2015 | Guido Rating: 5
  • Marvelous RENAULT Caravelle 1100 ccs year 1964 just restored and of color ggrigio metalizzato, cromature effected from known serious cromatore and I only crossed 30 km in one year from a suit restauration (selleria and preserved hood) Rubbers nuoveda 15" MICHELIN provided of Hard top becomes a comfortable berlinetta from a cabriolet amusing, 4 brakes to disk (motor completely referred and of before endowment), new brakes, new dampers, really very beautiful. key brings, avviam original plates black MI......) removed,…
    ID: 207506 | 13/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • Bicycles, man, woman, tandem from the anni'40s to the' 80 also in block (preserved or from restauration)
    ID: 207505 | 13/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • I exchange Motorboat "Brown ABBATE 23"" years' 90, of mt 7,50 and white with liveries bleu, repainted never, used little and only in sweet water, with a motor" "VOLVO Penta"" 8 cylinders to injection, 2 helixes in steel inox controrotanti on the same foot, divaneria and preserved insides, sets bed, wc, radio FM, reservoir sweet water and external doccetta, bridge with attack auxiliary motor, tendalino ever used, preserved and rimessato for a long time. I exchange with Auto of epoch or historical competition of my pleasure. To make…
    ID: 207501 | 13/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • For BMW 1502,1602, 2002, 2002 and 2002 tiis. anterior spoiler + parafanghini wheels (2 +2) in vetroresina, white color with livery type "BMW-alpine) series" "M""" "ready Martin to be climbed on for model competition or foreman, etc"
    ID: 207493 | 13/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • Anterior mask + frames lighthouses ant. used but complete and still beautiful, for Fiat 124 Sports Coupe 1800, years' 70
    ID: 207367 | 11/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • BMW 1990 316 injection, of white color, with automatic change and ABS already catalizzata on application (only later in 1992 the green gasoline existed since that time for vehicles catalizzati) 4 headrest, looks for in league and 4 you look for in in iron for thermal rubbers. Electric canopy, replaced motor c/o BMW Italia headquartered in St. Donato M.if (MI) and since then pesono runs around 30.000 km. It pumps new electric gasoline, brakes and new dampers, replaced exchanges for a general cost of around three votes the…
    ID: 207212 | 07/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • Covering in it takes root, well preserved to apply years to the dashboard of the Innocent Bill' 70 (Bill 90, 120 and De Tomaso)
    ID: 207211 | 07/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • You look for in league various brands for Alpha Junior ROMEO Julia Gt
    ID: 207194 | 06/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • I sell rare and particular SWM monomarcia,50 cc.I compete but to take back, you look for in league, original long saddle SWM careened light, unprovided of document, permissible origin
    ID: 207193 | 06/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • Fanaleria completes anterior and back, masks, loghi Launches beta, back bumper, instrumentation, police squad, rims in iron and league "FPS"." caps hub-caps" "Lance"" various types"
    ID: 207192 | 06/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • 4 rims special wheels "FERGAT"" years 40-50 montabilis on all the models Fiat Mickey Mouse and" "Small boat"" same years, used but under good conditions, rubbers provvisti always of the times"
    ID: 207190 | 06/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • Hi Piaggio "PX"" complete, working with copy of the book circulation and report dismay of the same, released by the weapon C.C. local
    ID: 207174 | 06/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • Rare anterior bumper, used, complete and under good conditions for CITROEN Ami 6 years' 60
    ID: 207173 | 06/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • For Fiat 1500 6 cylinders I surrender various pieces of body shop (gotten off by a model of the 1935) Doorman anterior, back windscreens, seats panels chests mask motor, lighthouses anteroiri to drop, bumper model 1500 Bs etc. I also have new original bumper apart
    ID: 207166 | 06/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • I sell exchanges of body shop and insides inclusive windscreens and back lunotto, anterior and back poretiere with glasses handles cranks, inside panels and complete selleria in sky red color bordeaux, complete bumper with attacks, mudguards, optics (rims and parts of mechanics and ciclistica already sold) etc. etc.
    ID: 207158 | 06/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • Fiat 1100 TVs coupe Pininfarina (second series) Stradale had Been restoring for a few years. motor had been referring for few days, sells for change prodetto Plates black Documents Ok Passed sporting with Passport F.I.A of the anni'90s Information after vision vehicle Binding price
    ID: 207157 | 06/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • Back bumper in steel inox, used but without bruises, composed in 4 pzes.( Inferior great blade, superior thin blade 2 angular side and horizontal rostrums in complimentary rubber) possibility of attacks in metal some usurati plastics possibility back lighthouses (not Mod. Pallas) to European 40.00 the couple
    ID: 207108 | 05/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • For Fiat 125 first serious years' 60 sell rare conditioner air, used and gotten off by a Fiat 125, to the times you/he/she was furnished then already on application with an onerous cost in surcharge, useful instead currently to complete or to valorize over the rarity your Fiat 125 complete of inside console was installed in the central and inferior part to the dashboard, firm presser from a few years.
    ID: 207107 | 05/12/2014 | Guido Rating: 5
  • Conditioner for fiat 125 gotten off by a model first serious anni'60, therefore used but complete and under good conditions
    ID: 205263 | 31/10/2014 | Guido Rating: 5