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  • I Sell to Vercelli Fiat Elnagh I model Trump year 1980, to revise, to gasoline, confirmed for 5 people and endowed with 4 places bed (a matrimonial bed and two beds in castle), he/she cooks to gas to two fires, refrigerator heater to gas, bath with shower, reservoir clear and dark water, great closet, hooks and counters anywhere (the space decidedly it doesn't miss) it foresees a door to bellows that separates the two zones The half à working ¨, the stamp is not paid perchà © à historical ¨. Inside polished up and in order:…
    ID: 265380 | 31/08/2017 | Elena Rating: 0
  • I sell pieces of exchange for Alpha Super Romeo giulia to Vercelli cell 3467051416
    ID: 265379 | 31/08/2017 | Elena Rating: 0