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  • gotten off complete Dashboard Working years ago and preserved as I reciprocate alpha gt 2000 fast
    ID: 270749 | 22/01/2018 | Alessandro Rating: 4
  • couple carburetors weber for alpha years 70 80 As from photo
    ID: 270748 | 22/01/2018 | Alessandro Rating: 4
  • Available exclusively to use collezionistico a series of old books circulation with respective sheets complementary autos and motion. Collection deprived by to surrender to people that appreciate the taste and the originality & nbsp; of the pieces. Available various brands and models among which also Fiat Siata 1500 of the 64 Fulvia Rally Fiat 850 Sports coupà ¨ and spider etc etc Alpha BMW OPEL SIMCA VW Preferable sale in block For single pieces to ask disponibilità
    ID: 266152 | 18/09/2017 | Alessandro Rating: 4
  • Available different motor Alphas Romeo serious Julia 2000 1750 1600 and 1300 Available also a 2000 Twin Spark x Alpha 75 Available bridge back Alphas 2000 with Autobloccante serious n° ar00512 AR00515 AR00548 AR00526 AR00536 AR00530 AR01536 AR01544 The motors are whole and all in discreet conditions, some referred to new. Possible consignment
    ID: 229433 | 01/02/2016 | Alessandro Rating: 4
  • Part anterior Alpha Romeo Duetto healthy never incidentata, available also other pieces, chests, doorman, dashboard seats, loom hood, instrumentation the whole mechanics 2000 motor I change box it drives, suspensions bridge post. etc. etc.
    ID: 193512 | 30/01/2014 | Alessandro Rating: 4
  • Available many original new exchanges and used under good conditions for Alpha Romeo years 60 and 70 series Julia GT Duet and Alfetta Kit friction 2000, candel Lodge 2 HL and HlD pliers you brake disks brake both for Julia and for Alfetta, tablets you brake, complete unloading from collectors to terminal for Duet, terminal of unloading for GT both silenziato how sporting a lot of minuteria handles, lighthouses, cups lighthouse, masks, complete insides You try to ask nothing it doesn't cost...
    ID: 188098 | 17/10/2013 | Alessandro Rating: 4
  • Many exchanges is new that used for for Alpha Romeo GT, Duet, Julia, Alfetta, 75, both of mechanics and of body shop available suitable prices on application, consignment anywhere.
    ID: 169651 | 26/12/2012 | Alessandro Rating: 4
  • Rare Junior 1600 Zagatos under good conditions of body shop, it needs only some intervention to make him/it perfect in the insides, firm auto from a few years with original mechanics, funds flatcars and healthy sottoporta. Produced in little samples, it has original plates of the 1973. It knows us these autos he/she knows that & egrave; a collection piece. NO BARTERS AND PERDITEMPO
    ID: 168702 | 09/12/2012 | Alessandro Rating: 4
  • Very beautiful auto, restored some years ago before stopping her/it for inutilizzo, working original motor, inside very beautiful red, new hood. NO PEDITEMPO E PROFITEERS NO BARTERS
    ID: 168701 | 09/12/2012 | Alessandro Rating: 4
  • Auto under perfect conditions as soon as tagliandata full optional automatic skin ships parck ass. etc. no dealers and no perditempo
    ID: 166980 | 15/11/2012 | Alessandro Rating: 4
  • Auto with original plates, complete but from restauration.
    ID: 165128 | 19/10/2012 | Alessandro Rating: 4
  • In block n° 4 giulias 1300 of various series all with original plate and from restauration, price for withdrawal in block and immediate for local sgombero!!
    ID: 177239 | 16/04/2013 | Alessandro Rating: 4
  • Couple external anterior lighthouses for Junior Zagato Alfa used under good original conditions of the epoch branded Carello.
    ID: 169652 | 26/12/2012 | Alessandro Rating: 4
  • I sell inside exchanges of body shop and mechanics for Bone of cuttlefish Alpha Romeo Available almost all the pieces!
    ID: 160673 | 08/08/2012 | Alessandro Rating: 4