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  • Grac MT 14B


    Brand: GRACModello: MT 14 BAnnos: 1972Categoria: JR, FIA CLASS: BC 2000Motore: BMW S14 2000ccCambio: Hewland MK9Documenti: HTP Storico and Technical Passport, Notes: The Motor BMW S14 2000cc and In version INIECTION Meccanica, with Pomp KUGELFISHER, New Motor with few Km of route Exchanges: Gears Change, Looks for, Rubbers etc.
    ID: 214211 | 18/04/2015 | Fabio Rating: 1
  • Gardner Douglas, the good English producer of replicas Cobra (he defines her Cobra inspired), on the base of his/her MK 3 with competition loom in pipes pictures, have realized this special in alone 2 exemplary, this and the n°2 and and the only one with left guide. Climb on mechanics Corvets V8 from 380cv, I change Getrag 5 marches with brought closer relationships, autobloccante, and weighs 910kg! Unlike the other Cobras, having a true loom in pipes pictures of derivation corsaiola and the body shop monoscocca (the only…
    ID: 214210 | 18/04/2015 | Fabio Rating: 1
  • Ralt RT 30


    Ralt RT 30 Sample Formula 3 Year 1985 Motor Alpha Romeo NOVAMOTOR 2.0
    ID: 214209 | 18/04/2015 | Fabio Rating: 1
  • Splendid Citroen-Maserati SM 12/1972 2.7 V6s Carburatori with 31.000 original km, excellently preserved and still completely working and marching. Complete of book of circulation, complementary sheet and original plates!!
    ID: 214208 | 18/04/2015 | Fabio Rating: 1
  • Splendid and original Bill Cabriolet of 1996, one of the 300 build, in the beautiful varying bordeaux metallizzato with inside in black skin and piping in shade body shop! Only Owner, original motor cooper 1.3 with 38.000 km, jealously and perfectly preserved, condition indeed equal to the new one! Rare!!
    ID: 214207 | 18/04/2015 | Fabio Rating: 1
  • Very beautiful Citroen DS 1973 20 DSpecials, under good general conditions, working mechanics perfectly, color ivory with insides beige, endowed with the black plates and the original documents. Effected conservative restauration.
    ID: 214206 | 18/04/2015 | Fabio Rating: 1
  • Beautiful Lance Thema 8.32 Ferraris first series, excellently preserved and completely working!!
    ID: 214205 | 18/04/2015 | Fabio Rating: 1
  • Very beautiful Bill Cooper 1.3 cabriolets (Transformed and confirmed to book), of 1991, with 84.000 km, color Caribbean Blu metallizzato, inside in blue skin and blue hood. Mechanics, body shop and electric wirings totally restored, good general conditions!!
    ID: 214204 | 18/04/2015 | Fabio Rating: 1
  • Splendid Mercedes-Benz 200 Us under excellent conditions of maintenance, only owner (handed down of father in child), always tagliandata in Mercedes and equipped of all the original documents, inclusive books use, maintenance and service. Plates Milan original of 20/07/1992, gives of before registration of the car.
    ID: 214203 | 18/04/2015 | Fabio Rating: 1
  • Alpha Romeo 75 1.8 upset " First Series" ", year 1987 84.000 km, under good conditions of maintenance, 2 owners, completely working!!"
    ID: 214202 | 18/04/2015 | Fabio Rating: 1
  • Citroen 2CV6 Special under good general conditions, 2 owners, original (Book use and maintenance and book guarantee and maintenance still intact) documentation, registration To.S.The. and Paper of identity UISP for historical Auto. For other information not you hesitate to contact us.
    ID: 214199 | 18/04/2015 | Fabio Rating: 1
  • Marvelous Fiat 1968 600 Ds Fanalone, in good conditions of mechanics, body shop and insides, totally restored and working, endowed with book of circulation and original plates!!
    ID: 214198 | 18/04/2015 | Fabio Rating: 1
  • Beautiful Daimler 4.0 (Jaguar XJ40 by Daimler), of 1991, under good general conditions, color I silver met. with rare inside in skin Cartier, completely working!
    ID: 214196 | 18/04/2015 | Fabio Rating: 1
  • Fiat 127 Second Series, year 1981, Only Owner with 77.000 km coriginali, preserved in maniacal way, still furnished of the protection cellophane of the panels doorman delivered with the new auto!!! Good conditions of body shop, of insides and efficient mechanics fully!!
    ID: 214195 | 18/04/2015 | Fabio Rating: 1