Franklin 11B Airman


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"Franklin 11B, 1927 (Airman)
Chassis No : 168675 - 11
Engine No : E 116783
Fully authentic and functional, matching numbers, superbly preserved example of air €“ cooled sought after 1927 Franklins “ especially in Europe.

Debuted in 1925, with aluminum body on a laminated ash-wood frame and handsome, right down to its vertical radiator grille fit by the factory for aesthetical reasons (due to its innovative air-cooled engine concept) and four-piece hood.
Efficient, innovative engineering with 3,261 [cm3] straight-six (inherited from Series 9 cars) and strongly benefited from improved intake and exhaust manifolds and Stromberg OE-2 carburetors. It is rated at 35 hp, and its air-cooling is aided by a blower at the front, which forces air via ductwork downward over the cylinders' vertical cooling fins.

1927 was the last Franklin model year for mechanical brakes. This stops properly courtesy of a large circular band that clamps a drum behind the transmission, slowing the rear wheels through the differential. When you step on the pedal, that band is contracting right under the floor. You can hear it!€ a Franklin big Collector and Enthusiast reveals.

Our vehicle is in cherished€ condition and ready to prove that it is a 85 years old strong runner. Just lube the valves, start the vigorous 6 cylinder powerplant and feel its three-speed, “non – synchro” gearbox matched with a 4.72:1 rear end, which encourages you to double-clutch up to third quickly and leave it there.

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