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  • Scarico abarth, assale anteriore con ammortizzatori, 4 freni a disco, strumenti tcr, sedili sportivi storici, anteriore annaffiatore, la macchina è stata costruita 500 km fa,
    ID: 286366 | 27/03/2019 | Tony Rating: 5
  • Alfa 75 3.0 V6 VELOCE, 1988, 125.000 miles This is absolutely the best 3.0 V6 you can find anywhere. Carefully chosen light upgrades in engine/gearbox/diff/brakes/suspension, lead to a fully balanced, “fast road”, driving machine. Forget the dead at low rpm four cylinder M3s, this Αlfa 75 V6 is the ultimate 80’s thunder saloon at its best. Fantastic condition, single ownership since 1997, LHD. Body: Original paintwork. The car spent the last 22 years in South Europe where it has always been kept in garage, so it is…
    ID: 285892 | 17/03/2019 | Tony Rating: 5
  • Melanzana / pelle marrone, semiautomatica
    ID: 280710 | 21/10/2019 | Muenchen | Tony Rating: 5
  • 1957 Jaguar D type The full aluminum D Type body has been hand made by MJS Paneling The straight 3.8 engine, which was built by Classic Car Engines, breathes through triple Weber 45 DCOE carburetors and is mated to a five-speed Getrag transmission.These elements, matched to a precision welded chassis frame, give a unique combination of performance and balanced handling – perfectly matched to today’s driving conditions. The car offered here is available for immediate delivery. The body is in its natural…
    ID: 180092 | 28/05/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • Ferrari 512BB Carburatori, mod 1978, complete original, but a adjustable suspension, Delivered new by Auto Becker/Germany
    ID: 180022 | 27/05/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • Cerco una Lancia Flaminia Zagato Sport da restaurare. I search a Lancia Flaminia Zagato Sport for restoration.
    ID: 179668 | 22/05/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • Wanted a Miura s in good condition!
    ID: 179636 | 21/05/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • De Dion Bouton ID ID series began in 1919 and ended around 1923. It is a good sized 10 hp 4-cylinder engine with a blind side valve. The equipment is complete with electric lights, dynamo and starter. The wheels are removable wheels Michelin 760X90. The rate of Dion was higher than cars great series. The bodies were classic and elegant, the brand reputation attracted middle-class families, notaries, doctors, etc ... Our De Dion Bouton torpedo is one of the famous 10 hp 20s'. In 1983, is an amateur…
    ID: 179437 | 19/05/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • Ford Shelby GT 500 Cabrio, mod 1969,2 owner car, never restored and in perfect unrestored condition. The car is Shelby registered and since new in Europe. km 57000, Tyres new,
    ID: 179406 | 18/05/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • Glas 1304 CL 6/68, Milestone car, this is the first German model with a hatchback! 4cyl, 1290cc, 60hp, 770 kg weight,speed : 148km/h
    ID: 179384 | 17/05/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • The Aston Martin Virage was hand built , wider Aluminium body. The car has race brakes AP Lockheed, 18" OZ rims, price for the Aston Martin factory changes was 32000 GBP. This offered car has 32900km.
    ID: 179379 | 17/05/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • Prototype RMZ with Renault engine 1300cc, homologated with 1600cc motor, Built in 1974, Polyestor body, French built car.
    ID: 179015 | 12/05/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • Sto cercando una Lamborghini Miura. Grazie per il vostro aiuto
    ID: 178419 | 05/05/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • Cerco Dino 246 GT in good original condition. I work in confidential care for my clients.
    ID: 178148 | 30/04/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • I search a Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing W198. Thank you for your offer and help
    ID: 177687 | 23/04/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • I search a used Lamborhini Gallardo Spyder, mass 30000 chilometri. Grazie per il vostro aiuto.
    ID: 177561 | 22/04/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • Bugatti T35b Compressore by Pur Sang Pur Sang Bugatti T 35B compressore 8 Cyl, German documents, Jay Leno has a perfect Replic in his Garage.
    ID: 177495 | 21/04/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • Sto cercando una BMW Z8, auto europeo, bassi chilometri mass 25000km. Vi prego di inviarmi una e-mail Please no Fantasy prices. .
