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2000 COUPE


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Lancia 2000 coupe,PininFarina, 1972,
The car had 2 owners, was always maintained and has the first documents. The coupe version appeared thanks to designer Pininfarina who shortened the platform but kept the aluminum boxer engine. However, this lighter, smaller version did receive a boost of power to turn it into a more sporty vehicle by getting twin carburators. In 1971 the name was changed from the Lancia Flavia to 2000 and that was the time it also received to upgrade with disc brakes, fuel injection and stainless steel bumpers. " A minister in the Dutch Parliament bought the car new. He had the car and drove two years then it was 3 years in the garage until it in 1977 was sold to a wealthy family . (Franke ,Lancia dealer in Holland, who is now 73 years old) each Receipt is with the car, repainted for 7500,-Eur in the 90s, the engine is original, never changed and has 169000km, interior is very good.

L'auto è privato, senza IVA. Siamo in Germania. Voli "low cost" con Ryanair (30,-EUR)


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