Solex 32 PBIC for Porsche , Peugeot, Citroen



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Remanufacturing Process.

We start with completely disassembling the carburetors. All parts are checked for Repair, Replacement or Restoration. All good hardware is stripped and sent out for replating. The body parts are chemically cleaned through a two stage process. The body parts are media blasted to remove any sharp edges, coatings or deposits that may remain. Our media is so fine as to give an almost “polished” finish to the carburetor. Then we resurface the carb body to ensure a good tight seal when re-assembled.

The throttle body is hand finished to give it a “like new” appearance. We do not
paint our throttle bodies, but give them a black finish like the original. New
butterflies are made and installed.

Jets are checked for proper sizing, and the entire unit is re-assembled using new gaskets and replacing any parts that were missing. Carburetors are finished to factory specifications, with injectors and floats set accordingly. At customer’s request, jets and settings will be set according to your specific driving requirement

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