motor at palet to idrogenon and bifuel



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the motor attachment, is of tipe rotating motor, similar at motor turbine, is composed with a compressor (rapport 1:18) of the gas to instilled, and of a chamber of explosion, ( rapport 1:10), the power expressed is 52 kw, the round at minute maximum, are 3600 at minute first, and thats at minimum, are 650 at minute first, the consumtion is much reduced, why the rendering is 70%, of carburant introduced, the consumethions are: 1.65gramme at second, for benzine, and of 0.55gramme at second for idrogenon, the duration considered is approximately 5000 hours, at maximum power, the couple is 16 kilogramme/meters, the weight is reduciced at about 50kilogramme, the motor have two phased, aspiration and compression, in firts stage, and the phased of explosion and expansion, in second stage. if application at the car(automobiles), can be to go along, approximately 33 km. with one kilogramme of benzine, and approximately 100km. with 1kg. of idrogenon. is easy to do consideration, for future, and for low pollution in thr air. to send the expression my salutations. danilo.caxxxxxxxxxxxxx telefone 390255600839 italy-milan

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