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Il core business aziendale fornisce assistenza alla vendita ai proprietari e collezionisti di vetture epoca che vogliono vendere alcuni modelli, rinnovarli o ampliare le proprie collezioni.
Mantenendo la totale privacy degli stessi ci occupiamo della selezione, preparazione e inserimento nel nostro sito e nelle nostre vetrine presenti nei migliori siti di inserzioni di settore.
Gestione dei contatti telefonici o a mezzo mail e segnalazione al proprietario solo a trattativa avanzata senza perdite di tempo inutili. Vengono proposte solo auto selezionate e in buone condizioni.
Viene fornito anche un servizio di assistenza tecnica, restauro e ripristino effettuato da personale specializzato in vetture epoca sia stradali che da competizione disponibile anche per stime ed assistenza all'acquisto.

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  • ALFA ROMEO 145 Quadrifoglio Verde 2.0 Twin Spark latest version with 155 HP. Timing belt (double) just replaced, Air Conditioning Climasystem fully functional. Excellent engine, very fast car and excellent road holding. Just completely polished with nanotechnological products. Revision of the law valid until 02 April 2021.
    ID: 299233 | 03/04/2020 | Roma | Alberto Rating: 5
  • Alfa Romeo GT Junior step of 1969 II version with mogul dashboard. The car was restored years ago and then stopped, so at the moment it only needs to finish the reassembly of the bodywork, interiors and glass and some finishing. The material is all available. We can also deliver it finished on the basis of an estimate. Original Rome plates of the time.
    ID: 300892 | 24/05/2020 | Roma | Alberto Rating: 5
  • FORD Sierra 2.0i Turbo 16V RS Cosworth from 1988. Ready for use without any intervention to do. The engine has just been properly serviced. Km 74,000
    ID: 294122 | 03/11/2019 | Roma | Alberto Rating: 5
  • Mercedes 500 SEC


    Mercedes 500 SEC very well preserved and with very few kilometers. Openable tettino. Perfect interior. Always kept in good maintenance and has only recently participated in some meetings. Thirty-year-old car therefore in all respects historical and with practically zero operating costs but at the same time a cult car of the time and still very modern; at the top to travel in extreme safety, comfort and power reserve. Certified by the Italian Historic Vehicles Registry. ASI certified. Visible at a Mercedes Benz Official Workshop.
    ID: 277036 | 18/07/2018 | Roma | Alberto Rating: 5
  • Alfa Romeo Alfetta


    Alfa Romeo Alfetta first set tight shield. The car has been impeccably restored recently and is perfectly preserved. Engine and overhauled mechanics. Perfect body. Original plates and page booklet.
    ID: 293921 | 29/10/2019 | Roma | Alberto Rating: 5
  • Mercedes 350 SL restored in 2018 and used very little. Perfect and powerful engine, overhauled in all its accessories. All-new braking system including hoses. New original Mercedes clutch. New silent blocks. New shock absorbers. New power steering pump and new injectors. New tires and repainted rims. Completely overhauled electrical system. New hood in Sonnenland fabric and restored hard top. Original exterior color and interior completely redone as new in origin. MB original spare parts. Approved 2 2. Final frame 966 then one…
    ID: 290731 | 24/07/2019 | Roma | Alberto Rating: 5
  • Lancia Fulvia GTE first series, perfectly preserved, in like new condition. Perfect interior. No rust present. Original plates with 5 numbers. ASI GOLD plate. Original leather tool bag.
    ID: 290030 | 30/06/2019 | Alberto Rating: 5
  • Transformable Autobianchi Bianchina in good state of maintenance. The car is ¨ restores around 5 years ago and since then effected little road but always mass in motion constantly. Inside perfect. Original motor. Book and complementary of 1986.
    ID: 276326 | 28/06/2018 | Roma | Alberto Rating: 5
  • Alpha Romeo Spider 1300 Junior repainted some years ago and well preserved. Perfectly working.
    ID: 277328 | 25/07/2018 | Alberto Rating: 5
  • Mercedes 1981 280 SLs restored 3 years ago and since then you/he/she has crossed little kilometers. Hard top. Inside original under good conditions without any sign of usury or you cut on the hide. You look for in league original. Certified ASI. Km. 87.000
    ID: 277076 | 19/07/2018 | Roma | Alberto Rating: 5
  • Body pillar n. 002 that had to full inspection in 2010, with substitution of hubs, brake discs, axle shaft, brake hose clamp, pipes. Colotti gearbox with spares. Engine was rebuilt. Partecipation at Gran Historical Challenge Formule 2012/2013 and Montecarlo 2010. Price not is negotiable. Non tractable price.
    ID: 221899 | 30/09/2015 | Alberto Rating: 5