Ford Mustang 6cyl, Cabriolet




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The Ford Mustang 6cyl 3.3 Convertible, born in 1965 was sold to a Lady in Texas. While tired of the original Ivy Green
colour she let the car repaint into red. She owned the car until she died in 1987. On the windshield is still the sticker of the last inspection in 87. Her husband never used the car and after he died in 2005 the car came to his daughter
in Louisiana. She claimed that the car has not more than 2000 miles, replaced the three spexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxinto a Ford C4 Automatic and bought a aftermarket Air Conditioner which they never installed.I got the car in August 2008 at a very early morning by truck and decided
that the car is very nice but not perfect for me.We disassembled the Mustang to sheet metal , repaired minor point of rust
and painted the beautiful Ivy Green, changed the bumpers to new ones, put new weatherstrips in, new door handles, new quarter panel ornaments like original.
We fixed the seats with foam, put thermic insulatin panels on the floor, repaired or changed steering wheel, instrument bezel, glove box lock,
new carpet kit and a new jack. The delivered Air Cond was installed, all wiring replaced, and new switches
ordered in the USA. A pertronix ignition II tooked place and a distributor.The mechanic part was : to built in a better steering box with 16:1 ratio, chrome valve covers, a master front suspension rebuild kit, 4 new shocks,front power disc brake and new rear drum brake kit 11”,rebuilt automatxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx magnaflow muffler,new complete 9” rear axle assembly.
Many many other things we did and the car is now in a unbelievable breathtaking condition.. Price 33500,-Eur

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