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  • perfetto e funzionante. Recente completo restauro anche di meccanica. no scambi. preferisco contatti telefonici o whatsapp. ASI targa oro
    ID: 296190 | 05/01/2020 | Gioia Del Colle | PAOLO Rating: 0
  • Engines not installed, exhaust and intake plugged was told they were freshened up. Installed engine, filled points--new battery---it ran---both directions. I have driven car, seems to operate well except for gas line hanging low and gravity feed not working at times.--New clock, speedo, new rubber matt, other parts---very nice floor---not bad body-- little rust on left side of metal canopy frame----good canopy, no cracks---few scratches, have sanded and buffed out worse---front hubcaps are just stuck on, no mount screws--GOOD…
    ID: 220075 | 07/09/2015 | James Rating: 0