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  • Pliers you brake anterior new, you confirm, diameter pistoncino 52mm, as from photo Application European 500 inclusive shipping and handling, for Italy No sms and perditempo
    ID: 217986 | 07/07/2015 | Eugenio Rating: 0
  • I sell as from announcement complete mechanics, for which, revised motor, change, radiator, carburetors, etc etc, sleigh anterior aces and disks, as from photo. European application 4000 tractable. I don't answer to sms
    ID: 212475 | 16/03/2015 | Eugenio Rating: 0
  • Fiat Punto Sporting 1200 ccs 16 Valves under good conditions as from photo. Perfect mechanics, always coupons in order, replaced pliers disks tablets you coo brakes drums revised and jaws, cables candles and candles new, sporting order not reduced, removed central pot, lighthouses replaced new original, bar cathedrals, pneumatic 195/45/15 of book to 90%, outdistance them from 20 mm. Body shop shining without any bruise. Working conditioner. Auto ready use. To make the stamp of circulation. European application…
    ID: 272621 | 11/03/2018 | Eugenio Rating: 0