    ID: 177294 | 17/04/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • I have this IH fire truck for sale now. It was in use until 2005 in Lycksele (Small village near my place). Low mileage . All equipment is working and have all signals, lights and horns. It was owned by a firefighter (Leif´s daughter´s boyfriend). Sorry about the bad pictures… Fordonsidentifikation Registreringsnummer: BXD560 Fabrikat: INTERNATIONAL LOADSTAR 1 ,Färg: RÖD Fordonsslag: LB ,Fordonsår: 1964 Fordonsslagsklass: ,Chassinummer: SB325981…
    ID: 174975 | 14/03/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Coupe, mod 1959, The amazing tail fins reached their peak in 1959. Engine 6391cc V8, 345HP, leangth 5710mm, The car is in Europe and is part of an impressive Cadillac collection.
    ID: 174765 | 11/03/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III, in beautiful condition, resonable price, spanish car
    ID: 174639 | 10/03/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • Cadillac 1912 model 30, 1000kg weight,4 cyl, 4690cc, European Collection For Sale. Please ask!1
    ID: 174595 | 10/03/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • 1938 TALBOT 10 TOURER, Four seater OLD ENGLISH WHITE, ONLY TWO OWNERS FROM NEW, A very rare car. One of the last Talbot Tens built at the Talbot works in London, Last owner bought this car in November 1980, He restored the car with nitro paint. Lots of documentation, New tires, New radiator, the car got German TUEV. The Owner was not able to drive his car and sold it to a German Lady. Here husband told me that they were looking for a Morris but then she saw this car and fall in love.
    ID: 174546 | 09/03/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • Alfa Romeo 1300 GTj Scalino, model 1969, restored in 2010, Superprice!
    ID: 174474 | 07/03/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • I am looking for Fiat Michelotti models. Thank you for your help.
    ID: 174333 | 06/03/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • Fiat 2300S Abarth elaborato, Ghia designed model, black/cloth interior, the car is in a amazing condition,
    ID: 174233 | 04/03/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • I search a Lancia Dilambda. Thank you for your offerte. Grazie per il vostro aiuto!
    ID: 174140 | 03/03/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • Jaguar 240 MK II, mod 1967, last series, complete restored, excellent condition, was valued with 33000 Eur, LHD, Ask for our Superstrada price
    ID: 173913 | 27/02/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • Pontiac Trans Am , mod 1980, 6.6ltr engine 400cui with TH350 Automatic transmission, new carpets, new rubbers, new frontglass, new almost the 15x8 snowflake rims with BF Goodrich, also original Turborims available, repainted 2 years ago, no rust, a service was done for 3000 Eur, Swiss car
    ID: 173829 | 26/02/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint 1600 GT, May/1964, AR 60399x ,DRives very nice, part restored to build into GTA look,
    ID: 173752 | 25/02/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • I sell a Morgan Collection. Please ask for the list.
    ID: 172665 | 08/02/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • Heinkel Tourist mod 1961, 10hp, runs top!! Restored! price 2400 Eur ex Germany
    ID: 172634 | 08/02/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • Auto Union Wanderer W52C with rare Horch body. A car in a breathtaking condition. This is one of the most luxurious Wanderer models . manufactured at 6/1937,
    ID: 172617 | 08/02/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • Aston Martin Lagonda 7/1983, runs and drives well, no rust, never welded underfloor, Instruments are working, 5300cc with 290HP carburators, 118000km, Belgium papers,
    ID: 172580 | 07/02/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • Audi RS2 is a Limited Edition High Performance car, five-door, estate car (station wagon), manufactured from March 1994 to July 1995. In Collaboration designed as a joint venture between Audi AG and Porsche, and built on Audi's 80 Avant, it was Audi's first "RS" vehicle, and the first of their high-performance Avants (Audi's name for an estate car or station wagon); it used the most powerful and most thoroughly developed version of Audi's inline-five cylinder turbocharged internal combustion engine. The…
    ID: 172465 | 06/02/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • I search Porsche of the 70s like Carrera 2.7 RS. Please offer us. We pay in cash.
    ID: 172430 | 05/02/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • Amazing GT40, the owner wrote me : “ Ford GT40 for sale, registered in the U.S. in 15/09/1965, LHD. The car I bought a few years ago in California (Newport Beach), where for years he was in a car rally. The GT40 currently has only 6900 miles, has a Ford V8 5.766cc of 420hp. He is in a wonderful state (technically and cosmetically) and can immediately be used for road or racing. I will mail some photos attached. I am selling this rare sports car for the. reason : I'm 67, . I also do not have track or race intentions , I bought…
    ID: 172193 | 02/02/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • I search a 300SL w198 roadster and a gullwing in any condition. I have clients in Svizzera.
