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ALFETTA GTV 2000 - 2000L

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ModelALFETTA GTV 2000 - 2000L
Engine size4
Year of first registration1982
CategoryVehicle between 1800 and 2000
Type of vehicleCar
CityNuerburgring Germania
Advert ID291865
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Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0
2nd series, is therefore officially no longer Alfetta
EZ 04.02.1982
Fgst.-Nr. ZAR11636000053187
White Capodimonte color, beige inside fabric
The color White Capodimonte takes its name from porcelain production in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNaples. In 1743, Charles III of Spain and his wife Maria Amalia of Saxony founded a porcelain manufactory in the Palace of Capodimonte to create porcelain in the quality of Meissen porcelain.
That's why Capodimonte white is a slightly cracked white.
HU new, German registration, H license plates
Delivery by Baccanelli Dealer, Romano di Lombardia, Italy.
The vehicle was found with the km 55,980 in a hall in Italy and carefully brought to life and cleaned.
Not cleaned with the engine, but with the dry ice cleaning. In two places, the paint was exposed by way of trial.
The car is unwelded and in the first coat (99%).
The interior is in above average condition.
Pirelli CN36SM from current production, which I did not mount. The size 185/70 R 14
The Italian vehicle registration document is available. It contains several entries, which I do not understand.
I purchased the vehicle in October 2015 and registered in June 2016.
The car is technically in order and has just got a new clutch.
The vehicle includes German brochures and an original German operating and maintenance manual.
The vehicle includes a set of original keys.


BrandModelEngine sizeYearPrice
ALFA ROMEOALFETTA GTV 2000 - 2000L19621976-80n.d.

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