FIAT Ghia Aigle 1100TV



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FIAT Nardi 1100/103TV Ghia Aigle designed by G. Michelotti. In

1953 started Ghia in Aigle (Switzerland) an independent Carrosseria Ghia S.A Aigle and moved 2 years later to Lugano. Here they tailored this Fiat Nardi Ghia-Aigle with chassis# 234869, The first owner was a Swiss who participated in October 1956 at the 13.Concorso Internazionale Eleganza in Campione dItalia and in march 1957 the car was exhibited at 27. Geneve Motor Show. Several french owners had the car until it came to Germany.

The car has Nardi Alumin brakes and a 1200 cc engine with Weber carburator. The original Nardi engine is lost. The car needs paint. Look the beautiful shape and the fins which are curved inwards.

the car comes with many spare parts, engine,gearbox,......

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