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Abarth 1000TC Berlina, regist. 08/1963 ,owner Pierre Brunetti * , Historic car which won many races. Registered in Fiscal 6 means that car was delivered as Abarth and not as Fiat 600. In 1988 sold to Pierre Brunetti who drove in 2003 and 2006 the championship against cars like Porsche 911, Camaro, BMW02 and was French Champion. The present owner had been trying to get this car for 5 years. The car is technically perfect. We drove it in the city and on country roads. With racing plugs the owner has revved the engine to 8500 rpm .
The car has not been changed since it was raced and engine is the later a112 engine. Some people might be astonished that the car has no suezide doors. There are still the holding points viewable, it was changed for racing reasons.

, Price 23900,-Eur

Watch the Video under YouTube: Pierre Brunetti, Abarth 1000 TC

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