    ID: 172161 | 02/02/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • absolutely perfect 1947 supercharged MG TC ... The car is fitted with the famous Shorrock supercharger, Alfin alloy drums brakes, Lucas wide cat eyes etc ... The best of all MG T series I ever had, and I have had a lot ... French registration, ready to go anywhere by road in Europe , breathtaking impression to drive this beast
    ID: 172122 | 01/02/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • Teal Bugatti T 59 (only 13 cars built, this is the last one) mod 1966, 14000 miles from new, Gearbox e type 4speed, steering like a Kart, fantastic road holding, brakes like a modern car, 230hp at 850KG,, best price
    ID: 172121 | 01/02/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • absolutely perfect 1947 supercharged MG TC ... The car is fitted with the famous Shorrock supercharger, Alfin aloy drums brakes, Lucas wide cat eyes etc ... The best of all MG T series I ever had, and I have had a lot ... French registration, ready to go anywhere by road in Europe
    ID: 172091 | 31/01/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • DKW F8 special model "HOLKA", steel instead wood frame .These cars were built in Switzerland and for Export only. The car is complete, runs wonderful, good batterie , good tyres, top new, Year 1939. The car was 10 years in a Museum.
    ID: 172083 | 31/01/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • MG K1 Magnette Roadster from 1933, only 63 cars manufactured, The K1 is a straight 6 Cyl and preselect gearbox, X chassis and Aluminium body, 13" magnecium brake drums, original colour black with red interior, All papers from 1933 available. The car needs work but some parts are already there like new bucket seats
    ID: 172038 | 30/01/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • Porsche 356 BT5 in good condition,Interior is changed, very good en solid body.79.317 miles original and about 71 invoices sice 1969 with on each invoice stand of the miles.Build in 1960 and first registration in 1961 Chassisnumber 113.945 and one of the 4.412 who were build in 1960 from 110.238 till 114.650,Original engine with number 604.309 and all number are from 601.501 till 604.700The only and only think who has to be redone is the underside of the doors Left and right side. Otherwise no rust ! and very solid Floor.…
    ID: 171999 | 30/01/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • I search a AlfaRomeo 1300 GTJ xxxxx rustfree, in good condition, price approx xxxxx Eur Thank you for your offer
    ID: 171942 | 29/01/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • Model and Make: 1965 Shelby Cobra Daytona Replica by Factory Five Racing Chassis: computer designed extremely strong and ultra light (~140 kg) tubular steel frame with period correct 4 inch round tube main rails, integrated 6-point roll cage with cross-bar, riveted CNC cut aluminum panels throughout. All steel powder coated in gloss black. Body and Paint: Hand laid vinylester composite body with Lexus mica blue paint, GM arctic white stripes and period correct race graphics.
    ID: 171797 | 27/01/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • complete engines, overhauled some years ago, with injezione, alternatore, engine 2.0 /8 Diesel, bought 1984 for 1000,-DM, Engine runs silent and startsals at low temperatures good. September 1989 oilchange with filter. Injection system changed. Motor cleaned at 9.September 1999 and at 12. Sept.1999 repainted with black colour. Engine proofed and serviced to build in.Alternator clutch cleaned, Valves adjusted 10x40, Plugs cleaned, Dieselfilter cleaned, Aluminium parts cleaned, Again painted with black colour several…
    ID: 171760 | 27/01/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • Cerco un Lamborghini Diablo VT con pocchi chilometri. Grazie per la vostra aiuto!
    ID: 171522 | 23/01/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • Dixi 6/24 from 1922 in original condition, German first titlebook, paint original, little work to get the car running.
    ID: 171489 | 23/01/2013 | Tony Rating: 5
  • Jaguar XJ 220 Supersportcar 90s, based on the Group C sports car, the XJR 9 constructed at legendary Tom Walkinshaw (Major Tom) Modified 3.5 liter Group B engine with twin turbochargers makes 399kW (543 hp) and 640 Nm of torque, with its aerodynamic, wind-tunnel resulting wedge shape, the specially designed alloy wheels reached, etc., the XJ 220, a top speed of more than 340 km / h and thus was the fastest car of its time. Handmade with high-quality components, an internal equipment in the finest leather, and a…
    ID: 171450 | 22/01/2013 | Tony Rating: 5