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  • Triumph TR7 spider


    Car treated in detail, both as mechanics and as bodywork, original paint, copotta in new cotton canvas, new suspensions, revised in every detail and replace the deteriorated plastic and rubber parts, sine blocks, supports and finishes, etc., interior revisited, gaskets and electrical parts replaced. Excellent condition machine in every respect. Registered with the Motorway register, revision until 2021, insured until Oct.2020.
    ID: 295002 | 28/11/2019 | Ravenna | Domenico Sgrò Rating: 0
  • it replies giannini 650 NPs prepared competitions in slope autostoriche competitive beautiful and perfect Year 1968 class 700cc period H1 completes of HTP and passport technical motor prepared bench Cevenini 70cv 8000 turns with only two competitions and equipped as it follows: roll cafe and norm reservoir Fia, seat and extinguisher 2011 sparco to norma,2 trains rubbers avon from 6' slik and graven on you look for in league dismauntable 6'x10' revolution counter Jeger of the great epoch, battery to the gel, manometers…
    ID: 171596 | 24/01/2013 | Domenico Sgrò Rating: 0