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the Appia S2 coupe by Pininfarina appeared 1957 in the brochures. It was an elegant yet slightly restrained design with sort of a feminine style. The roof section of the coupe, often finished in a contrasting color to the body, looked like a hardtop and early versions even had chromed caps on the base point of the roof pillars behind the doors to suggest hinges of a convertible top. The rear window was however its most remarkable aspect: it was a large wrap-around element.

The offered Lancia Appia Coupe was build in 3/1963 and sold in 1967. The car came to Switzerland 1979 and was perfectly restored by an collector in the colour grey and white. The interieur is real leather. Only 5000 cars in Special bodies all over were built. The car has original 57000km, 60HP, 1100cc V4, 4speed,

Price 16900,-Eur net (Swiss car)

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