Rossion Q1 SuperCar 0-100km/h in 3.3 sec


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The Rossion is a compact sports car developed in England, which is very agile road and track day Super car. She has an independent clean design.
The Rossion Q1 is a comprehensive visual and technical
Development of the already legendary Nobel M12 GTO and Nobel M400.

The interior is very nice and can be delivered with Leather and Alcantara .
The exterior color is free selectable.

As standard, the interior fitted with sports seats and carbon-
an Alcantara-clad security cage! In addition,
Attachment points for harness straps already in place.

Handing: The handling of the Rossion Q1 is among the best that the
Sports car world has to have and is absolutely equal to the
relevant previous class leader Porsche 911 GT3 / GT3RS.

Suspension: front and rear flawless double-wishbone suspension with
Aluminum wheel carriers and AP Racing brakes. Especially for the
Rossion developed adjustable Koni / Eibach Suspension and
high-strength, lightweight aluminum rims in forged design.

Chassis: High strength steel space frame and painted class
Fiberglass body with partial carbon elements (Qualittät 1A).
Rear left and right big carbon air ducts for engine and
Intercooler. The underfloor is covered.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxGetrag 6-speed gearbox with Quaife Torsen differential lock system

Engine: 3.0 V6 Twin Turbo engine in full-aluminum construction, motor block basis
Jaguar Duratec, special connecting rods and forged pistons, 450HP / 530 Nm

Standard equipment: Comprehensive Instrumentation, Electric mirrors,
direct power steering (2.5 turns), central
keyless, alarm, immobilizer, air conditioning

Optional: combined radio / navigation sound system, subwoofer

Club Sport options: racing seats, racing suspension, Feurlöschanlage,
Main power breaker

Performance and Weights: o-100km / h 3.3sec. , Vmax> 300km / h,
Vehicle roadworthy and equipped with radio / navigation system sound
and air conditioning 1150kg.

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