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Here we have a very early Porsche 911 coupe built in 1965 for the '66 model year. Chassis number 302576 was delivered in beautiful Irish Green (Code 6606). Comes with engine # 960053. This car was somebody's unfinished dream and well on its way to becoming a very mean looking 911 ST clone. It has been flared front and rear (fiberglass) with flared front and rear bumpers and ducktail, all in lightweight fiberglass. There has been lots of metal work done to prepare the car including new floors. The chassis was stripped inside and coated in POR15. Please see the photos of the underside and inside chassis to see what kind of work has been done. It wears 16x7 and 16x8 Fuchs, replicas in the rear. The fuel tank was replaced with a fuel cell which has not been fully installed.
While this project is mid-stream at this point, there remains lots of adjusting, fitting, making and repairing to do. The harness appears to be intact but we have not gone through it. There are numerous parts missing that will need to be procured to finish the car. Some uninstalled parts, like brake calipers and window glass, are with the car. If you don't see it in the photos, however, there's a good chance it's not included with the car.

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