LANCIA Flaminia Zagto C3 Prototype



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Data inserimento
Anno prima immatricolazione1961
CategoriaVeicolo tra il 1800 e 1998
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LANCIA Flaminia Sport "ZAGATO" 3C, 1961
"""The car is in original condition, with the same white colour from the
factory (Bianco Saratoga) and the same interior with red leather, as has
never been painted and never restored.

The engine is the well known V-6, 2500cc with three downthroat double Webers
and 150 hp+.

It is the only Flaminia Zagato in the world whose bonnet opens as a whole
part, as the car was in preparation to do some races in those days.
As I was told from its history the car has done very few races and
hillclimbs. (Alfa ssz)

This is a work of art made from a special "carrozziere" in that old
period, which work could not be done today as it is very difficult and its
cost will be enormous.

It is one of the most beautiful first serie Flaminia Sport Zagato with
covered headlights by plexiglass.

The only change is the front grille which also is a work of art, but I have
the original one to give it with the car.

People who have seen my car and have a great knowledge about Flaminia Sport
said that never saw a more beautiful and more splendid Flaminia Sport

For its unicness with this handmade special racing bonnet and its non
restored originality and her general beauty it is a unic old Lancia Flaminia
Sport ZAGATO for the real and rich collectors who want something very

There is "NO RUST".

The car works, but it needs a restoration after a so long storage in a
garage and as has never been restored in the past.

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