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1967 Shelby GT-500
Documented Shelby

1967 was a big year for Fords Mustang and in turn for the Shelbyline up. The first ever body change to the Mustang meant a more aggressive appearance, the first real competition in the form of the Camaro and Firebird were coming out and the larger front end could now accommodate a big block Ford motor. ShelbyNormal0MicrosoftInternetExplorer4introduced the GT-500, a 428 equipped Mustang ready to take on the competition. Over time, the Shelby GT-500 has become to many the epitome of Mustang performance.

With assembly completed July 11, 1967at the Los Angeles Shelby plant, this beautiful GT-500 was soon shipped off to its selling dealer where it quickly found a home. Equipped with the dual quad 428 Police Interceptor engine and a 4 speed transmission, this red with white stripe Shelbyhas not only the look, but the performance to back it up. Equipped with Mag-Star wheels, in-board mounted driving lights, it also has a fold down rear seat, power steering and power brakes. This Shelby has been very well restored, much time has been dedicated to the details, over the most recent years it has been a part of a large collection, carefully housed in a fully climate controlled environment. Of course this GT-500 is listed in the Shelby Registry, comes with a Marti Report showcasing the way it was initially assembled. A great look with a great car, this is a fantastic opportunity to obtain a well restored example of a true highlight of Mustang performance and Shelby Heritage.

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