SAAB 900 The I Upset Cabriolet Sport

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Technical specs

Engine size1985
Year of first registration1990
CategoryVehicle between 1800 and 2001
Power175HP 128.712325KW
Euro classEuro0
Number of gears5
Passenger capacity4
Number of doors2
Type of vehicleCar
Number of previous owners1
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SAAB 900 The I Upset Cabriolet Sport?DO I AIR?

This Saab 900 upset cabriolet sport?Do I air? and is sold by the official Concessionaire Saab Dealership Liberini S.R.L. to Brescia 25 June 1l th 1990; and for well twenty-three years and done remain of the same ownership for then to pass in the 2013 all?actual owner that has decided to put her/it in sale. It has his/her door you document original Saab; does its door document, for book of circulation, original Saab?Liberini?; book of original circulation; his/her manual book of use and maintenance; his/her book of service assistance; his/her book Saab Europen Service Guides; his/her book Kenwood (autoradio) instructions for l?use, his/her book Griffin Circe Saab and his double keys with door keys original Saab. Preserve and it still maintains his/her original plates. Affiliate and Certified ASI (Italian Automotoclub Storico). His/her original color of the body shop and?white? and the insides are perfect and luxurious, the seats in skin and the covering doorman they are of appreciated material. Besides and endowed with original rugs and it possesses the whole kit of original utensils with spare wheel. The dashboard and without cracks, under good conditions also the instrumentation. The vain motor and impeccable and and endowed with his/her motor it originates with km. 90.000 crossed, original! This Saab and under superlative conditions, an interesting occasion to purchase a Saab years?90 only!
Does you hold to observe that this?Saab 900 cabriolets? and a perfect preserved!
Endowments of luxury for l?epoch: seat adjustable driver in height; seat driver and momentary anterior heated electrically; plant of climatization with ricircolo air; small mirrors external retrovisoris are antiabbaglianti and electrically commanded, that left and type wide-angle; four electric window winder; the capotta is electrically operated; can the back lunotto of crystal be open for d to furnish a good flow?air; l?do I install radio over all?autoradio Kenwood and endowed with driving spar electric and of four loudspeakers, the all original Saab; the backup wheel, the martinetto and the endowment of the utensils are guarded under a counter in the luggage van; I change manual to five marches; system Cruise Control, maintains constant the speed without need to use the pedal dell?accelerator; servosterzo; APC systematizes, the motor with this system automatically adjusts him to the quality of the fuel; you brake antibloccaggio (ABS); depuratore dell?air; command for the regulation of the length of the bundle of light; motor power DIN to 5300 rs / min 129 KW (175 CVs).
The Saab 900 and a motorcar produced from the Swedish house Saab from 1979 to the 1998. Olre that in the classical version derision 2 and 4 doors and is also produced in version coupe from 3 and 5 doors and cabriolet.
The 900 first series and is introduced in 1979 in substitution of the Saab 99 and and today remembered as the Classic to differentiate her/it from the second defined series NG from New Generation. The 900 Classic and is produced up to 1993 (1994 the Cabriolet).
The 900 directly derives from the 99 and big part of the it strikes and of the mechanics I am in common. The 900 has, in comparison to the 99, the footstep lengthened of 5 cms (from 2,47 ms to 2,52 ms).
Mechanically it deals with a classical car with anterior traction and motor to 4 cylinders longitudinal tilted on the right of 45° of the capacity of 1985 cm3s.
The anterior suspensions are to independent (quadrilateral deformable) wheels, those back are to it attacks rigid. L?braking plant and to double diagonal circuit with anterior and back disks. In 1989 the top of range and 900 upset 16 and 900 Cabrios: does electronic injection, upset intercooler 16 valves? 175 CVs, in correspondence of an important restyling of the range 900 what time it has again a façade of more aerodynamic sketch and bumper sketch, it begins the marketing of the Saab 900 Cabrios. The Cabrio and a car of a certain level and does it have of series the driving hood electric and l?conditioned air.