Lancia Delta Integrale Abarth




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Lancia Delta Integrale Abarth
The car was prepared for the Astra Team in 1987 (8-valve engine). The Astra Race Scuderia belonged to Mauro Pregliasco and was born to the request of RAI to carry out the shooting for the TV drama "Rally", 8 episodes, (Video Copy available)

After the races with the Italian Team the car was sold to a South American politician who has made different Competitions in Mato Grosso. I have purchased in 2007 in good condition but have undergone a restoration, the body was still reported to bare, sandblasted and repainted, the engine has been redone recently and is 0 km, the turbo, modified Garret Abarth, has been reviewed by one of the best specialists. The engine, flanged according to the time regulation, provides the counter to the specific performance.
The suspension is balanced for heavy ground and have new Giraldi dampers. Since it in my possession the car never was raced but only Shows and historic meeting.
Obviously the car can be proven in a circuit for the final stage of the sale.
Price 180000 Eur

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