Plymouth Police Car 1974



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This 1974 Plymouth Satellite is a great rust-free Arizona car and has been set up with the Hazzard County Sheriff decals and a real working Police red-blue lightbar.
It has a 318 cui V8 and 7xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxthat was recently rebuilt. Pwr steering, pwr brakes. It starts, runs, drives and stops just like it is supposed to. Good even as a daily driver.
CB antenna on trunk lid. Good tires on black steel wheels with dog-dish wheel-covers. Has fitted fiberglass covers for the light bar as required for street use, along with a "not in service" sign.
Driving this car in regular traffic will get you more attention then just about any other vehicle on the road, only to be topped if you put the General with it.
You'll get used to hear: " Go get 'em Rosco ! " , as well as pictures being taken of this novelty ride.
It is not a beauty queen and more a movie prop car or special event vehicle.
There is no headliner, dash & windshield have cracks, amateur seatcovers, etc.
But it is a blast to operate and definitely a conversation piece. Honk the Dixie horn and let the party begin !
Take it to your car show, take the kids to school or pick up your friends from the club. Everyone will have comments.

Price 8300,-Eur ex Rotterdam

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