Standard Vanguard Phase I



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Anno prima immatricolazione1948
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Standard Vanguard, 1948
The Standard Motor Company launched one of its most famous and successful post-war models in 1947, the Vanguard. The Vanguard was a completely new design,its exterior styling being reminiscent of many conteporary Us saloons. The bold four door body featured a distinctive, sloping rear boot lid and an attractive "wrap-around" grille.
Although the Vanguard still had a separate chassis the mechanical specification thoroughly modern and included all-synchromesh gears, front coil suspension and hydraulic brakes. Beneath the Vanguards bonnet sat an all new four cylinder engine of 2088cc complete with overhead valves. The Vanguard was an instant success and sold well at home and abroad in the all important export markets. Production of the initial Phase I Vanguard ceased in 1952.

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