Hansa 3500 Borgward Cabrio for Bilbao, (annuncio scaduto)




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Hansa 3500 Privat Cabrio, the only car in the world, 6Zyl- straight six, 3485cc, 90Hp,Solex carb, the luxury sedan series was built from xxxxx

Hansa Privat 3500 Cabriolet
It is the only car known in the world that exists in this model series and has its first number plates.
I have documents certifying that the car was bought by the Government of Spain in 1938 as present for the city of Bilbao, it was bought directly after THE CIVIL WAR IN SPAIN!!! in which Bilbao and Guernica were bombed through the German “Legion Condor”. Picasso worked on a project for Spain but decided after the bombing to paint his famous “war painting” Guernica instead the ordered work.

Including many people think that this car is a gift of the German Nazireich to Spain.
It is a car for representation.
Hansa was a very important German mark in the 30's, 40`s. owned by Borgward and Tecklenborg.

PreWar car, Mercedes Benz, Auto Union, Horch, Jaguar, Maybach, BMW, AlfaRomeo, Lancia, FIAT,

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