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A Ferrari should it be? But please, affordable, reliable and stable in value! - Is there such a thing? The answer is clear: The Ferrari 308 GTB offers a terrific introduction to the Italian league.

Forza Ferrari! If you are seriously considering to switch tack on a classic Ferrari, you should now look for a Ferrari 308 GTB or the successor model 328 GTB. These vehicles represent the Ferrari-style of the eighties in perfect Italian-style. And they are likely to experience a sixxxxxxxxxxxincrease in value, because good examples are getting rarer. The body of the 308 is from Pininfarina and appears perfectly balanced. The V8 engine offers brilliant sound and impressive power. Also benefited from the vehicle numerous appearances in television series and feature films. Sat there and Tom Selleck, aka detective Magnum, behind the wheel of such a Ferrari. You might want to buy the fast-bred and over 250 km / h Italians as a Targa model. Important in any case is a perfect body without any accident damage. In addition, the engines have been regularly serviced in a workshop - including timing belt replacement. We recommend early models without catalytic converters, because they offer better sound and more power. Moreover, these relatively inexpensive Ferrari Register as historic vehicles and insurance. Cheap on the wallet. - Good to very good machines with a mileage of under 100,000 kilometers, should clearly can change already for 50,000 € in their garage.


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