Vauxhall B edford CF 270

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Rating: 5

Engine size2100
Year of first registration1979
CategoryVehicle between 1800 and 2000
Euro classEuro0
Number of gears0
Passenger capacity3
Type of vehicleTruck
Number of previous owners2
Advert ID273387
Date of entry


Feeding: Diesel
You document circulation: in order
Color: white
Style body shop: Furgonato
Chilometraggio in: km
Certified of storicitis  available: You
You document recording: Italian
Conditions: Excellent
Location: Rimini (Italy)

Totally restored half both of body shop and of mechanics.

The white varnish that is ¨ uses for painting the body shop is ¨ original of the mean, with the same one it initials of color.

The inside coverings are in ecological skin, very resistant and I am original.
The conditions of these are excellent, apart some small sign of usury.

The mean has had only two owners in all these years and me I am the according to.

It climbs on a diesel motor from 2300cc, slightly piis big ¹ of his original, with as soon as 4500km crossed by the end of the jobs of restauration.
is. provvisto of his/her original and working motor of 2100cc as second motor, that verris  delivered during the withdrawal.

The half covering looks for piis to star and tires great ¹, always to rule of law.
The van is ¨ provvisto also of the you look for original with round studs always under good conditions, that will be delivered during the withdrawal.

The pneumatic is used ¨ but is ¨ to around 80% of his integritis .
The tire of escort not is ¨ never used state.

The truck has climbed on the brakes to disk, regularly recorded on book of Italian circulation.
The original brakes to drum, are working and you/they will be delivered to the moment of the delivery.

The plant electric is ¨ totally revises and the battery is ¨ in good conditions.

The bumpers and the rest of the cromatures are in good state.

The mean has in endowment its brand original keys Vauxhall of the epoch, impossible to find after so many years of job, you are enough to look the photos.
It also possesses the books of use and maintenance original of the time in splendid conditions as certificate from the photos.

The vehicle puis² to be viewed and retired to Rimini (Italy).

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