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  • Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider

    1961 | Car | For sale


    Come da annuncio, vetture in ottimo stato. Lucidata da una settimana, revisione, targa oro ASI, gommata, hardtop, targa nera, libretto a pagine. Serie 101.03…

    ID: 343384 | 13/09/2023 | Italia

  • Rear fog light

    Spare part | For sale


    STARLUX rear fog light for all vintage cars, 1970s. Very good condition with rear bracket.

    ID: 299135 | 31/03/2020 | Italia

  • Police squad in wood Les Leston

    Spare part | For sale


    Police squad in wood proper Les Leston marks for Lotus, MG, TVR, Bill Cooper S. The piece and original and well preserved, they are in circulation as of it false.…

    ID: 250862 | 13/12/2016

  • Two look for for Volkswagen Maggiolino

    Spare part | For sale


    Two rare original circles for 4-hole Beetle. To be cleaned but without rust. Other special photos on request. I also sell separately. Delivery in northern Italy…

    ID: 236041 | 18/05/2016 | Alessandria

  • Mudguards for Ferrari 208

    Car | For sale


    For Ferrari type 208 GTS and GTB 1 left in general mudguard ready for painting, remainder of store Ferrari. Other available images. Other mudguard for 308…

    ID: 217888 | 04/07/2015

  • I sell or I exchange Issues of Italian Auto

    Document | Exchange

    Collezzionista sells or it exchanges issues of the magazine Italian Auto. I send mancoliste by mail.

    ID: 192884 | 18/01/2014

  • Exchanges for Renault 5

    Spare part | For sale


    I sell exchanges you launch for Renault 5. Two headlights, 3 small mirrors two back fanalinis, 2 handle grips it lifts side glass.

    ID: 190568 | 24/11/2013

  • Revolution counter revcounter Smiths

    Spare part | For sale


    I sell as from photo two mechanical revolution counters. A brand Smiths gotten off by a Lotus formulates years 60', the other priveniente from a small boat…

    ID: 189117 | 02/11/2013

  • Lights Bosch

    Spare part | For sale


    Copy of lights Bosch years seventy. Dazzling, dimmed, position.

    ID: 188209 | 19/10/2013

  • Photo of Lella Lombardi

    Document | Looking to buy

    I look for photos of Lella Lombardi when it drove the Formula 875. I am writing a book... Thanks Anthony

    ID: 193458 | 30/01/2014